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You will never fight frost again with your new Frigidaire Frost-Proof REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER

Published by Frigidaire in 1959-- Full owners manual/care and use guide for Frigidaire 1959 refrigerator/freezers models FP-142-59 and FP-124-59.

Number of Pages: 24
File Size: 13mb
Download Fee: $12.99

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You will never fight frost again with your new Frigidaire Frost-Proof REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER
Published in 1959

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Page 1:

1959 Frigidaire Refrigerator-Freezer Owners Manual

Page 2:

From this moment on...

you'll never fight frost or defrost again! For you now own the most completely automatic, completely frost-proof foodkeeper ever conceived - even by Frigidaire. This wonderful new servant has solved practically all your foodkeeping chores. You 11 hardly do more than put food in and take it out.

And you'll never - no never - defrost again because there just isn't any frost to defrost! Now, for the first time no frost in the refrigerator and no frost in the freezer. No more chipping or scraping at a stubborn ice crust - no defrosting mess to mop up. And no more wrestling with ice-locked frozen food packages - lift out any package with ease. Everything - freezer walls, frozen foods, even ice trays, stay clean and dry!

Read this little booklet now - please do. It will tell you all about your new Frigidaire Frost-Proof Foodkeeper that's really a freezer and refrigerator all in one!
Page 3:

Getting Acquainted with your new Frigidaire Frost-Proof Foodkeeper........... 2-3
Model FP-142-59 ................. 2
Model FP-124-59 ................. 3
Before you start .......... ..... 4
Cleaning comes first............. 4
The Cold-Control ................ 4
To start refrigerator............ 4
To turn refrigerator off ........ 4
Fresh Food Storage .............. 5-7
The Refrigerator................. 5
Roll-to-You Shelves........... 5
Stationary Shelf ............. 5
Handy Half-Shelf.............. 5
Counter-High Food Bar......... 5
Door Storage..................... 6
Lift-off Door Shelves......... 6
Storage Compartments.......... 6
Picture Window Hydrator. .. 6
Storage Tips .................... 7
Meats, Poultry, Fish.......... 7
Leftovers .......................... 7
Fruits, Vegetables.................. 7
Dairy Products .............. 7
Tall Bottles........................ 7
Frozen Food Storage ................ 8-17
The Food Freezer................. 8-11
Roll-to-You Baskets................. 8-9
Freezer Door........................ 8-9
Flip-Quick Ice-Ejector.......10-11
Food Freezing Tips...............12-17
Meats............................... 13
Poultry............................. 14
Cooked Meats, Leftovers...... 15
Baked Goods......................... 15
Fruits.............................. 16
Vegetables .................. 17
Cleaning and Care...................18-19
Special Information ..................... 20
Before you call the Serviceman ....... 20
Frigidaire Warranty and Protection Plan Inside Back Cover


won't you please make sure your old refrigerator or ice box doesn't become a hazard for curious youngsters? If you're not using it as a foodkeeper, please remove the latches or doors. The few moments you spend may save a life!
Page 4:


Frigidaire Model FP-142-59 features include:

Page Page
the Flowing Cold Refrigerator In the Frost-Proof Freezer
3 Roll-to-You Shelves .. 5 Frost-Proof Cold 8
Full-Width Stationary Shelf .. 5 2 Roll-to-You Freezer Baskets 9
Handy Half-Shelf .. 5 4 Ice-Ejector Trays 10
Counter-High Food Bar .. 5
the Pantry Door In the Press-Toe Freezer Door
Butter Conditioner .. 6 Built-in Door Racks 9
Utility and Cheese Storage .. 6 Deep Door Shelf with Lift-up Bar.. 9
2 Lift-off Door Shelves .. 6 Flip-Quick Ice-Ejector
Giant Picture Window Hydrator .. .. 6 with Instant Ice Server 10

Page 5:


Frigidaire Model FP-124-59 features include:

In the Flowing Cold Refrigerator
2 RolI-to-You Shelves................. 5
Full-Width Stationary Shelf .......... 5
Handy Half-Shelf ..................... 5
Sliding Meat Tender .................. 5
Twin Glide-Out Hydrators ............. 5
In the Full-Length Storage Door
Butter and Cheese Storage ...........
2 Lift-out Egg Servers .............
4 Lift-off Door Shelves ..............

In the Frost-Proof Freezer
Stay-Down Freezer Door ...............
Huge Roll-to-You Freezer Basket ....
3 Ice-Ejector Trays...................10
Flip-Quick Ice-Ejector with Instant Ice Server .. 11

Page 6:

cleaning comes first

You may want to give your new

foodkeeper a more thorough cleaning to remove any "in transit" dirt.

To clean:
• Leave the Cold-Control in "OFF" position.
• Wash the interior with a solution of warm water and baking soda - see "Cleaning and Care" Page 18 for detailed instructions.
• Learn to remove and replace each part as you clean -following the directions given in this book.

Then start the refrigerator:
• Plug cord into electric outlet.
• Turn Cold-Control to #1 position.
• Fill ice cube trays and place in freezer.

about the cold control

This one control regulates the temperatures in both the Refrigerator and Freezer sections.

• Under normal use conditions, #1 position provides proper temperature throughout cabinet without resetting. However, you can adjust Cold-Control for -your foodkeeping needs:

Colder- turn to #2 or #3 (coldest position)

Warmer- turn to letter "A" or "B" (warmest position)

To turn refrigerator off-turn Cold-Control to "OFF." To leave for an extended period: disconnect electric cord, remove ice trays and food and leave door ajar for air circulation. To leave for short time: remove perishables, but do not remove opened containers of condiments (catsup, etc.) which might spoil at room temperature. Set Cold-Control to "A" or "B" unless storing frozen food.

If you move - to much higher or lower altitude, call your Frigidaire Dealer to adjust the Cold-Control for proper operation.

Page 7:


roll-to-you shelves

To Remove: Lift front of shelf up slightly and to the left to release hanger from support at top of cabinet. Then lift entire shelf up and out.

To Replace: Fit back of shelf into pegs on back of cabinet. Then raise shelf to replace hanger in its support at top and lower shelf into place on support at right side of cabinet.


To Remove: Lift up front of shelf to release shelf support. Lift shelf up and out.

To Replace: Place right side of shelf on pegs at right side of cabinet. Press left front support into opening in ful 1-width shelf below.

counter-high food bar

Two or more of the full-width shelves in your Frigidaire Foodkeeper are Roll-to-You shelves. They roll out smoothly and quietly; hold the heaviest food loads; can't come out accidentally.

To Remove: Push shelf in all the way, tip up at back, lift up and out.

To Replace: Push roller arms (on both sides) all the way in. Lower back of shelf first, then allow front of shelf to drop into place.


To Remove: Lift up at front, pull forward and out.

To Replace: Fit back edge into pegs on back of cabinet; lower into place.

handy half-shelf


Side-by-side storage for fresh eggs, fresh meats and produce. 2 sliding egg drawers plus glide-out Meat Tender and Hydrator -both finished in acid-resisting Porcelain Enamel.

Note: Model FP-124-59 has Twin Glide-Out Hydrators. Sliding Meat Tender is located under top half shelf. 2 Lift-out Egg Servers are stored on the door.
Page 8:


removable cover

- above Counter-High Food Bar (or above twin Hydrators on FP-124-59)

- lifts out when you want to clean.

To Remove: Slide out all compartments. Lift up front edge of cover pull forward and out.

To Replace: Fit back edge of cover into pegs on back of cabinet. Then lower front edge into place, pushing all front supports firmly down onto pegs below.

full-width door shelves

One is extra-deep for tall bottles, bulky containers. Fronts lift up and off for easy cleaning.

To Replace: Fit shelf front over supports on door and press down.

door storage compartments

- with hinged fronts, provide convenient storage for butter, cheese, snacks, other small packages.

moisture control vents

- at sides, can be adjusted as you wish.

• If humidity is high, leave vents open all the time.
• In other areas, try leaving vents open when fully loaded and close them when contents are low.
• If humidity is low, you may want to leave vents closed all the time.

picture-window hydrator

FP-l 42-59

Stores still more produce right in the door; swings down for quick selection or lifts out for loading or cleaning.

To Remove: Swing Hvdrator down, lift up slightly at both sides and out. To Replace: Insert nylon rollers into grooves on both sides of door, lower into place and swing back up into door.

Note: After using, be sure lid is tightly closed to maintain proper storage conditions.
Page 9:


• Remove bulky store bags and wrappings and refrigerate food as soon as possible.
• No need to pre-cool warm foods; place in suitable containers and store in Refrigerator.

• Pre-packaged cold cuts keep best in original wrappings.
• Wrap fish and smoked meats closely in moisture-vapor-proof material to prevent transfer of odors.
• Store pre-packaged fresh meats in original wrappings if using within 1 or 2 days.

To Store Fresh Meats in

Meat Tender
• Remove outer store wrappings.
• Separate various meats with inner leaf store-wrapping, waxed paper or aluminum foil.

To Store Fresh Meats on

Refrigerator Shelves
• Remove outer store-wrappings; place on plate. Cover cut surface loosely with waxed paper.

Length of Storage

The kind and cut of meat, and most

important, its original condition, all affect storage time.

• Large cuts, such as roasts, can be kept longer than thin steaks or chops. And, both grinding and tenderizing shorten life.
• Plan to use highly perishable items such as fish, liver, and ground meats like hamburger and fresh sausage within 1 or 2 days.
• Bacon, other smoked meats, franks and cold cuts may be stored for a longer period.
• If keeping fresh meats and poultry for more than a few days, wrap in freezer paper and store in Freezer. See Page 13.

• Leftovers may be stored for several days in Refrigerator. For longer storage, freeze in Freezer.
• Always cover leftover dishes.

• Trim and discard undesirable portions of vegetables. Wash in cold water, drain and place in Hydrator.
• As salad greens are used, re-moisten remaining portions and drain before storing again.
• Wash fresh fruit and tomatoes; wipe dry before storing. If more space is needed for vegetables, place fruit on tray in Refrigerator.
• Berries may be stored "as is" in the Refrigerator if purchased in plastic wire baskets. If they come in wooden containers, spread out on a plate for better circulation.


Milk -wipe container carefully and refrigerate at once. Store on top shelf in Refrigerator or on door shelf.

Eggs - do not wash until ready to use to retain flavor; store with large end up in Sliding Egg Drawers in FP-142-59 or on door (FP-124-59).

Butter -store in Butter Compartment on door. Use special heat control (FP-142-59) to keep butter as spreadable as you wish. Serving Dish holds 1/4 lb* stick for table use.

Cheese -natural or process -should be wrapped tightly with foil, Saran or cellophane to retain flavor. Press wrapping closely to eliminate air pockets. Store in Cheese Compartment or in Refrigerator.



Top door shelf has a special opening for inserting neck of extra-tall bottle when storing in shelf below.
Page 10:

The Frost-Proof Freezer

The Freezer Section in your new Frigidaire Foodkeeper is more than just a freezing compartment -it's zero-zone cold and fully frost-proof! Frost never accumulates so you'll never have to defrost or scrape it away. Frozen foods will never have to warm up, even slightly or be moved out of the freezer. They'll stay frozen round the clock -retain flavor and appearance for months.

In Model FP-124-59

The stay-down Freezer Door doubles as a loading shelf

Fully insulated with special Frigidaire foam insulation to keep zero-zone cold inside; warm air out! Pulls down, stays down to serve as a handy loading and sorting shelf. Lets you slide filled ice trays right into the freezer without spilling!

Huge Roll-to-You Freezer Basket

Holds a super-mart selection of delicious frozen foods ready and waiting. Rolls out on smooth nylon rollers at your slightest touch to put everything out front, on display.

To remove and replace: See instructions on opposite page.

Page 11:

Convenience Features in Model FP-142-59


Both baskets roll out smoothly to put all your frozen food on display for quick, easy loading or selection. Both are removable for cleaning.

To Remove: Pull baskets all the way forward, then up and out.

To Replace: Pull roller arms all the way out. Lower back rollers first into openings at top of roller arms, then, guiding basket back, allow front rollers to drop into place.


A convenient foot pedal opens the door at a toe touch when your hands are full.


There's even room next to the Ice-Ejector for a big ^-gallon carton of ice cream or still more family-size packages of frozen food!


Fingertip storage for as many as 13 packages of frozen food behind a lift-up guard rail.

Note: For best results, always store fish, fowl and food with a high sugar content in the freezer itself.


Individual holders for frozen juice or soup cans -cleverly slanted so nothing tumbles out.

Page 12:


the Flip-Quick Ice-Ejector

Both Models

Fastest, easiest ice service yet. Releases cubes trigger-quick, stores them without sticking in party-size Instant Ice Server.


4 in FP-142-59; 3 in FP-124-59. Each tray makes 20 cubes at one freezing.


Fill trays to just below top of end sections of cross grids as shown.


It's on the door in Model FP-142-59

To Remove Cubes

1 Turn frozen tray upside down and slide into Ice-Ejector with tray release toward front.

3 Now select one, two or a dozen cubes, or lift out Server for greater convenience, just like this.

2 Then just raise Ice-Ejector lever; cubes will drop into Server.
Page 13:



The Flip-Quick Ice-Ejector is located in the Roll-to-You Freezer Basket that rolls out to you for instant selection.

Note: See Page 19 for care of trays.

Remember: Always store trays on the bottom of the freezer. Dont leave tray on top of Ice-Ejector!

To Remove Cubes:

1 Turn frozen Ejector tray upside down and place on top of Ice-Ejector with tray release toward front.

2 Then raise lever up, as shown, to release cubes into Server below.

Lift out the Server to take to bar or counter top for even greater convenience.

3 Now roll out basket and cubes are ready for one-at-a-time selection - right from the freezer.
Page 14:


food freezing tips

Because the Food Freezer section in your new Frigidaire Foodkeeper maintains constant zero-zone temperatures, you will find it ideal for storing a family supply of commercially packaged frozen foods. And you can also use your Freezer to freeze foods at home. Just keep these tips in mind:

• Always select foods of good quality - freezing will retain quality but never improve it.
• Speed food to the freezer.
• Cool all cooked foods quickly.
• Top basket may be removed for freezing and storing larger turkeys and roasts (FP-142-59).
• Keep foods frozen until used.

don't store too long!

Many foods, properly packaged, will keep from six months to a year. For maximum use, keep foods coming in and out of the freezer, using first-frozen foods first. While storage times vary according to type of food, here are some suggestions -

Up to 1 Year: Beef, lamb, venison, rabbit, game birds, most fruits and vegetables.

4 to 6 Months: Poultry, veal, pork and lean fish.

6 Weeks to 3 Months: Most cooked foods such as chili, chicken a la king, ground beef, "fatty" fish, smoked ham, commercial frozen foods.

4 to 6 Weeks: Leftovers, ground fresh pork, sausage (seasoned, not smoked), ice cream.

DON'T refreeze foods!

Once it has thawed completely, food should not be refrozen. In an emergency, foods may be refrozen - if food is still firm and ice crystals remain. However, these foods may lose quality and flavor. Use them as soon as possible for they will not keep as long as if fresh frozen. Always relabel packages indicating that they have been refrozen.

Page 15:


how to freeze meats

Careful Wrapping is important! Loosely wrapped packages are not airtight; flavor and appearance are not retained; surface of meat becomes dry and fat may turn rancid. Look at the difference in these two packages!


This roast has lost its moisture- surface is dry; quality and flavor are below standard.


This roast has kept all of its original moisture-quality and flavor are same as day it was frozen!


• Select a good quality freezer wrap of moisture-vapor-proof material especially made for freezing. Ordinary waxed or kraft papers are not recommended.
• Allow plenty of paper so that edges can be folded over several times.
• Place food in center of paper. Bring two horizontal ends together as shown, and fold over and over until tight against surface of meat.
• Fold in so that ends are tightly sealed as shown, then tie with string or seal with tape. If using cellophane, ends may be sealed

with warm iron.

• Depending on wrapping used, a "stockinette" or cheesecloth bag may be used to hold wrapping close to meat.
• When using other types of containers, such as waxed cartons, freezer jars or plastic dishes, follow manufacturer's instructions.

Page 16:


how to freeze poultry

Stuff poultry-at home-just be-fo re roasting-This prevents danger of harmful bacterial contamination, loss of quality, and flat, soggy dressing.

To Prepare Roasters

• Clean thoroughly, ready for oven. Remove excess fat. Cut larger fowl in half, then wrap separately.
• Wrap giblets and neck separately. Tie wings and legs close to body. Cover ends of drumsticks with extra thickness of freezer paper to prevent puncturing of outer wrappings.
• Use pliable plastic bag or freezer wrapping material that can be pressed tightly against the bird. Heat-seal, twist ends or secure with freezer tape.

Note: Since poultry is especially subject to drying out in the freezer (freezer burn), try coating entire surface of fowl with unsalted vegetable shortening.

To Prepare Broilers

• With poultry shears, remove back bone and neck bone.
• Pull out breast bone.
• Cut in half.
• Place double piece of freezer paper between halves. Wrap tightly in freezer paper.

To Prepare Fryers and

Stewing Chickens

• Cut or disjoint poultry.
• Select pieces to be frozen.
• Pack pieces tightly in freezer container or wrap in freezer wrap, making packages as square as possible.


Commercially Frozen Poultry

• Commercially frozen stuffed poultry is available in many areas. Stuffing poultry is not recommended for home freezing, but is acceptable on commercial scale.
• Keep frozen until used-roast without thawing, following instructions on package.


• Do not refreeze poultry after it has been thawed; plan to cook within 24 hours.
• Frozen poultry may be thawed before cooking or cooked from frozen state. Allow extra time if cooked from frozen state.
• Chickens to be fried or broiled are more tender if thawed. Also, seasoned crumbs, batter or flour coatings will adhere better and there is less spattering of fat and more even browning.
• Stewing chickens require very little, if any, extra time when cooked while frozen.

Page 17:


how to freeze cooked meats, poultry


• Remove meat from bones and cut into 1- to P/^-inch pieces.
• Cool and package immediately in glass freezer jars or moisture-vapor-proof packages.
• Add gravy or broth to cover -if desired.


• Remove most fat, slice meat, arrange in layers separated by double thickness of cellophane; wrap well or place in freezer container, cover with gravy or broth.
• Poultry may be frozen after first serving, by wrapping "as is;" or remove meat and pack in freezer containers. Cover with broth or gravy if desired. Pack dressing separately.


Cool quickly and place in glass freezing jars or cartons.


• Some convenience foods that freeze well for short time storage include soups, stews, spaghetti sauce, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken.

For Freezing

• Do not overcook.
• Cool quickly the portions to be frozen by setting pan in ice water. Package in freezer containers and freeze immediately.

how to freeze baked goods, pastries


We suggest freezing pies before baking because of slightly higher quality retention, and because it takes about as long to thaw a frozen baked pie as to bake one. Use metal, glass, foil or metal rimmed paper pie plates. Wrap closely in approved freezer paper to exclude air.


• Butter, chocolate, spice, fruit and angel cakes can be baked before freezing. Icing before freezing is optional.
• Place on flat plate or cardboard, wrap closely with approved freezer paper to exclude air, then freeze.
• To serve, let thaw at room temperature without removing wrapper to prevent beads of moisture collecting on frozen cake.


Unbaked: Shape dough into rolls, wrap well and freeze. To bake, slice without thawing and bake.

Baked: Cool thoroughly, stack in freezer cartons, seal and freeze. To serve, let thaw in cartons at room temperature.


Bake, cool on racks. Wrap securely in freezer paper.

Page 18:


how to freeze fruit

• Sort for uniform ripeness and quality.
• Wash in cold or iced water, drain in colander or on tray lined with paper toweling. Can be placed in refrigerator if space permits.
• Pack, in cartons, cutting or slicing larger fruits.
• Press air from package before sealing according to manufacturer's directions, then speed to the freezer.
• To avoid discoloration of fruits such as peaches, add % teaspoon of ascorbic acid to 1 quart of chilled sirup just before using.

Remember, prepare only a limited

quantity at one time to speed freezing.

To Pack Dry: Add no sugar or sirup.

To Pack with Sugar: Alternate fruit and sugar. Usually % cup to a pint or pound package.

To Pack with Sirup: Add sirup to cover fruit, allowing space for expansion during freezing. Choose sirup according to sweetness desired- see recipe at right.

SUGAR SIRUPS 30% -2 cups sugar, 4 cups water 40% -3 cups sugar, 4 cups water

• Dissolve sugar in boiling water and cool thoroughly before adding to fruit. Sirup can be made a day or so in advance and stored in the Refrigerator for convenient use.

To Serve: Place unopened cartons in Refrigerator Section for thawing, serve while a few ice crystals remain.


Berries Stem, wash, drain. Leave small berries whole and slice or cut larger ones in half. With sugar or sirup or dry for use in cooking.
Cranberries Sort, wash and drain Dry
Cherries, sweet, sour Wash, chill, pit With dry sugar
Citrus Fruits Chill, wash, peel and section fruit With or without sugar
Peaches Work quickly. Wash, peel and slice directly into freezer container holding 1/4-1/2 cup chilled sirup with ascorbic acid Sirup or sugar with ascorbic acid
Pineapple Wash, pare, remove eyes. Cut in 1/2-inch slices, wedges or cubes With or without sugar or sirup
Rhubarb Wash, trim, cut as desired or freeze rhubarb sauce Without sugar or sirup

Page 19:


how to freeze vegetables

• Do not freeze salad vegetables- lettuce, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and radishes- which are served crisp and raw.
• Vegetables to be frozen should be at the peak of maturity, and of highest quality.
• Wash thoroughly, remove unsuitable portions.
• Blanching by using steam or boiling water is essential to retard the natural growing process and retain flavor.
• Have water boiling when vegetable is added for either type of blanching and start timing at once.
• Blanch only 1 lb. at a time, then cool thoroughly, drain, and pack in glass freezer jars, plastic containers, or cartons with liners (press air from package before closing), seal and speed to the freezer.


Vegetable Maturity Desired How Prepared Blanching
Boiling Water Steam
Asparagus tender tips best Cut to 6-inch lengths small 3 mins. large 4 mins. 3 1/2 mins. 4 1/2 mins.
Beans, Lima young, tender Shell small 2 mins. medium 3 mins. large 4 mins.
Beans, Snap tender, crisp Snip ends, cut into %-in. lengths or French style 3 mins.
Beets young, tender Cut off tops, blanch, c.ool, slip skins, slice if desired. small 2 1/2 mins. large cook until tender
Broccoli compact heads Cut into serving size- 1-inch stalks small 4 mins. medium 5 mins.
Brussel Sprouts dark green, compact sprouts Trim and wash carefully 4 mins.
Cauliflower solid heads Trim and cut into flowerets 1-inch thick 3 mins.
Corn on Cob before starchiness develops Husk, remove silk, wash 11/2-13/4 jnch dia. 2 inch dia. larger dia. 7 mins. 9 mins. 11 mins. 8 mins. 10 mins. 12 mins.
Corn, cut before starchiness develops Husk, remove silk and wash, blanch on cob, cool, and cut 4 mins. 5 mins.
Peas young, tender sweet, not starchy Shell, wash I 1/ mins.
Spinach, Kale, Turnip Greens, Beet Greens young, tender Wash thoroughly, cut and discard thick stems, blanch 1/2 lb. at a time 2 mins.
Summer Squash tender, before rind hardens Slice 1/2 inch 3 mins.
Turnips young, tender Wash, peel and slice or dice 2 mins.

Page 20:


the refrigerator


Use a solution of 3 tablespoons of baking soda to 1 quart of warm water to clean interior after removing the shelves and other parts.

• Wash shelves, self guides and other parts with mild sudsy water using a cloth or small brush.
• Rinse with clear water and dry well before replacing.


Lift off door shelves or shelf fronts and Picture Window Hydrator.

• Wash removable parts and door interior with warm water and baking soda solution as above.
• Rinse and dry well before replacing parts.


Wash with warm water and wipe dry. For more thorough cleaning, use Frigidaire Nu-Coat, available from your Frigidaire Dealer.

Moisture collected in the Drip Tray during automatic defrosting is evaporated automatically by the natural heat of the cooling unit (Meter-Miser). It is normal if a small amount of water remains in the tray at all times, with slightly more during periods of humid weather. Tray should be washed after spill-overs and after cleaning refrigerator.

To Remove: Pull bottom front base panel forw ard at top and down. Then slide out Drip Tray as shown above.

the moist-minder

This exclusive Frigidaire feature lets moisture out of the Refrigerator Section but won't let anything in -even air. It allows melted frost and accidental spill-overs to pass through into Drip Tray below.

Remove Moist-Minder from drain opening in bottom of Refrigerator Section.

Remove plastic float and rinse under running hot water as shown.

Reassemble Moist-Minder, inserting plastic float with pointed end down, and replace.

the food freezer

Wipe up spill-overs promptly whenever they occur. Once a year, or whenever you desire, the Freezer should be cleaned in accordance with good housekeeping practice.

• Remove frozen foods, ice trays and baskets.
• Turn Cold-Control to "OFF" position. After freezer has warmed up, wipe with a cloth.
• Wash interior with a warm water and soda solution (3 tablespoons baking soda to 1 quart water), rinse and dry well.
• Replace removable parts and reset Cold-Control to #1 position.

the drip tray
Page 21:


care of ice frays

Wash in WARM sudsy water only. NEVER use HOT water, or abrasive cleaners; these may damage waxed surface, causing cubes to stick or break.

Note: If, after long use, ice cubes begin to stick to the tray, trays and grids should be re-waxed with Frigid-aire Spray-On Wax.

the freezer door

Wash shelves, Ice Server and door with warm water and baking soda solution as at left. Rinse with clear water and wipe dry.


Wash with warm water and wipe dry, or use Frigidaire Nu-Coat for more thorough cleaning.

cleaning the exterior

Wipe with damp, sudsy cloth, rinse and dry well. For stubborn stains, use Frigidaire Surface Renewer on Dulux finished cabinets, or Frigidaire Porcelain Speed Cleaner on Porcelain Enamel finished cabinets - Models PFP-142-59 and PFP-124-59.

Caution: NEVER use gritty soaps or abrasive cleaners on any surface of your Frigidaire Foodkeeper!

Meet the Frigidaire "CLEANUP" PARADE!

Frigidaire Ss« I Surface Renewer

Frigidaire }@\ Nu-Coat

Dulux Surface Renewer - Made especially for swift, easy cleaning of your Refrigerator - it's perfect, too, for polishing and protecting nearly everything in the home, even the car!

Nu-Coat -Easily applied -self polishing, Nu-Coat is the easy, inexpensive way to preserve the door seal on your new foodkeeper. Keeps it as fresh and clean as the inside where your foods are stored!

Spray-On Wax-A special formula developed by Frigidaire. Restores original wax finish on ice tray surfaces - prevents sticking, chipping,

--1 Frigidaire Spray-On Tray Wax





breaking. Won't flake off or affect taste of cubes. Ask for the new thrifty self-spraying can!

Plastic Cleaner-Try this new Plastic Cleaner on any plastic surface - refrigerator molding, radio, TV cabinets. Cleans, polishes, eliminates dust-collecting static.

Porcelain Speed Cleaner -Made for each other . . . your porcelain enamel appliances and this easy-on, wipe-off cleaner! Removes dirt, stains, even red rust marks . . . quickly, safely. Perfect, too, for your range, sink, bathroom tile!
Page 22:


the Meter-Miser


It is sealed in steel and oiled for life. You never have to touch it. For economy's sake -install refrigerator away from extreme cold or heat.

about operation

You'll notice that the Meter-Miser doesn't run all the time. When temperature inside cabinet rises to a certain point, compressor operates to lower temperature, then shuts olT automatically. The efficient refrigeration system is designed to "cycle" less often than some refrigerators. This means Meter-Miser may run longer and also remain off for a longer time. Certain slight sounds are normal -such as slight bubbling sound caused by liquid refrigerant after compressor has shut off; and hum of motor as compressor starts to run. Also, when new refrigerator is first plugged in, a chattering noise may be heard. This is entirely normal and will disappear when freezer cools down and system becomes equalized.

interior lights

To remove lamps at top back of Frost-Proof Models, grasp white shield at sides; lift up and forward. Replace with 40-watt round bulbs. To replace shield, raise over pegs and drop into place. To replace tubular lamps at sides, grasp lamp shield at sides and slide toward front of refrigerator, then pull out at back.

Note: On Model FP-142-59, replace light at top front of freezer with 25-watt tubular bulb.

keeping the refrigerator level

Your refrigerator has 2 adjustable leveling glides (one at each front corner) to assure level installation when the floor is uneven.

If refrigerator should be moved, it can easily be releveled if necessary without calling a serviceman, by simply turning the two leveling glides with an open-end wrench.

safety-seal doors

Seal tight but just can't lock! Double nylon rollers pull door tightly shut for air-tight seal. Can be opened easily from inside by pressing against it anywhere on latch side.

Note: When closing door, push firmly shut to assure tight seal.



1. Check to see if electric cord is plugged in.

2. Check whether a house fuse has blown.

3. Has the Cold-Control accidentally been turned to "OFF"?

4. Has the refrigerator (or freezer door) been kept open more than usual?

5. Is the refrigerator overcrowded with foods, preventing good air circulation?

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Page 24:

For the joy of cooking without slaving...


with the PULL 'N CLEAN

No more oven scrubbin' drudgery . . . look, the whole oven pulls out to wash in a flash! It's more like fun than work to wipe it off . . . see how clean and bright it will stay!

And you get the easiest cleaning everywhere. Surface units are selfcleaning . . . flip up, stay up. Drip bowls slip out for at-the-sink cleaning. Even the knobs pull off to give you a clean sweep across the control panel. And you can even broil without spatter . . . broil time after time without cleaning the oven!

And still more wonderful "withouts" . . . surface-cook without watching on the Heat-Minder; roast meats without watching with the Meat Tender; even cook whole oven meals while you're miles away with the Automatic Cook-Master!

It's so downright practical, you'll hardly believe it. Yet this new Frigidaire is the most feminine Range ever . . . with new lacework styling added to the Sheer Look and a choice of 5 joyous colors on some models. Own a new Frigidaire Range. You owe it to yourself!

Frigidaire reserves the right to change specifications and prices, or discontinue models, without notice.


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Thumbnail Image of Download 1978 GM-Frigidaire Microwave Oven Service Manual
Comprehensive service manual to all Frigidaire Microwave Ovens.

Models Included: RCM-5, RCM-7, RWM-7, RCM-9
Microwave Ovens
Published by:
0 86 110mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1975 Frigidaire Wall Ovens and 30 Inch Electric Ranges Service Manual
Complete service manual to all 1975 Frigidaire home 30" wide electric cooking ranges along with all 1975 Frigidaire Wall Ovens. Complete troubleshooting, service instructions and wiring diagrams included.

Models include:
Wall Ovens: RBG-94, RBG-97, RBE-94, RBE-97
30" Ranges: RB-530, RBG-533, RBE-533, RBEG-539C.
Published by:
1975 80 123mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1976 Frigidaire Touch-N-Cook Range Service Manual
Complete service manual to 1976 Frigidaire Touch-N-Cook Electric Range and Oven, model REG-39CD.

Published by:
1976 40 60mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1977 Frigidaire Built-In Touch-N-Cook Ranges Service Manual
Complete service manual to 1977 Frigidaire Touch-N-Cook Built in cooking appliances.

Models include: REG-539CD, RE-94D, RB139D.
Published by:
1977 68 106mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1973 Frigidaire Ceramic Ceramatop Range Service Manual
Complete service manual to Frigidaire ceramic top range model number RCDE3-37CU. Complete troubleshooting, service instructions and wiring diagrams included.

Published by:
1973 39 62mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1976 Frigidaire Built-In Electric Ranges Service Manual
Complete service manual to all 1976 Frigidaire built-in electric ranges and wall ovens. Complete troubleshooting, service instructions and wiring diagrams included.

Models include:
R-530, RG-533, RE-537, REG-539C, RB-131, RB-133, RB-137C, RG-94, RE-94, RG-97, RE-97
Published by:
1976 95 130mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1979 Frigidaire 30 Inch Electric Ranges Service Manual
Complete service manual to all 1979 Frigidaire home 30" wide electric cooking ranges. Complete troubleshooting, service instructions and wiring diagrams included.

Models include:
RE-636VG, REG-638VG, REG-639CVG, REM-638VG, REM639CVG
Published by:
1979 86 113mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1968 Frigidaire Free-Standing Electric Range Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual to all 1968 Frigidaire 30" and 40" free standing electric ranges.

Models include:
30" Ranges: RSA-30N, RS-30N, RS-35N, RD-35N, RDG-38N, RCDG-39N, RE-30N, RSAE-30N, RSE-36N, RDE-38N, RCDE-39N, RCIE-39N, RXE-39N

40" Ranges: RS-10N, RD-20N, RDDG-20N, RCDG-71N, RSE-15N, RDE-20N, RCIE-75N

24" Ranges: RAN-4, RAH-4
Published by:
1968 74 106mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1968 Frigidaire Refrigerator-Freezer N Line Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual for all 1968 Frigidaire home refrigerator-freezer models.

Models include:
D-100N, D-116N, FD123TN, FD-141TN, FCDM-148N, FPD-121TN, FPD-146TN, FPD-146TAN, FPD-166TN, FPD-166TAN, FPD-144BN
Published by:
1968 95 71mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Frigidaire Basic Refrigeration Home Study Course
Here is a great primer to learning how to service 20th century refrigerator-freezers. It is a home study course from Frigidaire although this is valid for most brands of refrigerators.

Topics include:
Basic Food Preservation,
Fundamentals of Refrigeration,
Systems and Components
Published by:
1978 64 71mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1953-1958 Frigidaire Refrigerator Parts Catalog
Here is a complete catalog with illustrations of parts, part names and part numbers for all Frigidaire Home Refrigerator-Freezers.

Models Include...
1953 Models:
AS-44, AS-44F, AS-61, AS-83, AS-76, SS-77, DS-90, OS-106, IS-106, IS-106P, IS-108, IS-108P, MS-86, MS-90, SS-72, SS-74, SS-86, SS-86P, SS-97, SS-114

1954 Models:
AT-44, AT-61, CT-70, CT-701, CT-702,CTD-84, CTD-84P, CTD-841, CTD-841P, CTD-842, CTD-842P, CTD-103, CTD-1031, CTD-1032, CTD-103S, CTI-103, CTI-103P, CTI-1031, CTI-1031P, CTI-1032, CTI-1032P, CTI-130, CTI-130P, CTI-1301, CTI-1301P, CTI-1302, CTI-1302P, CTI-150, CTI-150P, CTI-1501, CTI-1501P, CTI-1502, CTI-1502P, ST-76, ST-761, ST-762, STD-76, STD-761, STD-762, STD-91, STD-91P, STD-911, STD-911P, STD-912, STD-912P, STD-110, STD-1101, STD-1102

1955 Models:
AY-44, AY-61, CDV-84, CDV-103, CDV-103P, CDV-1031, CDV-1031P, CDV-1032, CDV-1032P, CDV-103S, CDV-112S, CIV-84, CIV-84P, CIV-841, CIV-842, CIV-841P, CIV-842P, CIV-1121P, CIY-1122P, CIV-112, CIV-112P, CIV-1121, CIV-1122, CIV-115, CIV-115P, CIV-1151, CIV-1152, CIV-1151P, CIV-1152P, CIV-1501P, CIV-1502P, CIV-143, CIV-143P, CIV-1431, CIV-1431P, CIV-1432, CIV-1432P, CIV-150, CIV-150P, CIV-1501, CIV-1502, SV-76, SDV-76, SV-76S, SDV-91, SDV-91P, SDV-911, SDV-912, SDV-110, SDV-91S, SDV-911P, SDV-912P, SDV-91PS

1956 Models:
A-44-56, A-61-56, CP-120-56, PCP-120-56, CP-143-56, PCP-143-56, FD-95-56, PFD-120-56, FD-120-56F0-95-56, FD-120-56, FDS-120-56, FDS-121-56, FI-121, PFI-121-56, FIW-150, S-80-56, S-80-56, SA-80-56, SS-80-56, SS-80-56, SAW-81, SSW-81, SA-80-56, SS-80-56, SAW-81, SSW-81, S-101-56, PS-101-56, S-121-56, SS-101-56

1957 & 1958 Models:
CP-123-57, CP-141-57, CP-125-58, CP-144-58, CP-123-57, CP-141-57, CP-125-58, CP-144-58, PGP-141-57, PCP-144-58, D-11S-58, FD-101-57, FD-102-57, FD-120-57, FD-120-57, PFD-120, FD-122-58, FD-122-58, FI-120-57, FI-123-58, FI-120-57, FI-123-58, PFI-120-57, PFI-123-58, FI-121-57, FI-122-58, FI-121-57, FI-122-58, PFI-122-58, FP-142-58, FP-142-58, FS-101-57, FD-104-58, FD-104-58, PFS-101-57, PFD-104-58, S-80-57, SA-81-57, S-8-58, SA-8-58, S-80-57, SA-81-57, SS-81-57, S-8-58, SA-8-58, SS-8-58, SS-81-57, SS-8-58, S-104-57, S-124-57, D-11-58, D-13-58, S-104-57, S-124-57, D-11-58, D-13-58, PD-11-58

Having the manufacturers part number for the part you need is essential for doing internet/eBay searches to locate these rare, no longer available parts. In many circumstances they can be found once you know the part number. This guide is essential for anyone who has any vintage Frigidaire appliance.
Published by:
1958 634 145mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1965 Frigidaire Refrigerator-Freezer J Line Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual for all 1965 Frigidaire home refrigerator-freezer models. Also included is the supplement for servicing their brand new automatic ice maker.

Models include:
S-10J, D-10J, D-12J, D-14J, FD-12TJ, FDA-13TJ, FD-13TJ, FD-14BJ, FCDM-14J, FPD-12TJ, FPDA-14TJ, FPD-14TJ, FPDA-14BJ, FPD-14BJ, FPD-16BJ, FPD-19BJ, FPI-12TJ, FPI-14TJ, FPI-14BJ, FPI-16BJ, FPI-19BJ, FPI-16BAJ.
Published by:
1965 120 103mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1966 Frigidaire Refrigerator-Freezer K Line Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual for all 1966 Frigidaire home refrigerator-freezer models.

Models include:
S-10K,D-10K, D-12K, D-14L, FDA-12TK, FDA-13TK, FD-13TK, FDA-14BK, FCDM-14K, FPDA-14-12TK, FPDA-14TK
Published by:
1965 96 72mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1955 ABC-O-Matic Automatic Washer Service Manual
Full and comprehensive service manual to the 1955 line of ABC-O-Matic automatic and semi-automatic washers. Service bulletins also included at the end of the document.

Models include: 61, 71, 81 and 91.
Automatic Washers
Published by:
1955 56 77mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1965-1966 Frigidaire Coin-Operated Washers Service Manual
Here are the service manuals to the first Super-Duty transmission commercial/coin-op automatic washers from Frigidaire. These are the 1010rpm spin/18 minute cycle washers.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1965 132 171mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1964 Montgomery Ward Portable Dishwasher Owners Manual
Here are the complete use/care and operating instructions to Montgomery Ward's Signature portable dishwasher model FFT-977 and FFT-937.

Published by:
Montgomery Ward
1964 12 22mb $11.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1953-1960 Westinghouse Service Beacons
Here is a random sampling of Westinghouse Service Beacons from '53-'60. These are service bulletins that were released every few months on Westinghouse appliances. They include tips on servicing, new procedures and product changes.

Automatic Washers & Dryers
Published by:
1960 230 222mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1961-1962 Westinghouse Service Beacons
Here is a random sampling of Westinghouse Service Beacons from '61 thru '62 These are service bulletins that were released every few months on Westinghouse appliances. They include tips on servicing, new procedures and product changes.

Automatic Washers & Dryers
Published by:
1962 268 176mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1963-1965 Westinghouse Service Beacons
Here is a random sampling of Westinghouse Service Beacons from '63 thru '65 These are service bulletins that were released every few months on Westinghouse appliances. They include tips on servicing, new procedures and product changes.

Automatic Washers & Dryers
Published by:
1965 274 218mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1972 Kenmore Washer Owners Manual
Here is the owners manual, wash guide, parts list and installation instructions packed with every 600 series Kenmore automatic washer from 1972. Models include: 110.7204610, 110.7204660, 110.7205610, 110.7205660.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1972 48 56mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1954 Kenmore Washer Owners Manual
Here is the complete use and care guide to the 1954 Kenmore Automatic Washer.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1954 20 26mb $11.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1959 Kenmore Automatic Washer Owners Manual
Here is the complete owners manual and operating instructions to the middle of the line Kenmore Alphabet Automatic Washer from 1959.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1959 20 28mb $11.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Electrolux XII Vacuum Cleaner Owners Manual
Here is the complete owners manual and use/care guide to Electrolux Vacuum model XII.

Vacuum Cleaners
Published by:
Electrolux Vacuum (now Aerus)
1933 36 43mb $11.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1967 Easy Automatic Washer Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual to Easy automatic washers from 1967. Models include: WA-355, WA-344, WA-323, WA-322, WA-3226, WA-321.

Sections include: Specifications, Features, Installation, Servicing and Troubleshooting.
Automatic Washers
Published by:
1967 60 72mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Construction and Operation of the Bendix Home Laundry
Here is an early service manual for Bendix bolt-down front-loading automatic washers. It covers the pre-war models. Parts catalog at the end also covers post war models up to the early 1950's.

Sections include:
Construction and Operation
The Business of Service
Washing Practice
Parts Catalog

Models: S-101, B-201, S-110, B-210, B-215, B-211, B-212
Automatic Washers
Published by:
1941 181 182mb $14.99

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