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New Kitchen Designs For Living

Published by American Kitchens in 1953-- Wonderful and whimsical catalog showing off everything American Kitchen made available to homeowners in the early post-war era. Includes images and specifications for early D&M Roto-Tray Dishwashers and Disposers, full kitchen planner including all metal kitchen cabinets and storage units, countertops, porcelain sinks, drawer units and everything else to make a beautiful new shiny 1950s Kitchen!

Number of Pages: 24
File Size: 34mb
Download Fee: $4.99

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New Kitchen Designs For Living
Published in 1953

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Page 1:

American Kitchens 1953 Catalog

Page 2:

The handy Brunch-Bar and the Dishwasher are two great convenience favorites in this kitchen. The Brunch-Bar is perfect for quick snacks and speedy meals as well as a place for jotting down the grocery list. And there's never a single dirty dish setting around in this kitchen... even between meals.

The pioneers had the right idea in the exciting frontier days when the kitchen was the center of family life. Anyone with a pioneering spirit would be right at home in this rustic U-Shape ranch type kitchen with the Old West atmosphere but with the added advantage of the latest work-saving modern kitchen equipment.
Page 3:

Geared to the tempo of present day living, this ultra-modern kitchen takes day-to-day meal preparation, household planning duties, and entertaining in its stride. Durable gray vinyl countertops offer plenty of work surface adjacent to the sink and then around the corner to the maple cutting top next to the range. Red peg-board on the range wall is not only decorative but is ideal for hanging knives, flatware, knick-knacks.

TV or not TV - that isn't the question in a house of today with this beautiful L Shaped kitchen as modern as tomorrow. Here the busy homemaker can watch TV without disrupting her regular kitchen activities. Truly pleasant and a joy to be in... this kitchcn incorporates all the time-saving, work-saving features you could wish for.

To Granmother's house we capture the Early American charm of this Straight-Wall kitchen which also offers production line efficiency. Here's old fashioned hospitality at its best with the open fireplace right next to such modern work savers as the automatic dishwasher.

There's a touch of the deep seas in the decoration of this living kitchen. And notice how nicely matching small pattern wallpaper and curtains accent the sparkling clean whiteness of the cabinets. Black wrought iron trivets are used as holdbacks for the curtains while the antique lamp and the hooked rug add the final touches to this kitchen which would be at home almost anywhere.
Page 4:

Southern Hospitality . . . goes with the modified U-Shaped kitchen (above) like ham goes with hominy grits. Bright and inviting in appearance, this living kitchen is just as practical as it is pretty. With the range jutting out in a peninsula, it's easy to serve food to the dining area at right.

Bright yellow accents the brown and green color scheme.

Your kitchen carrying jobs just roll away with the highly convenient Serv-Cart (right) which can save you hundreds of steps a day. For serving foods piping hot to the dining room . . . the terrace ... or anywhere, the Serv-Cart is the perfect answer. When the meal is over dirty dishes can be loaded and wheeled to the dishwasher or the sink. When not in use, the Serv-Cart is stored out of the way under a counter.

These Photographs Thru the Courtesy of LIVING FOR YOUNG HOMEMAKERS Magazine.
Page 5:

City Gal . . . this is for you . . . or anyone who wants the most in kitchen beauty and convenience where space is at a premium. You're really living in the clouds with this heavenly 2-wall kitchen. It's a pleasure to behold and a delight to work in because of such step saving and work saving conveniences as the automatic dishwasher and easy to clean countertops and cabinets.

Down on the Farm . . . it takes a lot of elbow room for all the home canning, for the preparation and freezing of foods . . . and in this roomy L-Shaped kitchen there is plenty of room for heavy kitchen traffic. This "rural type" kitchen is a good example of all well planned kitchens which are designed for living as well as the regular kitchen routines. Here the farm family spends a big part of its time so the decorative scheme lends a pleasant atmosphere to this family gathering place. Note how the yellow valance can be used to hide an old fashioned ugly window frame. The copper jello molds and the copper skillets add attractive accents to the color scheme. See how the same Red vinyl material is used on both the countertops and the floor.
Page 6:


Your range close to your dining area will be a wonderful step-saver. Plan storage space for pots, pans, mixing bowls, condiments, etc. A ventilator over the range means no odors . . . cooler.

What makes a kitchen a ... Good Planning


The difference between a mile or a few steps a meal is how you arrange your kitchen. Be sure the vital work centers in your new kitchen are planned with plenty of work surface and storage space . . . the two most important things in your kitchen. In planning, first:


Sink, dishwasher, disposer, storage for dishes and cutlery . . . it's the heart of your kitchen. Place between range and refrigerator to save steps.


Refrigerator, canned goods storage, etc. should be near the rear door. Try to plan a work surface on opening side of refrigerator (preferably toward sink).


A trend from modem, step-saving houses . . . laundry in the kitchen or the near-by utility room. Cabinets hold washing supplies while a tall utility cabinet is perfect for brooms, mops, or an ironing board.


Kitchen cabinets are mighty handy in other places besides the kitchen . . . linens or toilet articles in the bath, tools in the workshop, hobby supplies and games in the rumpus room, etc.
Page 7:



Just as important to you as good planning is your choice of kitchen equipment . . . the kitchen that will do the most for you! Work-saving, time-saving features add up to new found time for you . . . time for fun! So choose a kitchen that is designed to be easiest to clean and to care for . . . one that is designed with a woman in mind . . . one that is a delight to be in. Pick a beautiful


Designed by famous Raymond Loewy, here is modern beauty you'll never tire of . . . beauty with reason! Smooth, rounded contours . . . so easy to keep clean. There's toe and knee room at all base cabinets and sinks for standing comfort. Quality . . . nothing compares! Heavy gauge steel . . . double coat of durable baked enamel . . . the finest in materials and workmanship!


Easiest cleaning drawers known . . . wipe out like a china bowl for there are no seams or cracks to catch dirt! Dirt-free concealed drawer pulls. Even fully loaded drawers glide effortlessly on nylon glides!


It will take you less time to clean the complete doors on American Kitchens cabinets than to wipe around handles on old-style cabinets! Concealed door pulls plus rounded corners mean speediest cleaning!


Your cabinet doors will never stand ajar with American Kitchens! Heavy, durable, double action spring hinges hold base and wall cabinet doors either fully opened or fully closed!


Smooth contour does away with dirt catching seams ... a breeze to keep tops spotless. They never need waxing! Acid, alkali, heat, and grease resistant vinyl bonded to steel base . . . never warps, rots, or decays!
Page 8:




The Roto-Tray assures that every surface of every dish is washed hygienically clean. Now, here is a dishwasher that washes all the dishes, the glasses, and the silver . . . even in the top tray! This revolutionary dishwasher has been acclaimed by leading independent laboratories to be the finest!

Developed after eight years of secret research, engineering, and testing to give you the cleanest dishwashing ever known.


dishes carried through and out of water-starved areas.

A slowly revolving top tray, the Roto-Tray, carries every dish and glass in it through the scrubbing action of the steaming, swirling sprays of super-heated water. The sensational Roto-Tray has solved the greatest problem of the old-fashioned dishwasher! Old-styled dishwashers have only fixed trays. Objects on the bottom tray block off the water streams from dishes above, block them off from direct scrubbing action; they cannot possibly be scrubbed specklessly clean!

But, with this wholly new principle, the Roto-Tray revolves so gently, no dish or glass could possibly be damaged, carrying every top-tray object out of those water-starved areas and directly thru the scrubbing action of the powerful water sprays Dishes remain stationary and unwashed in water-starved areas.
Page 9:




When dinner is over just scrape your dishes as you would normally do for hand dishwashing . . . with no special preparation or pre-.rinsing!

After you've slipped them in the dishwasher, turn the handle, turn around, and walk away. When you return, your dishes, glasses, and silverware will be gleaming clean and sparkling dry ... all automatically! Dried egg, cold mashed potatoes, dried spaghetti . . . and yes, even greasy pots and pans are taken in stride with the Roto-Tray Dishwasher. An exclusive triple rinse, a hot water booster, a scientifically timed cycle . . . plus the action of the exclusive Roto-Tray all go together to produce a dishwasher that will clean all your dishes, glasses, pots, and pans!

All soil vanishes except baked-on things . . . extremely unusual things which you would normally soak overnight before washing by hand. Yes, here at last is a dishwasher where you can have your dishes washed gleaming clean and dried spotless ... all automatically!



Front opening for easiest loading and to give you plenty ot work surface. Both trays slide out independently and the Roto-Tray turns like a Lazy Susan ... so easy to slip dishes into. There's no bending, no stooping, no top tray to take out to get at the lower tray. Capacity ... it has it! Dish trays hold full 56 pieces. Tray design offers flexible loading arrangements . . . load with all cups or glasses if you wish . . . wash even a turkey roaster!

Dishes are cushioned in vinyl covered trays that will sticky, or mar your finest china. The washing any time to add a forgotten object without

Let your dealer tell you how easy it is to get your American Kitchens Roto-Tray Dishwasher. Yes . . . you can easily afford this sensational new dishwasher, for it costs but pennies a day to own, actually less than half the cost of a package of cigarettes. Over a ten year period, for example, it would cost less than a day, 3 cents a meal to have a "maid" in your kitchen, freeing you from your dullest job. And operating cost. . . almost nothing! Once-a-day dishwashing costs less than 2 cents a day for water consumption and water heating. Actually, it uses no more water than would be used for a normal day's dishwashing by hand.

Page 10:

For A Really Workfree Kitchen... First Choose Your



No matter which model fits your needs best,

To fill your every need, Roto-Tray Dishwashers are built in three styles with a choice of either a gravity drain or a pump drain model. For new construction or where slight alterations in your plumbing are no problem, the gravity drain models are for you. On the other hand, the new pump drain models are wonderful for remodeling older houses . . . for installation costs can be held to a very minimum.

Look them over . . . see which works into your plan the best. No matter if it's a combination dishwasher-sink, a free-standing model, or an undercounter model . . . after one week in your kitchen you'd give up any other appliance before you'd let your wonderful American Kitchens dishwasher go. You'll love it!

The combination dishwasher-sink is a full 48 inches wide. Notice the motion-saving design with the dishwasher to the left of the sink bowl. The dish is held in the left hand during the scraping operation . . . then without loss of motion, the left hand places the dish in the cushioned tray! The dishwasher is under a big fluted, acid and alkali resistant porcelain drainboard ... to give you plenty of usable work surface.

The sparkling faucet features American Kitchens' exclusive soda fountain type finger-tip levers with a spray and aerator. There is a big two door storage space under the sink bowl ... a soap box basket on the left storage compartment door. The dishwasher-sink is an especially good buy for those considering the purchase of a sink.


Taking out garbage is one of the nastiest jobs left to the American housewife ... or "hubby" . . . but there's no longer any reason to put up with it. The new American Kitchens Disposer liquefies and disposes of food waste in seconds . . . and there is never a need for you to touch garbage again. Safe, fast, quiet. . . the American Kitchens Disposer won't jam or clog. The Disposer's hammer-mill action quickly does away with even bones, corn cobs, etc. . . . and the Disposer's action will keep your drain lines clean.


The American Kitchens Disposer fits all American Kitchens sinks . . . and most others. Combined with the Dishwasher Sink ... it makes a convenient all-electric American Kitchens Sink Center. And for rural areas, remember . . . the American Kitchens Disposer can be used under normal conditions with a septic tank!
Page 11:


you'll get the cleanest dishwashing you've ever known!



The versatile free-standing dishwasher is 24 inches wide with a gleaming acid and alkali resistant porcelain top. Taking up little room, the freestanding dishwasher is easy to install in any kitchen . . . designed to combine perfectly with other American Kitchens units. Notice the front opening to add additional work surface to your kitchen and to make your loading easier. American Kitchens famous front contour is also used for maximum toe and knee comfort. Smooth, silent operation . . . turns itself off automatically. Stores dishes until you want them . . . keeps the kitchen as neat as a pin!

Looks exactly like the free-standing model, except without the porcelain top. The undercounter dishwasher fits perfectly under extended American Kitchens countertops of lifetime vinyl ... or most other countertops. Notice the manual adjustment controls found on all models of American Kitchens Dishwashers which allow the cycle to be lengthened or shortened. Because of flexible control, dishwashers can also be used as dish or bottle warmers.


Check These Features:

* Wonderfully convenient... odorless, self-cleaning, sanitary.
* Liquifies even bones and corn cobs in seconds.
* Safety cover-switch is absolutely safe . . . and so handy.
* Acoustically mounted in rubber for new, quiet operation.
* Power plus in the big 1/2 h.p. motor for trouble-free operation. Motor is permanently lubricated.
* New design installs quickly, easily, economically.

• Advanced hammer-mill action has pivoted pulverizer arms . . . designed with the elimination of jamming and clogging in mind.


Remove the cover-switch and scrape up to two quarts of waste into disposer before starting. There's no worry about getting hands hurt in powerful pulverizers.


Turn on the cold water, place the cover-switch in position, twist . . . zip, the waste is gone. So safe . . . even a child couldn't be hurt!
Page 12:

American Kitchens

Choose the One that Best

Deluxe 54'' Double-Drainboard Sink — probably the most popular. An excellent choice for any kitchen with its world of storage space and four drawers. Regular deluxe sink features for real convenience.


Handy spray on deluxe sinks . . . wonderful for rinsing . . . washing waste down disposer or drain.

Deluxe 66" Twin-Bowl, Double-Drainboard Sink—the most convenient of all! The queen of the line ... it has three storage compartments and four drawers . . . plus all deluxe features.

Sparkling chrome faucet . . . finger tip, soda fountain type levers . . . swing spout . . . non-splash aerator.


Economy 54" Double-Drainboard Sink — has large single bowl, plus two slanted, fluted drainboards. Huge storage compartment . . . two drawers. All model sinks have gleaming acid and alkali resistant porcelain tops.

Economy 48" . . .

Economy 66" Twin-Bowl, Double-Drainboard Sink — it's a wonderful size for big kitchens and for people who want the extra convenience of 2 bowls and 2 drainboards. Here is 5 feet, 6 inches of under-sink storage ... 2 drawers.
Page 13:

CABINET SINK is the Heart of Your Kitchen Best Suits Your Needs...

Deluxe 48" Double-Duty Sink—perfect where laundry facilities are limited. The left bowl is extra deep . . . wonderful for soaking clothes or concealing soiled dishes with the sliding drainboard. Two drawers.

Deluxe sinks are equipped with sparkling chrome faucet, non-splash aerator, push-button spray with flexible hose, divided cutlery drawer, hardwood cutting board, soap basket, crumb-cup strainers .. . plus all of American Kitchens' regular features. (Disposer available at extra cost.)

Deluxe sinks have divided cutlery drawer . . . hardwood cutting board . . . two concealed drawers.

Acid and alkali resistant, fluted drainboard designed to safely drain even your finest stemware.

Faucet mounted on backsplash eliminates dirt-catching back, ledge . . . makes bowl 15% larger.

The country's lowest priced sinks for this high quality! Faucets with American Kitchens' finger tip levers . . . but with no aerators or sprays. Similar to deluxe sinks but without cutlery drawers or cutting boards. (Disposer available at extra cost.)

Double-Duty Sink—with regular and extra bowls . . . sliding drainboard. Wash out the dishes, bathe the baby, handy under-sink storage, no drawers.

Economy 42" Single-Bowl Sink—a real thrifty choice for any kitchen. Available in either right or left hand drainboard models (right shown). Has one drawer on the drainboard side.

Deluxe 42 " Single-Bowl Sink—available in either right or left hand models (left shown). Compact, yet loaded with deluxe features that mean real efficiency in a small space. Two storage compartments . . . three drawers.

Special 42" Single-Bowl Sink — the lowest priced sink in American Kitchens quality packed line. Available in choice of either right or left hand drainboard (right shown). Double doors open to mammoth 42" wide storage compartment.
Page 14:

American Kitchens base cabinets

For Spacious Storage

SINGLE DOOR BASE CABINETS—available in 15" and 18" widths. Full width, seamless drawer . . . door hinging on right or left opens to big storage space with removable shelf.

DOUBLE DOOR BASE CABINETS—in 21", 24", 27", and 30" widths. A one-piece drawer . . . two double-wall sound deadened doors . . . big storage space with removable shelf.


in 36" width only. Two drawers . . . giant storage space with removable shelf. All size cabinets finished with two coats of baked enamel.

Concealed drawer pulls ... so easy to clean ... so comfortable to stand near . . . such smooth beauty.

All American Kitchens drawers are seamless — one piece . . . they clean as easily as a china bowl.


— a better use of base corners. Tall, deep bin pulls out for the perfect storage place for trays, dry vegetables. Bin is ventilated.


corner utilizing shelves with finger-tip accessibility. Flick of the finger and 3 rotating shelves put each item in front. Capacity . . . cokes to coffee cans!

BASE WHAT-NOT SHELF—in colors to match your tops. Fits at the end of base cabinets . . . wonderful storage for telephone, radio, waffle iron, cook books, etc.


—fits under corner top. It is the most economical way of taking care of a corner . . . however with this panel the corner space is unused.
Page 15:

AND TOPS and Work Surfaces

AMERICAN KITCHENS LIFETIME COUNTERTOPS in five gay colors . . . plus black. Also, hardwood -maple tops are available in 24" widths, and can be quickly cut to smaller sizes. Regular tops are made in sizes for all base cabinets . . . plus larger continuous countertops to cover up to 72" of base cabinets. Corner tops can be had to cover only the corner or in continuous corner tops which measure up to 63" along either or both sides.

Tops are easily cut to intermediate sizes on the job.



Practically indestructible vinyl plastic bonded to steel offers a really lifetime countertop! There can never be any warping, decaying, or rotting. And smooth flowing contours ... no cracks or seams to catch dirt! American Kitchens tops are a cinch to keep spotless . . . and they never need waxing! The vinyl is highly resistant to acids, alkali, grease, moisture, aging and sunlight. As for heat ... an aluminum pan of boiling water can be set on the top without harm . . .

although other items such as hot irons are not recommended. Abrasion resistance ... 4 times more with vinyl . . . the pattern or color won't wear off under normal use!

So durable, vinyl is used for flooring and can be obtained in matching or complimentary colors for your kitchen floor. You'll love the soft resiliency, the non-skid surface, the quietness, and the beauty of American Kitchens countertops. They're perfect for you!

Flexibility you'll love . . . odd concealed drawers to base cabinets or sink for extra convenience.

Trouble-free, heavy duty, plated spring hinges hold all doors fully open or fully closed— never ajar.

So easy to clean.

Cut away view of countertop shows vinyl bonded to steel . . . seamless, strong, smooth.
Page 16:

A Place For Everything... Everything In Its Place With

30" HIGH SINGLE-DOOR WALL CABINETS — available in 15" and 18" widths. Door can be hinged on either right or left to save you steps. Has three shelves—two are removable. Easy, quick installation saves you money.

18" HIGH SINGLE-DOOR WALL CABINET—only available in 18" width. The single door can be hinged on either right or left. This cabinet has

two shelves—one is removable.


18" and 30" heights. Made in 1", 2", and 3" widths to combine with wall cabinets to fit any kitchen with that custom look . .. quickly & economically.

18" AND 15" HIGH DOUBLE-DOOR WALL CABINETS—18" cabinets in four widths . . . 21", 24", 30", and 36". Ideal for over your refrigerator, range, sink. Two shelves . . . one is removable. Special cabinet for over tall refrigerators is 36" wide, 15" tall . . . has one shelf.

WALL WHAT-NOT SHELVES—fit on the end of 30" wall cabinets.

Three glass shelves for flowers, knickknacks. Adds beauty and : convenience. .,.

SERV-CART—so step-saving for serving and clearing the table, or as a movable work surface. When the Serv-Cart is not in use. it is rolled under a counter. ...
Page 17:

American Kitchens WALL CABINETS

30" HIGH DOUBLE-DOOR WALL CABINETS —in 21", 24", 27", 30", and 36" widths. Two removable shelves plus one stationary shelf at the bottom offer loads of wonderful storage space. Use a combination of cabinets for long "customized" unit.

CORNER WALL CABINET—30" high and measuring 27" along each wall. This spacious corner wall cabinet uses 100% of the space . . . none wasted. Like all American Kitchens wall cabinets, has rounded contours . . . concealed door pulls . . . so easy to clean.

OVER-APPLIANCE WALL CABINET—40" wide and perfect for over ranges, freezers, extra wide refrigerators. Cabinet is 18" high with place for cook books, etc. between the doors. Special shelves on doors for handy storage of condiments. Bottom shelf detachable.

BRUNCH-BAR—snacks, breakfast are fun and so easy. Available in all colors to match countertops. -

Storage in front and rear.

VENTILATOR—mounts directly over range (even on inside walls)

. . . instantly carries cooking odors and greasy fumes away.

Quiet, economical, self-cleaning. ,

UTILITY CABINET—21" wide, 84" high. Upper section has 2 shelves for linens. Bottom section has 2 hooks, broom clip, space for ! mops. Gan convert entire cabinet to linen storage with extra shelves.

American Kitchens doors are sound deadened with insulation . . . have non-staining bumpers. So quiet!

Recessed cabinet bottoms permit hidden, glare-free installation of fluorescent undercabinet lights.
Page 18:

Page 19:


Fixing dinner's a breeze! First, Pop's favorite pie . . . recipe from the handy recipe rack inside your cabinet door . . . silky flour from the sifter . . . roll out the crust on the maple top. Mix a quick pie filling with a dash of this and a drop of that from the orderly condiment step-shelf and the convenient extract rack . . . pop the pie in the oven. Get the roast, potatoes, and cabbage on to cook . . . with the powerful Ventilator whisking odors and fumes away there's no cabbage smell! Now set the table . . . plates, glasses, silverware . . . cups from the cup-shelf that holds them safely up out of the way . . . napkins from a concealed base cabinet drawer. Slice the roast on the maple top . . . get bread from the stay-fresh breadbox . . . load the Serv-Cart and roll into the dining room to serve! Swell meal, Mom!

Now clear the table using the Serv-Cart . . . food waste goes down the Disposer . . . dishes in the Dishwasher. Wipe your hands on a towel from the pull out towel bar under the sink . . . Lady your dinner chores are done! Decorative wall and base cabinet what-nots . . . shadow-free.

undercabinet lights with electrical outlets ... all those extra conveniences that make your meal-time duties fly by. Accessories finish your dream kitchen!

They cost so little . . . don't be without them!
Page 20:

HOW TO PLAN YOUR NEW American Kitchen

Your nearby American Kitchens dealer will be delighted to plan your kitchen for you . . . but should you like to plan your own kitchen . . . here's how. Draw your floor plan on the graph at the right . . . it's quick, easy, and fun! For handy reference, below the graph are shown the various size American Kitchens units you'll want to consider. Now to plan your kitchen!


First: Make a rough sketch of your room on a piece of paper, noting all the windows, doors, and other obstructions (such as radiators and exposed pipes), if any. Also indicate on the sketch where the doors lead (outside, dining room, etc.) and where the existing plumbing, electrical outlets, and gas outlets are located.

Second: Start in a corner and measure around the room, marking each dimension on the sketch until all distances between walls, obstructions, doors, windows, and utility outlets are shown. Also make a note of the size of the range, the refrigerator, the windows, and the doors (door and window measurements should include trim . . . allow three inches on hinged side of refrigerator for door travel). Keep the measurements in inches for easy planning.


Notice the graph is marked off in one foot increments . . . with light lines for three inch divisions. Since the width of American Kitchens units are nearly all divisible by three . . . your planning will be easy. Then the next step of your planning is . . .

Third: Mark off the size of your room on the graph. Now transfer all of the information on the rough sketch to the graph . . . being careful to make your drawing accurate in size.

Fourth: Now . . . the placement of the equipment in the kitchen. First, locate the approximate position of the sink, the range, and the refrigerator (present facilities for the utilities may help govern your decision). By subtracting the width of these units from the wall space, you'll know how much room you have left for cabinets. With this information, start planning by subtracting the size of each kitchen unit you want from the remaining space until all the wall has been used. Different combinations of cabinets plus the use of fillers where needed will allow you to plan your kitchen perfectly . . . wall to wall . . . for that "custom" look. For the greatest kitchen convenience, carefully study special purpose kitchen units and include them in your plan. To draw kitchen units on the graph, divide their width by three . . . then count over that many spaces on the graph for the unit's width. For the depth . . . use eight spaces for dishwashers, sinks, and base cabinets . . . four spaces for wall cabinets. After drawing the unit, identify it for future reference.


Here, planned as an example, is the kitchen which progressed in sketches on the earlier pages, finally being completed on the preceding page. The rough sketch for this kitchen is shown above. It is decided a 54" sink will be used . . . along with an American Kitchens Undercounter Dishwasher. The sink is to be placed under the window on the left wall. Subtracting the 54"' sink from the 156" wall, 102" are left for the dishwasher and cabinets. The 24" dishwasher is then subtracted . . . leaving 78". Planned to be a U-Shaped kitchen, 27" corner cabinets for each comer are deducted. With only 24" remaining, the space is perfectly used with another 24" cabinet to match the dishwasher on the left side of the sink. For the wall at the top, the space between the left wall and the door is 160". Since the refrigerator is planned for this wall, first subtract 36" for it . . . leaving 124". Next subtract 27" for the corner cabinets already planned when planning the left wall. (Be careful not to overlook this step when planning L-Shaped or U-Shaped kitchens.) For the remaining 97", it was decided to use an 18", a 21", and two 24" cabinets . . . leaving 10" between the last cabinet and the door.. The lower wall would be planned in the same manner . . . first deducting the range, the corner cabinets already planned, and then planning other cabinets for the remaining wall space. The theory used in the planning example will work for you. Try it!
Page 21:

Page 22:


Your nearby American Kitchens dealer knows kitchens! He has spent hours studying them . . .

in books ... in special training meetings . . . in kitchens! He has even passed a written examination, qualifying him as an American Kitchens Registered Kitchen Specialist. Discuss your kitchen with him . . . he'll be most happy to help you, and he'll probably make suggestions based on his knowledge and experience that will both save you money and make a better kitchen.

Would you like to actually see "your new kitchen" before you spend a cent? Your American Kitchens dealer will show it to you. With his amazing new Kitchen Personalizer he will work out every detail of your new kitchen with you in just ten minutes . . . even presenting several kitchen arrangements for you to inspect and choose from. No one in town knows better how to make your kitchen work for you ... to save you time ... to save you work ... to save you a thousand steps a day! Your American Kitchens dealer will plan your kitchen . . . give you a complete, accurate cost estimate . . . arrange for the installation . . . help you with the easy financing. He'll give you the dream kitchen you've always wanted ... at a down to earth price you can afford. Call him and discuss the

many ways to start your kitchen today!
Page 23:


Although you can have a complete American Kitchen with small monthly payments, some families prefer to remodel their kitchens gradually . . . paying for it as they go . . . following this Add-A-Unit plan. First, plan your complete kitchen. Then replace your present out-moded sink with a beautiful American Kitchens cabinet sink—preferably a deluxe model for the extra work-saving features.

Later, at your convenience, add base and wall cabinets to form a wonderful sink work center.

From time to time ... as you accumulate more money for your kitchen . . . add other cabinets. Almost before you know it, your new American Kitchen will be complete as you add the storage center and the cooking and serving center . . . and it's all paid for! You'll begin to wonder how you ever got along without an American Kitchen.

As time goes by accessories and specialty items are added . . . why, you have your complete dream kitchen!


Choose one of these plans tailored just to fit your needs!

FHA INSURED LOANS—FHA Title 1 insured loans are available to homeowners even though they may already have mortgages on their homes. Easy to obtain, there is no down payment ... 3 years to pay . . . and the first payment does not have to be made until 60 days after the purchase. Your complete dream kitchen is eligible under this type loan, including installation cost.

OPEN-END MORTGAGES—allowed in some states to let the homeowner spread the cost of the new kitchen over the entire remaining term of his home loan. Spreading payments this way cuts the amount due monthly to a fraction of the usual appliance payments. Because of low interest rates, this type financing is very attractive. There is no down payment under this plan.

TIME PAYMENT PLANS—The regular type loan so familiar to appliance purchasers, they are so easy and fast to arrange. Terms vary in the different communities throughout the country . . . but your American Kitchens dealer can quickly give you all the information.

PACKAGE MORTGAGE FINANCING—it's a perfect plan for the builder or the purchaser of a new home. The price of your American Kitchen will be included in your original home loan . . . and you can pay for it over the entire term of your mortgage. Low payments . . . usually without a down payment.

MORTGAGE REFINANCING—a plan suited to the family that has paid off part of their original home loan. The mortgage is refinanced and the price of the kitchen is added to the home loan giving the advantages of no down payment and low monthly installments.

No matter which way of starting your kitchen suits you best ... do it today and be glad forever!


Save money . . . save time . . . start your new kitchen with this Mrs. America package kitchen. It consists of a big 54" double-drainboard sink with a deluxe faucet, non-splash aerator, push-button spray; big, deep storage compartments, roomy seamless drawers . . . two regular 21" base cabinets with lifetime vinyl countertops . . . two spacious 21" wall cabinets, 30" high . . . two wall what-nots to dress up your kitchen. Think of it. . . now you can buy this big, complete 8 foot kitchen for less than the price of a refrigerator . . . only a few dollars a month on easy terms! It's an unbeatable value.


Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

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Thumbnail Image of Download 1957 Kelvinator Automatic Washer Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual for all 1957 Kelvinator automatic washers.

Also include is complete parts catalog for all '57 washer models as well. Having the manufacturers part number for the part you need is essential for doing internet/eBay searches to locate these rare, no longer available parts. In many circumstances they can be found once you know the part number.
Automatic Washers
Published by:
1957 80 55mb $7.99
Introductory Price of $3.99

ends in:
6 days
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1958 Kelvinator Automatic Washer and Dryer Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual for all 1958 Kelvinator automatic washers. At the end is the service manual to the complete 1958 line of Kelvinator dryers.

Also included is complete parts catalog for all '58 washer models as well. Having the manufacturers part number for the part you need is essential for doing internet/eBay searches to locate these rare, no longer available parts. In many circumstances they can be found once you know the part number.
Automatic Washers
Published by:
1958 94 66mb $7.99
Introductory Price of $3.99

ends in:
6 days
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Thumbnail Image of Download Ironrite Comprehensive Service Manual to Mangle Ironers
Here is the comprehensive service manual to most ironrite ironers.

MODELS Included: XL-20, 25, 30, 34, 35, 38, 40, 42, 45, 50, 55, 60, 62,65, 70, 72, 75, 80, 85, 90, 91, 94, 95, 800, 850, 880, 890, 202.

Sections include:
General Service Information
Return of Defective Parts
Care of Shoe
Care of &11 Padding
Oiling Instructions
Correcting Oil Leaks
Checking Heat Failures
&11 Drive Adjustments
How to Remove Clutch
Motor Repair or Exchange Policy
How to Handle Motor Exchanges
Westinghouse Motors
Emerson Motors
Delco Motors
General Electric Motors
Diagram - Gear Housing
Adjusting Gas Machines
Diagrams - Shoe Assemblies
Shoe and Element Parts
Wiring Diagram
Electrical Parts
Switch Parts
Roll Parts
Roll Small Parts
Drive Gears
Clutch Parts
Adjustable Knee Control Parts
Non-adjustable Knee Control Parts
Motor Mounting Parts
Frame and Base Parts
Cabinet Parts
Gas Machine Parts
Repair Parts

If you're Looking for the Owners Manual and instructions for the Ironrite please see this The Quick and Easy Way to Beautiful Ironing
Published by:
1960 154 87mb $9.99
Introductory Price of $3.99

ends in:
6 days
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1960 General Electric Automatic Washer Brochures
Here are brochures for the 1960 line of General Electric automatic washers.

Models include:
WA-1050T, WA-1055T, WA-850T, WA855T, WA-852T, WA-857T, WA-750T, WA755T, WA-630T, WA635T, WA-600T, WA605T,

Beautiful images and full specifications included for each model.
Automatic Washers
Published by:
General Electric
1960 18 26mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1960 General Electric Combination Washer-Dryer Brochures
Here are brochures for the 1960 line of General Electric Combination Washer/Dryers.

Models include:
WD-860T and WD-660T

Beautiful images and full specifications included for each model.
Combination Washer/Dryers
Published by:
General Electric
1960 6 7mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1960 General Electric Clothes Dryer Brochures
Here are brochures for the 1960 line of General Electric automatic clothes dryers.

Models include:
DA-1020T, DA-820T, DA-720T, DA-610T, DA-617T

Beautiful images and full specifications included for each model.
Clothes Dryers
Published by:
General Electric
1960 14 26mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1969 Blackstone Automatic Washer Service Manual
Here is the complete service manual to early perforated tub Blackstone automatic washers. These appear to be the first models incorporating a perforated tub.

Models include: BA-520, BA-620, BA-720.
Automatic Washers
Published by:
1969 33 17mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1961 to 1963 Philco Duomatic Combination Washer-Dryer Service Manual
Here is the complete service manual to all Duomatic washer-dryers made between 1961 and 1963. Full specifications and control panel views featured for each machine, along with complete servicing and troubleshooting details.

Models include:
CE716 1961 Top of the line top/rear control panel model.
CE714 1961 Middle of the line top/rear control panel model.
CE712 1961 Bottom of the line top/rear control panel model.
CE710 1961 Front mounted control panel/free-standing model.
CE710U 1961 Front mounted control panel/under-counter model.
CE736 1963 Top of the line top/rear control panel model.
CE734 1963 Bottom of the line top/rear control panel model.
CE730 1963 Front mounted control panel/free-standing model.
CE730U 1963 Front mounted control panel/under-counter model.
Combination Washer/Dryers
Published by:
1961 111 69mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1954 Okeefe and Merritt Gas Range Operation Manual and Cookbook
Here is the complete owners manual, use and care guide and cookbook to Okeefe and Merritt gas ranges in the early to mid 1950s.

Sections include:
How to light top burner pilots
Location of Safety Valves ( Natural or Mfg Gas) (LP Gas)
To light or relight oven pilot ( Natural Gas )
To light or relight oven pilot (LP Gas)
To light or relight high broiler (Natural or Mfg Gas and LP Gas)
How to use your top burners
How to use the Harper Center simmer burner
For ranges without Harper Center simmer burners
If top burner does not light
How to use griddle
How to use your oven
Your oven control
Operation of the O'Keefe & Merritt
Automatic Oven Signal Light
How to use your broiler
How to remove the grillevator for deep broiling
Use of the low broiler ( below oven )
Care of the broiler
Care of porcelain finish
Care of chrome plated surfaces
Care of griddle
Care of top burners and griddle burners
Care of the oven
Automatic Burner Control (ABC)
(How to use) ( How to set)
Instructions for installing and removing
HI-VUE glass and flue deflector
To remove HI-VUE glass
To replace HI-VUE glass
To clean reflector mirror
To clean chrome vent deflector
Instructions for removing and replacing
oven glass i n HI-VUE models
For easy cleaning under range
How to use the automatic oven timer
Your automatic oven timer
Buzzer timer
To use the timer for fully automatic operation
After the cooking operation is completed
To use the timer for semi-automatic operation
After the cooking ope ration is completed
Timed convenience outlet
For semi-automatic operation
Your automatic oven timer
Buzzer timer
To use the timer for fully automatic operation
After the cooking operation is completed
To use the timer for semi-automatic operation
After the cooking ope ration is completed
Tim ed convenience outlet
For semi -automatic operation
Electric signal timer
If you have a hand-wound timer
How to use your Temp 'N Time Control
How to level your range
Your oven light bulb
Baking Problems and Solutions
Cake difficulties
Pie difficulties
Cookie and biscuit problems
Bread baking problems
Gas Stoves
Published by:
Okeefe and Merritt
1954 52 20mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1948 General Electric Standard Model Automatic Washer Service Manual
In 1948 GE introduced a second model of their automatic washer, with less features than their Deluxe model. Here is the service manual to this machine, model: AW-6A8.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
General Electric
1948 35 17mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download D&M - Design and Manufacturing Dishwasher Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual to all D&M made dishwashers from the early models through the 1980s.

Published by:
Design and Manufacturing
1978 83 36mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1918 Westinghouse Range Owners Manual
This is the oldest owners manual for any major appliance we have found up to this point. Westinghouse very first range was in 1914, so this is very early in the line. I can only imagine what housewives had to cook on before this range. This is a fascinating look at early range history. Even the writing style is completely different than what you'd see today by far!

Most women would like to cook if it did not require standing
over a hot stove. Planning a meal is not hard and mixing
various ingredients into the promise of delicious dainties or
preparing a roast for the oven is rather fun . But to be held
in the kitchen or even in the house during the long hours of
watchfulness is a different matter. And it is right here that
the Westinghouse electric range steps in and lifts the burden.

When the food has been prepared it may be trusted to
this silent servant with perfect confidence. There is no possibility
of instructions being forgotten or misunderstood . At
a given time, (the time decided upon,) the clock will turn on
the current and the meal will begin to cook. Again when just
the correct temperature has been reached in the oven, the thermostat
will turn the current off again and when madam enters
the kitchen after an afternoon of leisure or pleasure the meal
is ready to serve.

She herself is prepared to enjoy the meal equally as well
as any member of the family , because she has not had to think
about it since early morning.

Because the Westinghouse range reduces the labors of cooking
to the minimum, requiring no watching nor constant regulation
of heat, because it produces better food , and because
it is more economical, it will be in the kitchen of every modern .
progressive woman who is anxious to keep her family happy
and in good health. and yet does not wish to become a fixture
in the kitchen with its consequent limitations.

Published by:
1918 38 10mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1967-1968-1969 Sears Kenmore Sales Circulars - Washers and Dryers
In the late 1960's and early 1970's Sears would mail large format (12.5" x 11") advertising circulars. Here is a collection of the Washer and Dryer sections from my collection of these circulars.

Automatic Washers & Dryers
Published by:
1969 18 47mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1970-1971 Sears Kenmore Sales Circulars - Washers and Dryers
In the late 1960's and early 1970's Sears would mail large format (12.5" x 11") advertising circulars. Here is a collection of the Washer and Dryer sections from my collection of these circulars from 1970 and 1971.

Automatic Washers & Dryers
Published by:
1971 22 57mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1967-1971 Sears Kenmore Sales Circulars - Automatic Dishwashers
In the late 1960's and early 1970's Sears would mail large format (12.5" x 11") advertising circulars. Here is a collection of the Dishwasher sections from my collection of these circulars from 1967 to 1971.

Published by:
1971 16 42 $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1967-1971 Sears Kenmore Sales Circulars - Vacuum Cleaners and Floor Care
In the late 1960's and early 1970's Sears would mail large format (12.5" x 11") advertising circulars. Here is a collection of the Vacuum Cleaners, Shop-Vacs and Floor Polisher sections from my collection of these circulars from 1967 to 1971.

Vacuum Cleaners
Published by:
1971 24 66mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1950 Westinghouse Streamliner Laundromat Automatic Washer Owners Manual
Here is the owners manual to Westinghouse's very first budget automatic washer known as the Streamliner. This basic design was then re-worked as a coin-op model to became a staple in American coin-operated laundries for the next 15 years.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1950 44 26mb $5.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1950 Westinghouse Clothes Dryer Owners Manual
Here is the complete owners manual and use/care guide to the 1950 Westinghouse Clothes Dryer model D-5.

Clothes Dryers
Published by:
1950 20 10mb $5.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1959 Frigidaire Refrigerator-Freezer Tech-Talk Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual to all 1959 Frigidaire Refrigerators. This is the year Frigidaire introduced fully frost-free models.

Models included:
SA-9-59, SS-9-59, S-9-59, D-11-59, D-13-59, FD-1 04-59, FI-123-59, FI-122-59, CP-144-59, FP-124-59 and FP-142-59.


Now with the advent of the wonderful new Frigidaire Frost-Proof Refrigerator-Freezer, a woman's life becomes easier than ever. For the first time she will have no frost to contend with. We hope you all have inspected a Frost-Proof that has been operating during the hot summer months and have seen how free of frost the packages and ice cube trays remain. You have only to see other refrigerators that depend upon push buttons for defrosting- to appreciate how much the absence of any frost means to the homemaker.

In the Frost-Proof:

• All of her frozen packages stay clean and free of frost.
• Labels on the frozen food packages are always clear and legible.
• All space is usable- none taken up by the frost.
• Freezer baskets always roll in and out easily-no tugging to release frosted guides.
• Ice cubes remain free of frost whether in ice trays or in the Ice Server.
• Ice Cream stays free of frost on the surface of the un-used portion- yes, even if Junior leaves the lid ajar.
• Counter-tops and tables stay dry and clean of frost marks or puddles of melted ice formerly left from grids or ice trays or frosty packages.

But the advantage the homemaker appreciates most is the freedom from the messy job of defrosting! Remember that some of the women you talk to may never have experienced the messy job of defrosting a true food freezer-refrigerator. But every woman will have at least some experience with some kind of defrosting."

Published by:
1959 72 57mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1967 Frigidaire Tech-Talk Jet-Action Washer Service Manual
Very comprehensive service manual produced for Frigidaire solid-tub Jet-Action automatic washers. This manual covers the 1968 N line, but is valid for most mechanical features of the 1965-1969 Frigidaire washers. Includes full cycle charts and specifications for each model, as well as complete service information. This is a must have manual for anyone with a rollermatic washer or anyone interested in how the machine functions. Models include WAL WA2L WCDAL WCDAPL WCDARL WCDATL WCDL WIAL WCIAL WCIL

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1967 128 76mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1964 Hotpoint Electric Range Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual to all 1965 Hotpoint Freestanding Ranges, Hallmark, Built-In Ovens and Cooktops.

Models include:
Built-in ranges and cooktops:
RF17 RF19 RF28 RFX37 RF38 RF48 RU15 RUX37 RU38 RU47 RU48 RU76

Built-in Ovens:
RJ16 RJ38 RJ66 RJ84 RJBB RL36 RL76

30" Ranges:
RB305 RB315 RB320 RB335 RB345 RB355 RB366 RB375

40" Ranges:
RC420 RC435 RC445 RC455 RC456 RC459 RC479

Major sections include:
Published by:
1964 72 49mb $9.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1960-1961-1962 Westinghouse Ranges Owners Manuals
Here are three years of Westinghouse Electric Range owners manuals packaged into one download.

Sections include how to use, clean and care for your Westinghouse Range from the early 1960's.

Models include:
1960: KAA40, KCA40, KDA40, KEA40, KFA40, KBA30 KAA30, KCA30 KDA30 KEA30 KFA30

1961: KAB40, KBB40, KCB40, KDB40, KEB40, KFB40, KAB30, KBB30, KCB30, KDB30, KEB30, KFB30

1962: KAC40, KBC40, KCC40, KDC40, KEC40, KFC40, KAC30, KCC30, KDC30, KEC30, KFC30

"No matter how much you've enjoyed cooking in the past, there's even
greater pleasure awaiting you now that you have a new Westinghouse
'Speed Electric Range. It's easier to use and gives you better results than
any range you ever used. And it's easy to clean, too.

No longer need you stand at your range and stir foods as they cook. Nor
will you ever need to worry about baking-you'll get perfect results every
time in your Westinghouse Oven.

There's new accuracy in surface cooking, too. There are marked heats
on the control of each surface unit. But you can "fine-tune" any heat you
want between those settings, so that your favorite dishes come out exactly
as you want them.

This book tells you how to use your Westinghouse Range to get perfect
results. So, please read these instructions carefully, and follow them

Published by:
1962 132 84mb $9.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1952 Westinghouse Electric Range Owners Manuals
Here are the owners manuals to the 1952 line of Westinghouse Electric Ranges and Ovens. This manual shows Lucy Ricardo's first Westinghouse Commander Range from the TV Show I Love Lucy. Manuals include main owners manual along with the special manual dedicated to the deep-well cooker burner.

Models include:
Commander AC-774, AC-74, BC-74
Champion DC-74
Commodore ECA-74
Challenger EC-74

Now cooking will really be fun at your house!
Your new Westinghouse Speed-Electric Range will make cooking
so much pleasanter and easier. Foods will taste better, look better and
be better for you... and you'll have a cleaner, cooler kitchen, too.

Your new range has timesavers, moneysavers and flavorsavers.
Read the "How to Use" section for your particular model and learn
to use each feature for all it's worth!

Of course, you can still use all your favorite recipes . . . with greater
convenience and sureness than ever before. There are lots of new
things you can do, however, with accurately controlled electric heat.
Don't overlook the important cooking tips in the Recipe Section...
they are given special emphasis in the Index on page 80.

Published by:
1952 112 122mb $9.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Appliance Manufacturer Magazine - February 1960
Appliance Manufacturer is a fun magazine to read for any collector or enthusiast of vintage appliances, electronics and other vintage home products. This highly entertaining magazine covered the design and manufacturing areas of Major Appliances, Small Appliances, Small Electrics, Radios, Televisions and other electric home products from the mid-20th century.

Of particular interest:

Very cool article on Maytag's new all-pushbutton Automatic Washer.

How Westinghouse's Roast Guard feature works on their electric ranges.

New packaging design for GE Appliances.
Trade Publications
Published by:
Appliance Manufacturer
1960 98 40mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download The Very First Post-War Westinghouse Laundromat Owners Manual
Here is an amazing find, the owners manual to the very first post-war Westinghouse Laundromat model C-3 from 1947!

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1947 40 19mb $5.99

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