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Ideas to Help You Live Better Electrically

Published by NSP in 1957-- Here is an adorable electric company publication from the Live Better Electrically foundation. It contains wonderful hand drawn whimsical illustrations along with hundred of ideas of how to use electrical devices in all areas of home life.

Number of Pages: 72
File Size: 21mb
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Ideas to Help You Live Better Electrically
Published in 1957

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Page 1:

Ideas to help you LIVE BETTER ... Electrically

Page 2:

Something wonderful happens when you begin to

LIVE BETTER...Electrically

More time together. More wonderfully happy ways to enjoy that extra time. That's what's in store for you and your family when you plan your home for better living . . . electrically. There's not a room in your home where electricity can't do away with a time-taking chore, make your living more comfortable, or help you have more fun together.

And there's a sensible, step-by-step way of putting low-cost electricity to work more ways in your home. On the following pages you'll find ideas you can use in every living area of your house. Pick the area where better living is most important to you right now. Whether you want to plan remodeling an entire room, or simply to add a touch of beauty or welcome convenience, you'll find dozens of practical ideas and suggestions, endorsed by leading home economists and home-magazine editors.

A handy check list at the end of each section will help you set up your own plan, based on the things you have and the things you want, for better living . . . electrically.
Page 3:

Where in your home would you like to start?

Your kitchen............................... 4

Your living-dining room.................... 20

Your sleeping area......................... 34

Your service areas......................... 44

Your special areas......................... 54

Your indoor-outdoor area................... 60

Your key to better living ... electrically 68
Page 4:

It's Easy to plan for greater convenience...


liveability in your Kitchen

Page 5:

Today your kitchen is a place for living.

Not so long ago, a kitchen meant work - hard hours of it - with few conveniences to relieve the drudgery. Today you can plan your kitchen not only for time-saving and work-saving, but for beauty, comfort, happy liveability.

You can plan your modern electric kitchen to express your personality . . . decorate it to reflect your taste ... as well as any room in your home. Your kitchen becomes a room you're glad to be in, proud to show off to your friends. And today's kitchen does its work so easily and unobtrusively . . . thanks to efficient, compact electric appliances that blend with any decorative scheme, fit into any size and shape of kitchen.

Chances are you'll want to plan, too, on a place for the family to have breakfast, a casual snack or dinner. A place to have a cup of tea with friends who drop in, while dinner's taking care of itself in the automatic electric oven.

On the following pages you'll find dozens of practical ideas to help you plan the kind of room you want your kitchen to be.

Page 6:

Ideas on shaping your kitchen for better living

When you're planning your kitchen as an attractive room for living, think of a convenient, step-saving arrangement of three or four major work centers. You can modernize your old kitchen a step at a time. But it's a good idea to plan ahead-decide on blending or contrasting colors- for the entire kitchen right now!

Food-Storage Center - Plan to place this center close to the outside door, where deliveries are made. Your refrigerator-freezer easily handles all perishables; the cabinets store staples and canned goods.

Cooking Center-Automatic electric range provides speedy, clean and safe cooking . . . frees you from pot watching. Cabinets give plenty of storage for kitchen utensils and electric housewares, plus work surfaces for preparing food.

Dishwashing and Waste-Disposing Center--Plan to place this unit conveniently between cooking and food-storage centers. Here's where your dishes are washed-automatically-and food wastes are disposed of before they become messy garbage.

Laundry Center - Combined washer-dryer planned for your kitchen can save you steps. Or you may want to put this work-saving unit in basement or another area. Water heater, too, may find convenient spot in kitchen.

Page 7:

1-Wall Shape. Here's a simple, basic arrangement af three centers, that lets work progress naturally from right to left. You'll want to consider this "strip" arrangement if space is limited, as in many modern apartments One-unit kitchens are available, combining four centers.

L-Shape - When you have two adjoining walls, the L-shape kitchen provides an ideal work-triangle . . . leaves the rest of your kitchen free for dinette.

U-Shape - One of the most popular and efficient kitchen arrangements. Plan in this shape to get plenty of counter space . . . save plenty of steps.

Islands and Peninsulas - Modern ways to achieve a flexible arrangement, separating different parts of the kitchen. Arrangements like this help you plan a kitchen tailored to your own space, needs and desires.

Page 8:

Ideas on making your kitchen a center for family living

Families just naturally drift to the kitchen ... so it's a good idea to plan a place for them to eat or play in. Modern open kitchens like these are nice for you to relax in while your appliances are on the job I They're part of a trend that makes today's kitchen a versatile room for living.

A dividing wall separates work centers from eating area . . . but a convenient pass-through can save steps when you're serving a hungry family. A coffee maker, toaster and other electric housewares can be placed close to the table.
Page 9:

Part of the growing trend to indoor-outdoor living, this modern kitchen has the cooking center accessible from a patio . . . windows to close off the kitchen when desired.

Kitchen for a growing family! From the kitchen area you can keep your eye on Baby . . . while older brothers and sisters keep their eyes glued to their favorite TV program.

Page 10:

Ideas on placing your kitchen helpers within easy reach

As your kitchen grows in convenience, you'll find yourself wanting more and more of the modern helps that make meals easier to prepare. Modern electric housewares are designed for good looks as well as efficiency - plan to keep them on open shelves or right on the work counters, ready

Roomy shelves in the dinette or within reach of the snack bar keep your toaster, automatic coffee maker, roll warmer, and waffle baker right where you want them when the family is enjoying breakfast or a snack. Plan on enough electric outlets for these . . . and for the automatic skillet!

Page 11:

A kitchen wiring center with pull-out extension cords and appliance outlets gives you ample current-plus automatic timing - for your roaster-oven, blender, the standard mixer that slides back conveniently into its own recess, and other appliances.

Portable mixer hangs right on the wall. Other attractive electric housewares- knife sharpener, coffee mill, juicer - are placed within easy sight and reach between work centers.

Page 12:

New trends that may give you ideas

While you're planning for the kitchen you want, keep in mind the modern developments in appliances . . . trends that are changing the look of kitchens everywhere. There's new freedom and flexibility in your kitchen design . . . new opportunities for uncluttered convenience and beauty.

Wall refrigerator - gives you more counter space, base cabinets . . . lets you see everything at a glance. Plan it at just the right height for you.

Unit kitchen - combines all four major work centers-washer-dryer, electric sink with waste-disposing unit, automatic dishwasher, range-under one counter. Good idea for any kitchen . . . especially useful if you're planning with limited space.

Page 13:

Built-in ovens-no wasted floor space if you can plan to build in an electric oven I Waist-high so that you can see what's cooking. You can get the amount of oven space your family needs by choosing one or more units. Colors, of course, to match your kitchen decor.

Electronic oven-something new that's becoming increasingly available. Cooks foods with high-frequency radio waves . . . unbelievably fast! A four-pound rolled roast of beef, which would normally take nearly three hours to cook, needs only twenty minutes in the electronic oven. Turkey takes three minutes per pound, instead of about twenty-two. Tea is made in seconds!

Automatic range-top unit - a

unit in your new electric range frees you from pot watching, burnt pots. You can set the temperature dial and minute timer and forget all about it.

Page 14:

Ideas for lighting your kitchen for better living

Well-planned lighting makes kitchen work easier and safer . . . makes kitchen living more cheerful and beautiful. In open kitchens, light can be used as a subtle room divider, especially when conveniently placed switches give you finger-tip control of illumination. Here are some ideas that can help you get the right kind of light - light for living-wherever you need it in your kitchen area.


Warm, friendly fluorescent lighting can make your entire kitchen a pleasant and convenient place to work in . . . and to live in.

Or you can plan for a variety of incandescent fixtures to light up the entire kitchen, work areas and dinette.
Page 15:


Cabinets above working counters can have fluorescent fixtures attached, to banish unpleasant and even dangerous shadows. Plan for individual switching, conveniently placed, for all directed lighting.

Fluorescent lighting built into ceiling over each work area contributes to general lighting as well. Recessed fixtures like this are a neat, unobtrusive way of making your kitchen more liveable.

You may prefer directed spots, attached to wall or ceiling, to lighten your work areas. To get rid of all shadows, plan carefully for proper placement of these spots.

Page 16:


If there's a pass-through from your kitchen to dining area, consider lighting it up for convenient serving.

Recessed light directly overhead creates a bright cheery atmosphere for that quick bite at the snack bar.
Page 17:

In the dinette, this fixture suspended over the table provides general illumination, plus a directed light on the dining area. And while you're at the table, you can lower the level of light in the rest of the kitchen with a dimmer control.

Planning desk with telephone and handy memo pad deserves its own directed light.

Translucent glass dividers and a planter, illuminated by ceiling spots, add a dramatic note to this open kitchen.
Page 18:

Ideas for important extras in your kitchen

When you're planning your kitchen for better living, remember the many, many ways electricity can work for you ... for your convenience, pleasure and comfort. In the sections on other areas of your home, you'll find more ideas that you can use in your kitchen as well.

Space-saving counter-top cooking units can be planned flexibly to meet the needs of your family. A ventilating hood with built-in lighting whisks out cooking odors.

A handsome clock can be built into the wall for that "custom" look. Your electric timer is ready to attach to any appliance for automatic operation. And you'll certainly want a small radio close by.
Page 19:

A built-in ventilating fan silently renews air many hundreds of times each day. Plan to place it so that it draws air from entire kitchen, with no "dead spots."

Which of these aids to better living...electrically do you want working for you.

When you check the list at the right, be sure to plan also for a convenient outlet for every appliance you have now or want in the future. Then you'll be certain of getting the most out of your electrical helpers.


CLOTHES DRYER ....................


FOOD FREEZER......................

RANGE ............................




WATER HEATER .....................

BAKER ............................



CLOCK ............................

COFFEE MAKER......................

COFFEE GRINDER....................

CORN POPPER ......................

DEEP-FAT FRYER....................

EGG COOKER .......................

ELECTRONIC OVEN...................

FAN (portable)....................

FOOD BLENDER......................

FOOD SLICER.......................


HEATING TRAY .....................


ICE-CREAM FREEZER.................



KETTLE ...........................

KNIFE SHARPENER...................

MIXER (all-purpose) ..............

MIXER (portable)..................

PORTABLE HEATER...................


SAUCEPAN .........................

SKILLET ..........................


TOASTER ..........................

TOWEL DRYER ......................

VENTILATING FAN...................

VENTILATING HOOD..................

WAFFLE BAKER .....................

WALL REFRIGERATOR.................

WARMER (rolls, etc.)..............

LIGHTING EQUIPMENT (over-all) . . . LIGHTING EQUIPMENT (special areas) OUTLETS ..........................

Page 20:

It's fun to plan together for better living in your Living and Dining Room

Page 21:

Your family does so many things together in your living-dining room, it's a good idea to plan together for the things you want to enjoy there. Even the younger set will probably come up with ideas to make your living-dining room more liveable.

For many families, life centers in this area. It's a place for eating meals, and even for preparing them. A place to relax, and to have fun together. You bring the whole world into your living room through TV and radio; you bring your friends into it to enjoy your hospitality.

And whatever you do in your living-dining room, electricity helps you do it better. On the next twelve pages, you'll find ideas for home entertainment; ideas to make your room more comfortable all year round; ideas for easy care and upkeep; ideas for more enjoyable mealtimes; ideas for attractive and comfortable lighting.

Where in your living-dining room would your family like to start planning to live better?

Page 22:

TV and radio bring new worlds of entertainment room. But that's only part of the

fun. There's a creative side to today's home entertainment ... whether it's Dad's careful choice of the music system... or your selection of records that expresses your tastes... or the home

movies and tape recordings that only your family could make.

Color TV or black-and-white-you'll get more pleasure out of your set if you place it in comfortable relation to the entire room. For easy, undisturbed viewing, locate set out of the way of room-to-room traffic.

Neat solution to space problems: build in your set between bookcases, or into door of a closet. Be sure to allow for adequate ventilation.

You can make your TV set do double duty with a modern wall installation. Set turns to face either into living-dining room or into the study or recreation room, just as you want it.

Page 23:

"High fidelity" is just a way of getting the finest in music reproduction. One way of enjoying it in your home is to start modestly with three parts: record changer, amplifier and speaker.

The next step is getting the tuner, for regular and FM radio reception. It's easy to build these units into a good-looking installation. The hi-fi system might begin as Dad's special project, but soon it's the whole family's pride and joy.

Page 24:

Portable tape recorder lets you preserve forever the most precious events in your family life: Baby's first words, the talk and laughter at a birthday party. Mighty handy, too, when Dad wants to rehearse an after-dinner speech! Easy as pie to operate. For top-quality music on tape, a finer recorder is a rewarding addition to your high-fidelity installation.

A movie record of your vacation-so much better than trying to tell your friends about the wonderful time you had! You can rent films, too, for home showings.

Projecting color slides gives the whole family a chance to look at pictures together. Automatic electric projector makes it easy to put on a show.

For individual viewing, this handy illuminated viewer is a good idea.

Page 25:

Ideas for mealtime...anytime in your living-dining room

For serving food without fuss, a serving cart with imbedded heating plate keeps dishes warm. Modern electric coffee makers are beautifully designed to complement your finest silver. Electric chafing dish adds a gleaming copper accent to this decor.

Whether it's a formal dinner or Sunday brunch for the family, there are dozens of ways electricity can help you prepare -and serve-a meal. You may want to cook in the kitchen, or prepare everything right in the dining area. To make the most of this new flexibility, plan on enough electric outlets.

Page 26:

Broiler-rotisserie does a chicken up brown in fireplace. When not in use, broiler can be stored on shelves of room divider, along with other electric housewares, like bean pot, sandwich grill, saucepan. Electric trivet or tray automatically keeps foods and beverages serving-hot. And there are several outlets built into the divider next to the table, to take care of all the electric conveniences used on the table.

Page 27:

Ideas that make your living-dining room easy to car for

There's no seasonal upheaval for house cleaning when you put efficient electrical equipment to work for you! Modern heating and cooling methods can filter the air, reduce dust problems. And an easy-to-use vacuum cleaner simplifies your regular cleaning tasks.

"Cleanup closet" can hold all the equipment you need to keep rooms clean and presentable. Vacuum cleaner attachments are hung on convenient pegboard. Hand vacuum cleaner, furniture polisher, floor scrubber and polisher, cleaning supplies all fit neatly into small closet.

Lengths of wired molding can be used in any room to provide enough convenience outlets wherever you need them.

Page 28:

Ideas for year-round climate comfort

There are so many ways you can plan for climate control in your home, with the help of electricity. You may want to take advantage of central heating and cooling systems, controlled or operated electrically. (See service areas.) Or you may want to use flexible room units like these to make your living-dining room comfortably warm or cool.

Getting the most out of window fans means planning for the flow of air you want. Generally it's a good idea to close all but the fan window and one other window in the area.

One way of getting rid of drafts, and keeping your view, is to mount room air conditioners in top of window. Modern units dry and filter air, too ...offer a variety of fingertip controls.

No-draft floor circulators provide summer comfort...double conveniently as smartly designed hassocks!

Page 29:

Year-round air conditioners not only give you cool comfort, but also provide a flow of warm air for heating whenever you want it.

In-the-wall installations can be mounted flush with the walls, inside and out... provide one way of handling certain space and window problems.

You can install invisible comfort along one or more walls of your room with modern baseboard heating panels.

You can get extra warmth without fuss from your fireplace by setting in a portable space heater. Or one of these flexible units can be put any place in the room where you want extra heating.

Page 30:

Ideas for lighting your living-dining room.

Your comfort in your living-dining room depends in large measure on good lighting for every activity. And light for living is a vital part of your room design ... a creative tool that helps you style your living-dining area the way you want it.


Adjustable fixture suspended from ceiling is one way of assuring the kind of light you need for cheerful dining. Valance lighting brightens entire area.

Flexible three-way switch controls this ceiling fixture: gives you down light on table while dining, separate over-all illumination, or a combination of both.


A good level of over-all light is essential for comfortable TV viewing. Cornice lighting around three sides of room is one way of getting an even balance of light, without reflection on the screen.

Page 31:


Plan to position an off-cen-ter fixture just like a table lamp -with the shade bottom no more than 42 inches from floor-for comfortable casual reading.

Latest and most exciting idea in control of light - lamps that turn on or off at the touch of your fingers. No more fumbling with ordinary switches or pull-chains!

Wall lamps save space, are out of the way of active youngsters! Mount shade four feet up from the floor, about 15 inches to one side of reading matter.


Wherever you want a light touch, you can use a fixture to accent a single accessory, or to serve as a dramatic divider of space. Plan to fit size and shape of fixture to the area it lights.

Frosted-glass top lets lighting accent both picture and knick-knacks. Built-in deluxe warm white fluorescent lamps furnish decorative light here.

Page 32:

New trends in lighting that may give you ideas

The ultimate in creative lighting for the home, new multiple dimming systems let you paint your room with light...with almost the flexibility of an artist's brush. The two rooms below may suggest ways in which you can use creative lighting in your own home.

Page 33:

Which of these aids to better living...electrically do you want working for you?

Flood lamps in swivel reflectors, aimed to light draperies, can be dimmed to suit your mood or need in this living room. Decorative lighting flexibility controlled by dimmers lets you change the entire "feel" or atmosphere of your room, without affecting local lighting needs.

In this preview of tomorrow's lighting design, white and colored reflector lamps on dimmers, and recessed into ceiling, produce a new kind of world indoors. Lighting panel board with its dimmer control permits an almost infinite variety of lighting effects...from dim off-whites to blazing sunset colors. The turn of a dial changes the entire appearance of the room.


BEAN POT....................


CASSEROLE ..................

CHAFING DISH................


COFFEE MAKER................

CORN POPPER.................

DEEP-FAT FRYER..............

EGG COOKER .................

FAN (portable)..............


FLOOR POLISHER..............

FLOOR SCRUBBER..............

FOOD BLENDER................


HAND POLISHER...............

HEATING TRAY................


HOT PLATE...................


KETTLE .....................

MIXER (portable)............

MOVIE PROJECTOR.............




SERVING CART................

SKILLET ....................

SLIDE PROJECTOR.............

SLIDE VIEWER................

SPACE HEATER (portable) . . .

TAPE RECORDER...............

TELEVISION SET (console) . . . TELEVISION SET (built in) . . .


TOASTER ....................


WAFFLE BAKER................

WARMER (rolls, etc.)........

WINDOW FAN..................


OUTLETS ....................



Page 34:

Let electricity work for you 24 hours a day in your Sleeping Area
Page 35:

If your home just doesn't seem to have enough living space for the whole family, it might be a good idea to begin your plan for better living in the sleeping area. Today's well-planned bedroom can double as a living room, sitting room, study or children's playroom.

Thanks to electrical living, your sleeping area can be comfortably warm or restfully cool every hour of the day. Quiet and dark during sleeping hours, bright and cheerful at all other times. It can give every member of your family welcome privacy-for his or her own hobbies, for homework, or just for relaxation with a favorite book, record, radio or television program.

And when you're planning your bedrooms for extra comfort and living space, remember the advantages of modern, well-designed bathrooms. Proper lighting and a wise choice of electrical equipment can make your bathroom a center for health and beauty.

Turn the page for the ideas that will help you live better in your sleeping area twenty-four hours a day.

Page 36:

Ideas for personal comfort in your Bedroom

What's your personal comfort level? With an automatic electric blanket, you can select just the amount of warmth you want, and keep it unchanged all night long, regardless of changes in bedroom temperature. And if there's a family difference of opinion about the right temperature-you'll find a good answer below.

Double controls make it possible to choose a different temperature level for each half of the blanket... permit truly "personalized" comfort. A compact and efficient transistor radio at bedside has an earphone attachment for private listening- another thoughtful convenience.

Special bedside record player repeats a message into your ear during the night. Actually helps you learn while you sleep... speeds up learning a new language, for example.

Page 37:

Ideas for a sitting room in your master bedroom

A little planning can turn a bedroom into a quiet retreat for writing letters, or a heavenly refuge from the teen-age party below. A portable television set and music system help convert bedroom into a second living room-a perfect solution when family tastes in programs differ at eight o'clock sharp!

Television set turns on swivel for convenient last-minute viewing from bed. Another good idea is a remote-control unit, which lets you switch channels, regulate volume, switch set on or off from chairside or bedside. For reading in bed, wall bracket gives even, comfortable light.

Page 38:

Ideas for a combination playroom-bedroom

Younger members of the family are entitled to privacy, too. And converting a bedroom to versatile living space doesn't have to be a major undertaking. Here, for example, skillful planning of one wall has added a study desk and hobby space to a boy's bedroom.

Pull-down fixture provides adjustable level of illumination for tasks at desk. When Junior's using all-purpose electric tool to finish his airplane models, fluorescent fixture speeds the work.
Page 39:

Ideas to keep Baby and you happy in the nursery

It's a lot easier to provide better living for Baby-and for yourself-when you plan for a modern, electrically equipped nursery. Bottle warmer, bottle sterilizer, hot plate for warming up milk are all within your reach at feeding time. A room-to-room "intercom" near Baby's crib tells you all's well in the nursery when you're in another part of your home.

You con equip nursery with shielded deodorizing ozone lamp, vaporizer, night light for safety, health-giving sunlamp, space heater for chilly nights. As Baby begins to toddle, plan to move electrical equipment out of reach... keep lower shelves for toys.

Page 40:

Ideas for a health and beauty center in your bathroom

When you're planning to modernize a bathroom, you'll want to keep a number of important things in mind: adequate lighting, comfortable temperature control, plentiful supply of hot water, convenient outlets and switching, proper ventilation, electrical aids to health and beauty. Here are some practical ideas to help you.

One good way of assuring comfortable temperatures when you step in or out of shower or bath is a radiant-heating panel. Air in bathroom is kept outdoor-fresh by built-in ventilating fan and shielded ozone lamp. Lamp should always be mounted above eye level.

Good recipe for shaving or make-up mirror: two shielded fluorescent tubes flanking mirror, and one ceiling fixture above washbowl. Don't forget outlets for electric shavers, hair dryer, other electric conveniences.
Page 41:

Vapor-proof lamp is good idea for shower stall. Sunlamps, exercising and reducing equipment, hand vibrators are electrical aids to health that you can plan for bathroom, dressing room or bedroom. For ordinary aches and pains, for soothing warmth, a pushbutton heating pad is ideal.

Page 42:

A new idea for better living may be a brand-new development, like the electronic ''baby sitter." Or it may be a new way of arranging familiar appliances and lighting...a way that expresses your personal ideas of the kind of living you want for yourself and your family.

Page 43:

Which of these aids to better living...electrically do you want working for you



A deftly planned room-beautifully arranged as a combination bathroom, dressing room, sun room and laundry. Two sunlamps are built in over the mirror, mounted in adjustable holders well above eye level. A shielded ozone lamp keeps the room outdoor-fresh. Two tiny pedicure lights make foot care easier. Washer-dryer is built in under storage shelves, inconspicuously ready to take care of laundry right where it accumulates. A luminous ceiling lights and unifies the entire room.

Most heartwarming forecast for future living: your own private television that will let you watch your baby's crib or play pen from another part of the home. This "electronic baby sitter" will be a wonderful contribution to mother's peace of mind.



BOTTLE WARMER............




HAIR CURLER..............

HAIR DRYER...............

HEATING PANEL............

HEAT LAMP................

HOBBY TOOLS..............

HOT PLATE................

NIGHT LIGHT..............


OZONE LAMPS..............




RECORD PLAYER............



SPACE HEATER ............





TOWEL DRYER..............

TV BABY SITTER...........







WATER HEATER.............


Page 44:

Ideas for getting double service our of your Service Areas
Page 45:

There used to be no doubt about it-certain parts of the house were service areas, other parts were for living. In the service areas furnaces were stoked, laundry was scrubbed, and even outdoor space became a service area when the weather was right for hanging out laundry.

In today's homes, however, it's getting harder and harder to tell service areas from living areas. As electrical equipment takes over more jobs- controlling your indoor climate, supplying hot water, washing and drying laundry-the emphasis is on the service, not the area. If there's a basement, it's become a clean, comfortable family room. Utility rooms are doubling as play rooms, or conveniently merging with the kitchen. And there's hardly a room in your home, from attic to bathroom, that can't be equipped to give you more living value than ever.

This is one of the wonderful things you plan for when you plan to live better...electrically. More comfort, more convenience, more service-and more room for just plain living.

Page 46:

Ideas for making your basement do double duty

What kind of room would you like most to add to your home? A family room for hobbies and informal living? A recreation room? A play room where Junior can set up his electric trains, with almost too much cooperation from Dad? A den, or a workshop? Whatever you choose, a modern basement offers you plenty of space for living, plus efficient heating and cooling for your entire home.

You can add a new dimension to living in your home by installing a house-wide air conditioning unit that brings refreshing summer cooling to every room. Heating and cooling units are inconspicuously hidden behind louvered doors in this informal living room and basement.

Page 47:

Ideas for climate-control anywhere in your home

Whether you're planning to build a new home or just to modernize, modern heating and cooling equipment offers you undreamed-of flexibility in design. No matter what the type of house, or what the space limitations, there's no need to deny yourself the comfort of year-round control of your indoor climate.

Home cooling unit in kitchen lets you breeze through "hot work" on sizzling days, and cools every room of your home.

Central air conditioning unit in basement is an "up-flow" unit, blowing cool air to registers in other rooms. Easy to install.

If space is limited, horizontal units are available. A corner of your attic becomes the source of year-round climate comfort.

You can plan for an installation that takes up no floor space at all. Compact horizontal units fit easily into crawl-space.

A few square feet of space in your attached garage can furnish a convenient location for a central air conditioning unit.

Modern equipment is so compact, clean and quiet, you can even plan to install it unobtrusively in your living room.

Page 48:

Ideas on Choosing the Right Equipment For Your Needs

One of the nicest things about living better...electrically, is the way you can tailor your plans to the special needs of your family. Whether your family is large or small, whatever the size and construction of your home, you'll find electrical equipment and methods of installation designed to satisfy your particular wants.

One good choice in a freezer is a large-capacity chest type, placed wherever you Have room for it-in an adjoining garage, in the basement, utility room, hall or kitchen. If you'd like your freezer in the kitchen but are short on floor space, there's a good solution. You can plan for an upright model, which takes up no more floor space than a refrigerator. And there's a wide choice in sizes of either type to meet your family's requirements.

Page 49:

Thinking of an attic fan for real summer comfort? If your house has an attic, you can build a fan into the partition wall, for example. If your home has a flat roof, "attic" fan can be mounted on the roof line, protected by a cupola.

Radiant cable heating is easily installed right into ceilings, covered with plaster or wallboard, and painted. Your whole ceiling radiates even, comfortable warmth. If you prefer, the electric heating cable can go under flooring - an especially good idea for bathrooms. The choice is yours!

Page 50:

Ideas to help you place your laundry center conveniently

Doing the family laundry today takes little more effort than depositing the laundry in a washer and dryer, adding detergent, setting a dial and turning a switch. And modern automatic laundry appliances offer an additional bonus - you can place them wherever it's most convenient for you. Of course, you'll want to plan for an ample supply of hot water, too.

Many modern kitchens provide space for a laundry center-either as part of a one-unit kitchen, or as a separate center like this one. The washer and dryer are flanked by an automatic electric water heater, which also furnishes work space.

A combination play room and utility room adds flexible living space to your home. Electric water heater supplies all your hot water needs. There's space for an electric ironer. And an electric dehumidifier prevents moisture damage.

Wonderful idea for saving steps and space: a laundry unit built in as part of the towel and linen closet in your bathroom, or close by. With an arrangement like this, it's only a short step from the laundry hamper to the automatic washer and dryer!
Page 51:

New trends that may give you ideas for greater comfort

Ever consider the things you don't have to think about when you live better...electrically? The things electrical equipment remembers to do for you, automatically? You've already seen the trend to more flexible and automatic control in your toasters, electric range, electric blanket. Here are some examples of recent improvements in climate control.

New development cleans your air electronically all year round. Before the air from your heating and cooling units enters your home, the air cleaner removes dust, dirt and pollen by electrically attracting the tiny particles. Reduces house-cleaning chores. Good idea for hay-fever sufferers, too!

Now you can have a thermostat that thinks ahead to regulate your indoor weather! It senses the changes in temperature outside your home, and prepares in advance for the effect on your indoor climate. Result: amazingly even, comfortable warmth in your home always.

New idea for carefree comfort: at bedtime, you set the wake-up switch and the furnace control button, turning down the furnace for the night. In the morning, the furnace wakes up automatically, starts warming every room in your home. About 45 minutes later, you are awakened, to the sound of your favorite morning radio program, in a warm, cozy room.

Page 52:

A new idea to watch for - heating and cooling with air and electricity

Newest development for all-electric climate control: a single unit that makes heat without fire...automatically cools or warms your home to the temperature you dial. It's called a "heat pump," because it literally pumps heat into your home to warm it, and out of your home to cool it. And a heat pump uses only electricity and air to do both these jobs.

Page 53:

Which of these aids to better living...electrically do you want working for you?

How does a heat pump work? In summertime, it draws heat out of the air in your home and passes it to the outside, just like a large-scale window air conditioner. In wintertime, it works just as if you turned the air conditioner around in the window-drawing warmth from the outside and pouring it into your home. The heat pump assures ideal indoor weather for homes of any size, old or new. It needs no chimneys, fuel storage tanks or bins, cooling towers, pumps or plumbing. And it fits beautifully into any decorating plan (see illustration). A heat pump can be installed any-where - in closet, basement, breezeway, attic, garage-or even fitted to the outside of the home.

Heat pumps are already available in many communities. You'll be hearing more about this new development for better living.. .electrically.



ATTIC FAN.......................



CLOCK ..........................


ELECTRIC TOYS...................


FREEZER (chest type)............

FREEZER (upright)...............

HEAT PUMP.......................

IRON (automatic)................

IRONER .........................


SPACE HEATER ...................

STEAM IRON......................


WASHER .........................

WATER HEATER....................

WATER SOFTENER..................

WORKSHOP TOOLS..................



Page 54:

You can plan just for your family's interests in your Special Areas

Page 55:

Did you ever take a "hobby census" in your family? Try making a list of the leisure-time activities that especially interest everyone in the family. Your list will help you plan your special areas for the entertainment, recreation, and hobbies that mean the most to your family.

You may be able to plan for a separate den, or a library, or a music room. But chances are you'll want to combine several hobby and recreation centers in one versatile family room. And like other imaginative home planners, you'll find room for a photographic darkroom, a workshop, a ping-pong or billiard table in your basement, attic, garage, or utility room.

No matter what's on your list-whether it's photography or sewing, dancing or raising tropical fish, woodworking or gardening-you'll enjoy leisuretime living more when you let electricity work for you. How many of the ideas on the next pages apply to your family's special interests?

Page 56:

Ideas for a well-planned workshop

Special headquarters for Dad! But the whole family enjoys the garden furniture he's built, and the bird house Junior made shows he's a budding craftsman, too. All-important in planning a workshop: a practical arrangement of tools, ample storage space for tools and materials, and plenty of light.

As Dad's skill grows, he'll want more and more power tools to work with. Plan for enough room to take care of a portable hand saw, an electric drill, grinder and buffer, a sander, paint sprayer, and, of course, a "complete home workshop" power tool. Plan also for a lighting fixture, adjustable floodlamp, and outlets.

Page 57:

Ideas for getting more milage out of your garage

Properly planned, your garage can do much more than shelter your car. It can include a workbench, a complete home workshop, or a photographic darkroom. If your hobby is gardening, you may even find space for a small greenhouse, wired for the use of soil-heating equipment.

Plan for electrically operated doors. These can be automatically controlled by an electric eye, from the dashboard of your car, or by a locked switch. An extension light, and properly placed outlets for a vacuum cleaner and polisher, make it easier to keep your car in shape.

A corner of your garage can be converted into a darkroom, completely equipped with running water, enlarger, timer, safe light, electric mixer for chemicals, radiant-heating panel, ventilating fan. Good place for storing photographic lighting equipment such as photo floods, flash lamps, stands and reflectors.

Page 58:

Ideas for a versatile family room

Your family room is what your family makes it. It's probably everyone's favorite place to have fun- to eat, to talk, play games, sing around the piano. You'll want to plan it for carefree, completely informal living. And when you've planned it to suit just your family, you'll find that friends feel wonderfully at home here!

Page 59:

There's a nationwide trend to more living in Indoor-Outdoor Areas

Page 60:

Which of these aids to better living...electrically do you want working for you

A pass-through from the kitchen simplifies meals you enjoy in the family room. The snack bar takes care of those sudden yens for refreshments, coffee and sandwiches. A built-in aquarium, equipped with electric filter pump and aerator, becomes a colorful, living picture on the wall. Over a sewing table, two wall lamps speed sewing for the homemaker. An attachment to your piano, plugged into any convenient outlet, gives the pianists of the family a whole range of orchestral effects to play with. And no family room would be complete without a well-lighted game table for card or board games.


AQUARIUM PUMP..........................

DARKROOM EQUIPMENT.....................

DOOR CONTROLS..........................

ELECTRONIC ORGAN.......................

EXTENSION LIGHT........................

GARAGE-DOOR OPENER ....................

PAINT SPRAYER..........................


PIANO ATTACHMENT.......................


POTTERY KILN...........................

POWER TOOLS............................

SEWING MACHINE.........................


SPACE HEATER...........................

VENTILATING FAN .......................


TELEVISION SET................


Page 61:

Today more and more families in every part of the country are using their outdoor space as living space. There's more dining on terraces, more barbecuing in yards. More hours are spent on outdoor games and parties. Living rooms are expanding into the indoor-outdoor area, complete with portable television sets and radios.

Planning for better living in your indoor-outdoor area depends on the individuality of your house and lot. But with little effort, you can make your outdoor space an important part of your family's living pattern-and substantially increase the living value of your home and land. Even if your outdoor space is limited, you can work wonders with the many electrical aids to outdoor living--from portable barbecues to decorative lighting -available to you.

How would some of the ideas on the following pages fit into your plans?

Page 62:

Ideas for dining out-of-doors

A favorite feature of outdoor living for many families-eating, and even preparing, meals out in the open. It's easy to plan for wiring facilities that run out into the dining area. Weatherproof lighting units and outlets put dozens of electrical helpers at your service day and night.

Outdoor chefs are surer of mouth-watering results when food is broiled in a portable barbecue with an electrically revolving spit. A deep-fat fryer, blender, and coffee maker help make the meal complete for the whole family. Flood lamp over fabric laced to a frame spreads light in an even glow for after-sunset dining. Electric insect trap provides greater comfort.

Page 63:

Ideas for entertainment in your outdoor living room

Open or partly closed terraces make an attractive and convenient extra living room for entertainment or relaxation. What a wonderful place to have a festive party, with tables for games, or space for dancing to the music of a record player. Well-planned lighting is especially important in your outdoor living room.

You don't have to choose between outdoor living and your favorite programs. Convenient outlets accommodate the radio and the TV set you bring from the living room. For listening and viewing after dark, plan for weatherproof outdoor floor lamps and fixtures. Outdoor Christmas lamps provide year-round decoration.

Page 64:

Ideas for more hours of fun out-of-doors

Nightfall puts no damper on outdoor games and sports when you've planned your outdoor area for better living... electrically. Lighting outdoor games is simple. Most important thing to remember: keep light sources out of the players7 field of vision. And for better visibility and even illumination, have light coming from more than one direction.

For lawn and court games, six 150-watt weatherproof flood lamps mounted on two telescopic poles give ample light to playing area. You can also plan to use nearby trees or buildings to mount the lights.

This well-lighted archery range uses three lamps on a pole behind the archer to illuminate range and bull's eye. A flood lamp on the pole behind the target helps you recover the arrows that somehow missed.

Mounted under eaves, these flood lamps include sports lighting among their many uses. One lamp is directed at the white backboard, the other at the entire playing area.

Page 65:

Ideas for keeping your outdoor areas in good trim

Just as electric helpers have lightened your indoor cleanup chores, they've made it easy to keep your outdoor areas neat and attractive. It's a good idea to plan for several conveniently placed weatherproof outlets. For storage, you'll often find a good accessible spot in your garage.

A portable worklight lets you use the electric hedge trimmer after dark. The light can be clamped to a movable stake or pipe. Garden work can be done during cooler evening hours.

Modern power mowers make it easy to keep stretches of lawn looking neat. For sharply sloping banks, and those hard-to-get-at tufts between flagstones, a lawn trimmer is a good idea. Electric sprayer helps control pests in garden, hedges, and every part of the area.

Page 66:

oIdeas for lighting your outdoor areas

A little well-planned lighting for your garden, for trees and shrubbery, and for the entrance to your home offers rich rewards of beauty and liveability. Creating a picture with light is largely a matter of your individual artistry. Flood lamps, spot lamps, mushroom-type reflectors, underwater sockets, colored light sources are some of your "painting" materials.

Page 67:

Which of these aids to better living...electrically do you want working for you?

The picture window that frames an attractive view all day long can be just a dark area, come sundown. Or, it can take on extra charm after dark-when lighting dramatically features a cherished piece of sculpture... flowers glow in the background... or a silver sparkling jet rises from a pool. Plan for valance lighting over the picture window.


Here's a home that radiates a friendly welcome to any guest. The post lantern lights the driveway and the walk. A flower box of stone is lighted to act as a colorful divider at the approach to the door. A pair of wall brackets mounted at both sides of the door are chosen in the same style as the post lantern.







PORTABLE BARBECUE .............. _

PORTABLE RADIO...................


POWER LAWN MOWER................_

RECORD PLAYER....................







Page 68:

Your Key to better living...electrically

All through this book you've seen hundreds of ways in which electricity can help you live better-more richly, comfortably and conveniently. No matter where you've started your own step-by-step plan to live better...electrically, there's one more step to go, so that you can enjoy the full fruits of electrical living: planning your home for HOUSEPOWER - adequate wiring, switching and outlets.


You get top performance from every appliance, full efficiency from every lamp, when you supply your electrical equipment with the full, rated power it needs. Equipment can't work efficiently for you if it's starved because of wire too small

to carry enough electricity. Planning for adequate wiring, switching and outlets pays off in other ways as well. It means increased safety, greater convenience, and the end of unsightly tangles of extension cords cluttering your home.


Here are a few danger signals that warn you your wiring system is not what it should be:

1 Appliances work slowly-your toaster doesn't make crisp toast, your iron doesn't heat up as quickly as it should.

2. Fuses blow, or circuit breakers trip, too often.

3 Lights dim when you turn on an appliance.

4 Electric helpers have to stand in line -you, can't use all the appliances you want at the same time.

5 The TV picture'shrinks when an appliance is turned on.

6 You have "octopus" connections at outlets, and lamp cords strung around the room to connect lamps or appliances.


It's easy to see what makes wiring adequate or inadequate, when you compare the flow of electricity into your home with the flow of water through pipes. There's a main "pipe" outside your home, carrying electricity supplied by your electric power company. Always plenty of power here-the trick is to get enough into your home, and to get it distributed where you want it inside your home.

Page 69:

First, the "pipes" or wires that lead off from the main line have got to be big enough to deliver all the electricity your home needs. That's why your "service entrance" has to have enough capacity. Inside your home, your wires or "pipes" have to be big enough to supply as much power as your electrical equipment needs. Small wires restrict the flow of electricity, just as small pipes restrict the flow of water.

Here's how trouble begins when you try to use more appliances than you're adequately wired for. When the wire that carries enough power to run a toaster has to distribute its power to run a coffee maker, too, each appliance gets only a part of the power it needs. Result: there's a "voltage drop," and neither appliance works efficiently. Or the fuse blows-a sign that your wiring is overloaded.


Whether you're planning to build, buy or modernize your home, it will pay you to plan for these three essentials:

1. An adequate service entrance. What you need here depends on the electrical equipment you're planning for. A dependable electrical contractor will help you determine your needs. But be sure to plan ahead, not only for the equipment you have, but for the aids to better living you'll want in the future.

2. Enough branch circuits. Plan for three kinds: several general-purpose circuits-for lights all over the house and for convenience outlets everywhere except kitchen, laundry and dining areas. Several small-appliance circuits-for convenience outlets in kitchen, laundry and dining areas but not for lighting. Individual circuits-one separate circuit for each appliance such as range, ironer, dishwasher, automatic heater, dryer, room air conditioner, refrigerator-freezer, workbench.

3. Enough switches and outlets, conveniently located. Plan for switches at every entrance to each room. Stairway lights should have switches at top and bottom for each light. Bedroom ceiling lights should be controlled from bedside as well as the door. Outside lights should be controllable from inside the house as well as from the garage or terrace. Plan for enough convenience outlets, plus special-purpose outlets for lighting fixtures and for every piece of major equipment.

Page 70:


You can plan for new flexibility and convenience in control of lighting and electrical equipment. Master switches, time switches, dimmers, electric eyes and thermostats are among the devices that make control easier or more automatic. In addition, you may find some of these developments useful:

With this modern remote-control system, any light in your home can be conveniently controlled from any number of desired locations. Also, using a master selector switch, you can turn a number of lights on or off from one switching point.

This switch looks no different from any ordinary snap switch, but it features silent operation-there's no click as you snap it on or off. And these silent mercury switches give you many more years of trouble-free operation than ordinary switches.

For open porches or terraces, or any area where a switch is exposed to weather, special weatherproof switches are a good idea. You'll want to plan for these, along with weatherproof outlets for every fifteen feet of usable wall space in your indoor-outdoor area.

Circuit breakers perform exactly the same function as fuses. When an overload or short circuit occurs, the circuit breaker automatically trips off. After taking care of the difficulty, you can restore service by just snapping a switch in the circuit breaker back on again.

What's your next step?

When you've made your plan to live better.. .electrically, consult your check lists on every area of your home for a list of the electrical helpers you have and plan to have. Then get in touch with a reliable electrical contractor, who will gladly give you a free estimate of the work that has to be done, so that you'll get maximum

service from your electric equipment. In some areas, your local power supplier will advise you on your wiring requirements. If you're planning to build or buy a house, be sure to get the same kind of advice. And remember, it pays to plan ahead for the wiring you need -it pays to give your home full HOUSEPOWER!

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Introduces new "Decorator Front Panel" option with woodtone fronts!

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Models include: 10LC2, 20LC2, 21LC2, 10-20LC3, 10-20LH1, 10-20LH2, 5LH7, 10LH7, 10LH8, 10-LH11, 11-LH11, 12-LH11, 10-LH12, 12-LH12, 10-LJ2, 10LH3, 10LJ11, 12LJ11, 11LJ16, 10LK1, 10LK2, 10LK11, 12LK11.

Having the manufacturers part number for the part you need is essential for doing internet/eBay searches to locate these rare, no longer available parts. In many circumstances they can be found once you know the part number.
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SRU-90, SRU-80, SRU-70, SRU-60

SRP-90, SRP-80, SRP-70, SRP-60, SRC-70
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Models include: ACL, ABL and ASL.
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Sections include: Specifications, Uncrating and Installation, Cycle of Operation, Operation of Suds-Saver system, Tools, Dismantling, Reassembly, Parts Replacement, Operating Mechanism, Adjustments, Troubleshooting and Wiring Diagrams/Schematics.

Models include: ACL, ABL, ABL-S and ASL.
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Here is the complete Use and Care guide to all 1975 Waste King dishwashers.

Models include: 410, 510, 610, 710, 750 and 910.
Published by:
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1975 44 33mb $7.99
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Here are some beautiful sales literature brochures produced by Bendix to show off all of their post-war front loading and top loading "Economat" vacuum squeeze dry washers. Front loading models include both bolt-down and newer "Gyromatic" machines with suspension systems.

Models include: G, Updated G, G1, G-312, B, S, B-212, H, N-602.
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1950 16 23mb $7.99
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Here is the comprehensive service manual to the 1961 line of Kelvinator "Orbital Action" automatic washers with Magic Minute.

Full service, troubleshooting and parts information included.
Automatic Washers
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1961 83 113mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Post-War Bendix Dryer and Ironer Brochures
Here are some beautiful sales literature brochures produced by Bendix to show off all of their automatic clothes dryers, both gas and electric as well as their mangle ironers.

Dryer Models include: F, E-804 and E-805
Ironer Models include: D, J and L.
Clothes Dryers
Published by:
1950 14 19mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1960 Hotpoint Automatic Washer Service Manual and Supplements
Comprehensive service manual to the entire line of 1960 Hotpoint automatic washers. Models include:

LW030, LW050, LW506, LW070, LW090
Also included are supplements produced throughout 1960 highlighting recommend service procedures changes and the introduction of new mid-year models such as the LW061, LW0616, LW025 and LW035.
Automatic Washers
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1960 54 97mb $7.99
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Big foldout sales literature brochure highlighting the differences between the all the Maytag automatic washers of the early 1970s.

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Thumbnail Image of Download 1982 General Electric Dishwasher Product Information Manual
This 16 page book takes a fascinating look at features and benefits of GE dishwashers.

Models Highlighted: GDS2500, GSD1200T, GSD1000T, GDS980T, GSD900T, GDS900D, GSD600D.
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General Electric
1982 16 14mb $7.99

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