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Sears 75th Anniversary Sale Catalog

Published by Sears in 1960-- Complete home section from the fall of 1960. The outstanding low prices in this book are in effect until October 10, 1960... Buy Now!

Catalog includes: Disposers, sinks, kitchen cabinets, water heaters, furnaces, thermostats, gas stoves, electric ranges, freezers, refrigerators, wringer washers, automatic washers and dryers, combination washer/dryers, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, television sets, rugs, dishes, draperies and more!

Number of Pages: 36
File Size: 23mb
Download Fee: $8.99

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Sears 75th Anniversary Sale Catalog
Published in 1960

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Page 1:


The outstanding low prices in this book are in effect until October 10, 1960 . . Buy Now!

Every item sold on Easy Terms Handy index on page 49

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Page 2:

down the sink drain goes the garbage . . quick . . easy . . sanitary

Disposer Only cash $4.50 down

Easy to install it yourself

Modernize your sink.. save money, too, when you buy Disposer with any sink on these two pages. Install it yourself and eliminate installation costs-special sink collar and rough-in design make it easy . . usually old sink trap can be used.

No more messy, smelly garbage in your kitchen . . no more outdoor trips in bad weather. Convenient to use because Continuous feed action eliminates saving up batches of garbage. Just drop food wastes into Disposer as you prepare meals .. turn on cold water .. flick the switch. Wastes are pulverized by fast action, non-rusting shredder of stainless steel while cold water flushes them down the drain. No cleaning-up care required because swirling water keeps Disposer clean.

Fits sinks with 3K to 4-inch drain opening and trap outlet

6 inches or more below bottom of sink. Flexible vinyl baffle at sink opening: plastic drain hole cover included. Heavy, die-cast aluminum upper housing, gray enameled. Heavy duty H-HP split-phase motor for 110-120 volt 60 cycle AC. VL approved. Disposer size 7^x11% in. Can be used with septic tanks 500 gals, or more. Complete instructions. For Disposer with sink, see sink listings on these two pages.

The latest in sink design .. one roomy 7%-inch deep basin at left for dishwashing. Removable maple cutting board fits both basins.. makes ideal work surface-as you prepare meals, just push vegetable parings and wastes through hole . . off-center 6%, -inch diameter well "funnels" them into disposer. Right hand 5^-inch deep shallow basin (with board removed) creates handy area for rinsing dishes and food preparation . . holds tableware and utensils while water drains away.

Sink of same fine stainless steel construction as described for self-rim sinks on the facing page . . beautiful, durable, extra easy to install and to keep clean. Available with attractively styled fittings-non-splash mixing faucet of chrome-plated brass, pull-out rinser spray and removable basket strainers of stainless steel. Also available with garbage disposer to give you complete sink convenience.



IMPORTANT NOTE: All single basin sinks require 24J^x20J^-in. cutout in counter top. 36x20-in. requires 36J^x20^-in. cutout; all other double basin sinks require 32J4x20}^-in. cutout. Complete instructions. All sinks have 6-in. centers. Order trap and supply pipes .. plus connecting waste for double basin sinks (32 and 33-in. sinks take 16-in. waste; 36-in. sinks take 21-in. waste). To order, see complete listings in our Big Catalog.

SHIPPING NOTE: All Catalog Nos. ending in "N" (as 65W66891N2) freight (rail or truck) or express. Disposer W65W6417K from M.O. house or -warehouse in Denver, Colorado, whichever is nearer.


Only $4.50 down

New bi-level basins

Page 3:

A lifetime of household service and beauty . . solid stainless steel polished to soft gleam . . sound-deadened, rigid, durable. Resists stains, scratches, heat . . needs little care. Available with nonsplash mixing faucet of chrome-plated brass, rinser spray, basket strainers of stainless steel. Ideal for installing in counter tops-see our Big Catalog for colorful plastic Counter Tops.

See Shipping and Important Note on facing page

Same fine quality steel tops as on our best sinks, with stain, scratch and heat-resisting white porcelain enamel finish. Heavy gauge steel undersink cabinet, white baked-on enamel finish inside and out. Good quality chrome-plated mixing faucet, cabinet handles, removable basket strainer (sink (A) has two strainers). One storage compartment, no shelves. 36 in. high at front, 24 in. deep, 4 in. back-splash (42-inch sink shown with right hand drainboard). Order trap, supply pipes, plus 16-inch connecting waste for twin basins of (A) from our Big Catalog.

Door and drawer fronts pre-sealed by chemical-heat process - for a fine, durable finish apply one coat of lacquer or varnish, no sanding. For added beauty apply a coat of paste wax. Complete, easy-to-follow instructions included.

Basic framing already put together .. easy to complete cabinets yourself. Nails, screws, hardware, glue and complete instructions included.

1-inch thick doors, select birch door fronts. Semi-concealed hinges, magnetic catches, antiqued copper-finished handles. These cabinets will match our 3500 series Birch-front Cabinets in our Big Catalog.

Outfit consists of two wall cabinets, each 30x30x13 % in. deep with 2 adjustable shelves . . plus big 8-ft. cabinet sink (no back panels, but complete with 2 shelf spaces in end sections, 1 shelf space in center). 36 in. high at front, 24in. deep,

4 in. backsplash. 32x20-inch white porcelain enameled steel sink. Chrome-plated brass faucet, spray, two basket strainers, sink rim. Plastic-surfaced top in light Dawn gray pearl design; also Fleck (gold-black flecks in white) and Golden Shower (metallic gold chips on white). State color of top.

Page 4:

Giant Capacity Water Heaters

HOMART "400". 40-gallon size. Heat wa-- ter 10% faster than heater (2) below. Adjust temperature to suit your needs, 90ฐ to 160ฐ F. Tank guaranteed 12 years. 100% safety pilot. Thick Fiberglas insulation. Center flue design. Baked-on enamel jacket with gray trim. Drain valve. Height is measured to top of draft diverter (included). 18%x65 in. Shpg. wt. 194 lbs. Read Note above.

HOMART "400". Gives you plenty of hot water. Adjust from 120ฐ to 180ฐ. Efficient twin heat belts. Built-in heat trap, diffuser save you hot water. Fiberglas insulation keeps heat in. Tank guaranteed 12 years. White baked-on enamel suede (medium gray) base, top.

HOMART "600". Saves you gas. Wraparound flue hugs the tank, covers 38% more heating area than center flue heaters -more heat is absorbed by water.

Replace hot water almost as fast as you use it. Reheats water 10% to 12% faster than other heaters we tested. Thermo-slide adjusts temperature from 90ฐ to 170ฐ. Guaranteed 25% to 50% longer than other gas heaters we sell. 100% safety pilot. Finished in baked-on enamel, white and jonquil yellow, gold-color trim. Height is measured to top of jacket, vent connection in rear below jacket. 40-gal. 20%x 58% in., 50-gal. 22%x6Q% inches. Wts. 213, 256 lbs. State gallon size. Read Note below. W42 W 3350N-Natural gas.

W42 W 3352N-LP (bottled) gas

HOMART "600". Saves you electricity. Twin heat belts cover 4 to 8 times more heating area than immersion elements. Thermo-dial adjusts from 120ฐ to 180ฐ F.

Get 25% to 50% longer guarantee than other electric heaters we sell. High-limit control cuts off current if water gets too hot. Built-in heat trap, diffuser, 2>ฃ-in. thick Fiberglas insulation. White and jonquil yellow baked-on enamel; gray base, gold-color trim. See Note below. W42 W 3627 N-State gal. size, ivattages. 52-gallon. 23x53 in. Standard heat belt sizes: 1500 and 1000 watts. Maximum heat belt sizes: 3000 and 3000 watts. Shpg. wt. 255 lbs. Was $109.95. .$99.95 66-gallon. 23x65 in. Standard heat belt sizes: 2000 and 1250 watts. Maximum heat belt sizes: 3000 and 3000 watts. Shpg. wt. 300 lbs. Was $129.95 ...$114.95 W42 W 3628N-Super-speed heaters. Twin 4500-watt heat belts. State size.

NOTE: Read guarantees in Big Catalog . . be sure to install a relief valve. Tested at 300 lbs. pressure, 127^ lbs. working. %-\n. water connections. Gas models A.G.A. approved, have H-inch gas, 4-inch vent pipe. Electric models UL listed. 220-240-volt, 60-cy. AC.

Each has LIFE-CLAD ceramic-coated heat exchanger guaranteed 15 years (see above). Copperloid and ivory color finish. Adapts to air conditioning . . oversize blower, motor. Adjustable belt drive. Gun-type burner. Air filter. Draft regulator. Anti-rust treated cabinet, fiber-glass insulated. UL listed.

Our Best Space-saver type Oil Furnace. Ideal for most homes without L-1 basements . . can also be used with return-air drop (order separately below) to convert to basement-type furnace. Can be installed on wood floor.

Return-air Drop for above space-saver oil furnace .. converts it to basement type. Fits rear or either side. Copperloid finish. Please be sure to state size.

HOMART "600" Space-saver Gas Furnace with New Day-Night Thermostat

Price cut $19.55 on Our Best Space-saver type Gas Furnace.. you save an additional SI7.45 because you get our new Day-Night round thermostat (described on opposite page) in place of standard round thermostat. Ideal furnace for most homes without basements . . or converts to basement type with return-air drop (order separately below). LIFE-CLAD ceramic-coated heat exchanger (see guarantee above). Adapts to air conditioning .. oversize blower, bigger-capacity motor. Adjustable belt drive. Filter Minder signal teils you when to change air filter. Throwaway-type air filter. 100% safety gas cut-off.

Handsome two-tone copperloid and ivory color baked enamel finish. Gold-color door on anti-rust treated steel cabinet. . encloses controls, burner. Mul-tiple-port burner with stainless-steel ribbons. Plate-type humidifier. Built-in draft diverter. Blower assembly slides out for easy inspection. Summer operation blower switch. A.G.A. approved for "zero" clearance to combustibles at sides and back. For 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.

We will repair or replace without cost to you, within 1 year of purchase date, any furnace part defective in material or workmanship. If heat exchanger bums out or rusts out during following 14 years, we will replace it, charging you 1/15 of current selling price of replacement heat exchanger for each full year furnace has been in your possession, plus installation charges if installation is desired.

Day-Night Thermostat included with furnace at left. Sleep in cool comfort, wake up in warmth
Page 5:

A twist of the wrist- and you deep in cool comfort, wake up in warmth. Save fuel too.
Gravity model was l94v95

New Day-Night Wall Thermostat

Just turn timer dial to lower setting . . Honeywell thermostat automatically returns to higher setting when you want it. You sleep in cool, refreshing temperature, wake-up in comfortably warm house. Saves fuel when you leave for the day or evening . . you return to warm, inviting home. Outer dial, silver-bronze color finish . . can be repainted to match wall. Range 50ฐ to 82ฐ F. Replaces any make of 2 or 3-wire, low-voltage thermostat for gas or oil-fired furnace or boiler. Complete installation instructions included. (Shpg. wt. 8 oz.).

Price cut $15 on gravity model, $20 on forced-air model . . you save an additional $15 because you get our new Day-Night round thermostat (described above at left) in place of standard round thermostat. Recess heater into wall between studs. Two-tone beige and brown baked enamel finish. Heat exchanger guaranteed 10 years (see guarantee below). 100% safety gas cut-off to pilot and main burner. >ฃ-in. gas connection. A .G A. approved, must be vented, order vent kit below.

Forced-air Counterflow model.. 35,000 BTU. Head-to-toe comfort.. blower draws air in at top, recirculates it, forces heated air out at bottom over floor to reach all corners. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Fits wall opening 69^x14^ in.

10-YEAR GUARANTEE-We will repair or replace without cost to you, within 1 year from purchase date, any heater part defective in material or workmanship. If heat exchanger bums out or rusts out during following 9 years, we will replace it at l/10th current selling price of replacement heat exchanger for each full year heater has been in your possession, plus any installation charges.

SHIPPING NOTE: " N" items (as W42 W 9830N) freight (rail or truck) or express. Numbers beginning with " W" (as W42 W 7500N2) from M.O. house or nearest warehouse.


HOMART Automatic Humidifier

Was fj 45

End excessive dryness of air .. feel warmer at a lower temperature . . save fuel. For forced-air or gravity furnaces with vertical plenum chambers . . slides in like a drawer. Copper pan only 8 in. long . won't rust or corrode. Holds up to 20 evaporator plates. Styrofoam valve float automatically keeps pan full. Can't back-siphon . . inlet opening is always above water line. Includes 5 evaporator plates, plate rack. 5 ft. of copper tubing, float, saddle valve, instructions for installation.

Price cut on boxes of 6 only. Replace dirty air filters now . . restore your furnace efficiency . . save fuel. Made of glass fiber . . special adhesive substance traps dust, dirt, lint, pollen.

W42 W 8125C-Order from table, state size and quantity wanted.
Page 6:

You Save $5.00 Gas Circulator
• 20,000 BTU input heats up to 2 rooms

• Needs no chimney! Just cut an 8-in. diameter hole through any outside wall. Connect to shielded vent and gas line

• Extra-safe design. Heater draws in only outside air for combustion. All fumes are vented outside

• Built-in thermostat keeps heat at desired level. Safety pilot shuts off gas if flame goes out

Here's the modern way to home heating comfort. Keep your living area toasty warm while bedrooms stay cool. Several heaters can heat your entire home; one is perfect for motel units, mobile homes, garage or office. Takes little wall space; fits under most windows.

Approved by American Gas Association for safety and performance-and tested by Sears laboratories. Air circulates around sealed combustion chamber, is warmed and passes out through front and top louvers. Steel cabinet with beige baked-on enamel finish. 28x9x28 inches high; 22^ inches from bottom of cabinet to center of vent opening. All parts are included. Shipping weight 96 lbs.

SHIPPING NOTE: Catalog numbers beginning with *'W" (as W22W2798N) shipped from mail order house in Minneapolis or warehouse in Kansas City and Denver, whichever is closer.

Gives instant heat-5 times as fast as old-fashioned cast iron heaters. Thermostat regulates temperature. Safety pilot provides shut-off in case flame goes out. A.G.A. approved. Draft diverter.

55,000 BTU heats 4 rooms. 30x19x33 in. high; 24 in. to top of flue. 75,000 BTU heats 5 rooms. 35x19x33 in. high; 24 in. to top of flue. Take %-in. connector; 4-in. flue pipe.

For natural or mixed gas.

W22W2874N2-55,000 BTU. Wt. 135lbs..$99.90 W22 W2878N2-75,000 BTU. Wt. 148 lbs.. 109.90

For LP (bottled) gas.

W22W2875N2-55,000 BTU. Wt. 135 lbs. 99.90 W22W2879N2-75,000 BTU. Wt. 148 lbs. 109.90

• Multiple heat exchanger gets more heat from every cubic foot of gas. Cuts fuel costs-prevents "up the chimney" waste

• Louvered top for quick circulation. Removes for easy cleaning

• Electric blower forces heat to circulate throughout the rooms

• Smart, modern steel cabinets in two-tone mist gray and gold-color baked-on enamel finish

• Warp-resistant cast-iron burner 56 SEARS KMN
Page 7:

Oil Circulator with Electric Ignition

• 63,550 BTU Input-heats up to 5 average-size rooms

• Vaporizing burner provides maximum heat output, using less fuel

• Heat economizer puts more heat in your rooms, less up the chimney

• Silently ignites when needed. Built-in electric ignition eliminates manual lighting . . provides protection against flooding

• Automatic fuel control regulates flow of pil. Permits installation to outside tank. Automatic draft control for better combustion

Smart-looking two-tone walnut and beige color baked-on enamel finish. Gold-color trim and grille. Steel construction is welded and bolted for long life. Expanded metal grille. Convenient front thermostat lets you dial the heat you want. Just set and forget it-temperature is maintained automatically.

2-quart porcelain-enameled humidifier puts moisture into dry air-gives summertime comfort all year long. Built-in leg levelers.

Uses 1.9 quarts of oil per hour at high flame. Even if operated manually will burn 20 hours on one tankful. 28x393^x207/^ inches deep (without tank). Uses 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. UL listed. Takes 6-inch flue. Wt. 118 lbs.

Save $13 on Kenmore Oil Circulator., heats up to 6 rooms

• 102,000 BTU input . . heats 6 rooms

• Vaporizing burner gives greater burning efficiency. Burns clean at high or low flame . . saves fuel

• Heat economizer keeps heat from escaping up chimney

• Expanded metal front, top louvers allow heat to circulate freely

• Automatic fuel control lets you connect heater to outside tank

• Automatic regulator opens and closes to compensate for draft changes

Walnut-color baked-on enamel finish-easy to clean, won't scorch. Gold-color expanded metal front and trim add to smart appearance. Steel cabinet welded and bolted for extra strength and durability. 2-quart porcelain-enameled humidifier puts moisture into the heated air. Leg levelers adjust to uneven floors. Toe-recessed base. Large front door makes it easy to light burner.

Uses pints of oil per hour at low, up to 3 quarts per hour at high. Over-all 32x 38^x22 in. deep (without tank). 26% in. high to center of flue. UL listed. Takes 6-inch pipe. Shpg. wt. 135 lbs.

Page 8:

• Priced low in our Spring Sale-now cut $10-and you still get all the conveniences of automatic cooking

• Cook dinner while you shop. Clock turns oven ON and OFF at pre-set times. Controls appliances, too

• And cleaning is a breeze! Oven door lifts off so you can clean way back into the corners, without stretching

Giant, 24-inch oven has Visi-Bake door. Lets you see what's cooking without opening the door. Oven lights up to get a closer look. Preheats fast-to 400ฐ in 4 minutes. Light indicates when oven is ready to bake.

7 heat push-button controls for top units. Fluorescent lamp, 60-minute food timer. Self-closing storage drawer. No-drip cooktop. Smooth por-celain-enameled finish. Easv-to-dean roaster-broiler pan. UL listed.

Specifications: Three 1250-watt, one 2100-watt top units. 4500-watt broil unit. 30x25x36 inches high to cooktop; 46 inches high over-all. Oven: 24x18x18 inches. Shipping weight 208 pounds.

W22 W 91899N-From warehouse or mail order house..................$169.95

• Watch your baking through Visi-Bake oven door

• Grill hamburgers, bacon, pancakes to sizzling perfection on even-heating aluminum griddle. Porcelain-enameled workspace cover

• No matches needed. Oven, broiler, top units light automatically

Big, 25-inch oven has convenient peek switch . . lights up the oven so you can see what's cooking. Black porcelain-enameled interior. 3 K-hour buzz timer on the electric clock. Incandescent cooktop lamp, appliance outlet for coffeemaker or mixer. Smooth, white porcelain-enameled finish.

Specifications: 12,000 BTU griddle burner. Rear burners, 9,000 BTU; front burners, 12,000 BTU. 30x25^x36 in. high to cooktop; 47 in. high over-all. Oven: 25x19x14)^ in. high. Shpg. wt. 188 lbs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All matchless gas ranges approved by American Gas Association for any type gas: natural, mixed, manufactured or LP (bottled). All take 3-in. connectors. Electric aids use 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.

Electric range uses 120-240-volt, 60-cycle AC. Consult your local utility for wiring requirements. You can have any Kenmore range delivered and installed for a nominal charge. Ask at your Catalog Sales Office.

JUST $5 DOWN buys either range on Sears Special Easy Terms

Page 9:

Keeps more than 1 ton of food right at your fingertips. Enjoy out-of-season favorites anytime . . they'll always taste "market fresh." Our famous 5-year food protection plan insures food against loss up to $200 (per certificate).

No piles of packages to dig through here . . everything's neatly arranged in two big storage baskets. Counterbalanced lid lifts easily. Adjustable cold control, interior light, power interruption light and built-in lock with 2 keys.

Porcelain-lined interior resists rust, chips and scratches, stays so much nicer looking than a painted one. White enamel exterior. 59^x31x37% in* high. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. UL listed. Wt. 445 lbs. W47 W 1517N-(K. C. customers only).$219.95 F47 W 1517N-(Mpls. customers only). 219.95

Giant 30-cu. ft. Freezer . . now slashed to this spectacular low price

Designed especially for large families who want to buy in money-saving quantities. Ideal, too, for restaurants, grocery and butcher stores and those who freeze their own produce. There's enough room inside for 1050 pounds of food, yet this freezer takes only 11 square feet of floor space (less than a 13-cu. ft. chest model).

Adjustable, removable loading shelf, "all's well" light, interior light, adjustable cold control, lock and keys. 5-year food spoilage warranty (per certificate) up to $200. Rustproof aluminum interior. White enamel exterior. 48 3^x33x66H in. high. Passes through a 28-in. door with front panel and freezer door removed. Needs no special wiring . . for 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. UL listed.

Page 10:


No frost to defrost-ever- because frost never forms in refrigerator or freezer

Our finest refrigerator-freezer . . now cut 10%. 100% frost-free-no frost-crusted shelves, no frozen-in packages. Foods stay crisper and fresher . . exclusive Cold-Guard cooling maintains a "curtain of cold" to preserve natural flavors, vitamins.

In the refrigerator you'll find a quick-chill zone for salads and desserts, porcelain meat-keeper, egg basket, revolving crisper and half-shelf, slide-out aluminum shelves and adjustable door shelves.

In the 147-lb. true freezer you'll find a freezer basket, adjustable and removable shelves, plus your choice of Auto-Cube ice server with 3 ejector trays or Automatic Ice Maker (described below).

Coil-free back, flush hinges give that built-in look. Magnetic door closures seal air-tight. White porcelain-enamel interior with light and dark blue enamel trim. Enameled exterior. 65 M inches high, 32 inches wide, 25 3^ inches deep. For 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC only. UL listed. Shpg. wt. 374 lbs.

Without Automatic Ice Maker.

(Illustrated.) Same as Coldspot above, but larger refrigerator section, one more slide-out shelf and one more door shelf. Freezer is identical. 71 in. high, 32 in. wide, 25% in. deep. Shpg. wt. 399 lbs.

Without Automatic Ice Maker.

Automatic Ice Maker

Available on both models listed on this page. Supplies all the ice you need . . without ice trays. 'Keeps up to 100 dry, nonsticking cubes ready at ail times. Automatically replaces those you use. No trays to fill . . just help yourself from the handy container.

Page 11:

All features of $97 model PLUS

• Automatic drain pump . . empties tub completely
• Built-in metal filter . . traps lint, insures a brighter wash
• 20-minute mechanical timer.. rings bell when wash is done

Pink acrylic finish on wringer, skirt and metal lid. Wt. 168 lbs. W26 W 1250 N2-$6 mo. Cash$ 107.00

NOTE: All wringer washers have H-HP motors. UL listed. For 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC only.


Big 10-lb. capacity Kenmore Washer with exclusive Visi-Matic Wringer

• Open-top Visi-Matic wringer guards against bunching, twisting and tangling because, unlike other wringers, it never "hides" your clothes

• Large 2^-inch wringer rolls are so gentle . . adjust automatically to provide even pressure on any fabric thickness

• To release pressure and stop rolls, just push or pull the full-width bar

• Wringer swings in a full circle and locks in 28 positions

Gravity drain (no pump). . water empties through rubber hose into floor drain. Giant 10-lb. capacity handles that big weekly wash, cuts down number of loads. All-porcelain tub protects best against rust. Gleaming white acrylic finish on exterior resists bleach and detergent stains, stays virtually free of chips and scratches. Metal lid. 6-vane agitator. Four 2-inch casters, 2 locking.

• 2 speeds . . "normal" for regular fabrics, "low" for dainty sheers

• Polished chrome Visi-Matic wringer . . never rusts or fades

• 20-minute electric timer . . rings a bell, then shuts off the washer

• Nylon brush filter, Roto-Swirl agitator, deep-soil scrubber.. for the whitest, brightest washes ever

Automatic drain pump. Giant 3-in. rolls extract maximum amount of water. Overload protector guards against motor burnout. Central control panel has two push-pull levers for wash, filter and drain. Wt. 183 lbs. W26 W 6280N2-$7 mo...
Page 12:


Any washer or dryer on these two pages .. only *5.00 down on Special Terms .. see page 49

Kenmore Home Laundry Appliances are on display and ready for demonstration at your local Sears Catalog Sales Office

Kenmore 10-lb. Automatic Dryer with 2 settings . . "Heat" and "Air"


• Dial "Heat" to dry your clothes. Turn to "Air" to fluff pillows, freshen stored fabrics or even dry plastic rainwear

• Jumbo capacity accommodates those big, family-size loads

• Load-a-Door forms shelf to unload, sort and fold clothes

• Drum stops revolving, heat shuts off when door is opened

Discover the difference in your clothes, after they've been dried automatically. Feel how much softer and fluffier they are, how much nicer to wear than clothes you used to hang outside. No sun fading, clothesline soiling or heavy washbaskets, either.

Gleaming white acrylic finish resists rust, chips and scratches, maintains its like-new look for years to come. Lint trap. 29x25*^x36 inches high to worktop. UL listed. H-HP motor. See Installation Note on page 1258 of our Big Fall Catalog.

Page 13:

New Low Prices for Kenmore

Two separate washing actions (not just separate washing times). Normal speed briskly bathes stubborn dirt out of sturdy fabrics. Low speed gently swishes soil from delicate blouses and lingerie. Built-in filter traps lint, fuzz, dulling soap film. Big 10-lb. capacity. Hot, warm, cold water temperatures. 6-vane agitator. Porcelain tub, white acrylic finish on cabinet. UL listed. Shipping Note, page 63.

3-temperature Dryer

High-speed action dries 10 pounds of clothes just as fast as you can wash them . . there's never a drying delay or a wet wash pile-up. Dial any drying time up to an hour. Select hot, medium or warm temperatures. Drying action stops when Load-a-Door is opened. Lint trap. White acrylic finish on exterior. Shipping Note, page 63.

W26 W 61850N-Electric. 5600 watts. UL listed. Wt. 171 lbs. .$112.00 W26 W 61751N-Gas. 37,000 BTU. A.G.A. approved. Automatic electric ignition. State natural or mixed gas. Shpg. wt. 181 lbs.$147.95

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL WASHERS AND DRYERS: All models on these two pages are 29x25^x36 in. high to worktop and have UL listed Y%-HP motors. Washers and gas dryers operate on 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC electric service. Electric dryers operate on an independent 3-wire, 220-240-volt, 60-cycle AC circuit only. For complete installation information, see pages 1254 and 1258 of our Big Fall Catalog.

Tumbles your clothes in billow's of safely controlled air, gives just-right drying to Normal, Delicate or Wash and Wear fabrics. Final 10-minute cooling dries Wash and Wearables wrinkle-free, ready to wear. Sun-fresh lamp plus "Air" perk up clothes to an outdoor freshness. Drying action stops, interior light goes on when Load-a-Door is opened. Top-mount lint trap cleans in seconds. Giant 10-lb. capacity. Porcelain work surface. White acrylic finish cabinet. Shipping Note, page 63. W26 W 9871N-Electric. 5600 watts. UL listed. Shipping weight 196 lbs. .$134.00 W26 W 9772N-Gas. 37,000 BTU. A.G.A. approved. Automatic electric ignition. State natural or mixed gas. Shpg. wt. 216 lbs. Last fall was $224.95.$174.00

Washes delicates, durables and Wash and Wearables . . and gfets them all cleaner than ever before, thanks to Roto-Swirl agitator, deep-soil scrubber and built-in filter. Gently whisks the wrinkles out of miracle fabrics . . gradual cooling makes sure those wrinkles stay out. Select hot, warm or cold wash with warm or cold rinse. You can set water level to suit the load . . from 2 to 10 lbs. If load unbalances, washer shuts off and signals. Spin action stops when lid is lifted. Porcelain top, lid and tub. White acrylic finish cabinet. UL listed. Shipping Note, page 63.

Page 14:

2-speed Washers and High-speed Dryers

• 12 push-button programs . . Woolens to Wash and Wear

• Automatically selects times, temperatures and speeds

• Adds bleach at just the right time . . no risk to fabrics

• Injects rinse conditioner, too, for luxuriously soft washes

No charts to check, no dials to set. . just touch a push-button and the Kenmore 80 sets itself to suit your wash. TWO Wash and Wear cycles get clothes dazzling clean in warm water . . gradual cooling prevents spin-set wrinkles. Special woolens cycle is so kind to washable sweaters and blankets. Choose cold water wash for non-fast colors. Push "Spin only" for pre-soaked diapers.

Water heater running low? Switch on the hot water saver for cooler wash and rinse. You can pre-set the water level for any size load up to 10 pounds. If load unbalances, washer shuts off and signals. Spin action stops when lid is lifted. Roto-Swirl agitator, deep-soil scrubber and built-in filter. Porcelain top, lid and tub. White acrylic finish on cabinet. UL listed. Operates on 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC only. Shipping Note, page 63.

Matching Push-button Dryer

• Automatically selects the safest times and temperatures, then shuts itself off when clothes are just "dry enough"

• Even shuts off when clothes are damp-dry for ironing

• Throw-away bag stores lint . . there's no screen to clean

No chance of overdrying partial loads or underdrying heavy loads . . the Kenmore 80 has automatic dry control so every piece comes out just right. Works wonders with your Wash and Wearables . . chases out all the wrinkles, dries them ready to wear. To sprinkle dried clothes for ironing, simply fill plastic dampener ball, toss it in with the clothes and then touch "Air."

Giant 10-lb. loads dry faster . . lint storage system has no clogged screen to cut down air flow. Air freshener sweetens clothes. Drying stops, light goes on in drum when Load-a-Door is opened. Porcelain worktop, white acrylic cabinet. Shipping Note, page 63.

Page 15:

KENMORE 10-pound Combination Washer-Dryers

Both these models treat your clothes to a new and better way of washing that gets them spotlessly clean-Roto-Spray washing action. Exclusive in the Kenmore, it constantly tumbles clothes through a filtered sudsy spray, as gentle flexing routs out toughest soil. After they've been rinsed, fluffed and dried, take them out and see the difference

3-cycle LADY KENMORE . . has 4 wash, 2 rinse temperatures . . selects proper drying heat for you

KENMORE 50 . . budget-priced model . . has 3 wash temperatures and 3 drying heats

• Washes, rinses, spins and dries . . and it's only 33 inches wide

• Gives choice of hot, medium or warm for both washing and drying

• Dilutes your bleach and dispenses it safely into the wash water

• Automatic water level adjusts itself to the size of the load

• Built-in water heater maintains water at perfect temperature

Actually costs less than many washers alone. Takes little more than half the space of a washer and dryer. Check Wash-Dry guide, set times and temperatures it recommends. Full-time filter means lint-free clothes. Load-a-Door, safety switch. Top-mount lint trap. Porcelain top, drum. White acrylic cabinet. UL listed >3-HP motor. 33x25^x41 % in. high to worktop. Shpg. Note, page 63. W26 W 9050N-Atl-electric. 5600 watts. UL listed. For 220-240-volt, 60-cycle AC with 30-amp. independent circuit. Shipping weight 368 pounds. . . .$288.00 W26 W 9950N-Electric-gas. 37,000 BTU. A.G.A. approved. Auto. elec. ignition. Natural gas only. 110-120-v., 60-c. AC. Wt. 385 lbs. Last spring $349.95. $328.00

• Lets you dial hot, medium, warm or cold wash with warm or cold rinse. Gives custom care to all your clothes, even Wash and Wear

• Adds bleach to wash, conditioner to rinse for safer, softer washes

• Automatically selects laboratory-recommended drying times and temperatures, then shuts itself off when clothes are just "dry enough"

Everything the Kjenmore 50 is, but more automatic. You just dial the washing and drying cycle (Normal, Delicate or Wash and Wear) and set the water temperatures. No time or temperature decisions when it comes to drying .. the Lady Kenmore makes them for you. Wash and Wearables come out wrinkle-free, ready to wear. Interior light, see-through door. Shipping Note, page 63. W26 W9090N-All-electric. 8400 watts. UL listed. For 220-240-volt. 60-cycle AC with 50-60-amp. independent circuit. Shipping weight 368 pounds. .$317.00 W26 W 9990N-Electric-gas. 37,000 BTU. A.G.A. approved. Auto. elec. ignition. Natural gas only. 110- 120-v., 60-c. AC. Wt. 397 lbs. Last spring $379.95. .$357.00

Page 16:

Kenmore Zig-Zag Sewing Machine

• Makes over 300 different decorative stitches

• Quickly switches for straight-stitching, too

There's almost no limit to the number of stitches you can choose-in one or two colors. Even beginners can make beautiful, decorative designs and patterns-plus mending, darning, overcasting, sewing on buttons, making buttonholes, monograms and appliques. 30 discs provide the basic stitches. Many more are possible by (1) Doubling the size of your pattern with the stitch-expander; (2) Setting the 3-position needle to center the design or- swing it to right or left; (3) Using the double needle to make a pattern in one or two colors.

Concealed motor and bobbin winder, adjustable drive-belt tension control, calibrated foot tension control and darning release (for materials of varying thickness) and drop-feed control. Driftwood and desert-beige finish with chrome-plated trim. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Made in Japan. Wt. 61 lbs. W20 W 201212-Sewing Head with carrying case............$159.95

Sewing Head with Console Cabinet. Adjustable power-lift raises head with ease. Variable-speed knee control gives smooth performance. Contemporary design with basket-weave front panel. 5-ply natural wood veneer with hand-rubbed top. Top opens to 900 sq. in. of working area. Accessory tray inside door. Adjustable head supports, concealed lid support and head hinges. Tapered legs with brass ferrules.

Tools travel with you as you clean-always ready for tight corners or cushions. Power-packed 13^-HP (input) motor with dual fans . . practically double the suction. Suction control lets you adjust for heavy rugs to fragile curtains. Foot lever on-off switch saves stooping. And you get our best straight-suction attachment set: two 20-inch locking wands; vinyl hose; extra-wide floor brush; dusting brush; upholstery nozzle; crevice tool; demothing cartridge. 3 Bakelite wheels; luggage-type handle. 20-ft. quick-release cord and 3 disposable dust bags. Desert sand and dusk pearl finish. UL listed.

W20 W 7020K2-110-120-volt, 25-60-cycle AC.

Shipping weight 30 pounds...............................$57.88

98 W 5005-Extra Paper Dust Bags. Shpg. wt. 5 oz.. .4 for 89c

Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner with 7 "take-along" Tools

NOTE FOR ALL TV: VHF for channels 2-13; All-Channel for channels 2-83. All UL listed. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. TV sent freight (rail or truck) or express . VHF TV and carts sent from your mail order house or warehouse in Denver, Colorado. Get 15 or 27 months guaranteed service at no added down payment . . see our Big General Catalog.

Even Mom can carry this TV . . it's just 31 lbs. light! Looks smart, fits 'most anywhere in its sleek luggage beige case. Takes travel in stride with a comfortable suitcase carrying handle. Impact-resistant plastic case won't break or chip. Fully enclosed .. opens like a suitcase for easy servicing. Sealed-in circuits can't shake loose or break in normal carrying. Five-in. oval speaker. Tinted safety shield cuts glare, removes for cleaning. About 21x12x16 in. high. Add a service contract for no more down-see Sears Big Catalog. Shipping wt. 38 lbs.

Cart for above clips on for carrying . . rolls on 3-inch rubber tires. Brass-plated tubing with hand-rubbed wal-nut-finish shelf.

17-inch Portable

(Over-all diagonal measure. 155-sq. in. viewing area)

Gets you a sharp, steady picture . . excellent local and suburban reception on this Silver-tone Metropolitan. Lightweight, too-weighs only 31 pounds in its break-resistant plastic cabinet. Styled in pale gold color with contrasting white trim. 4-inch speaker.

Tinted safety shield removes for cleaning. About 14x16x17 in. high. Shpg. wt. 37 lbs. W57 W 1102N-VHF. Just $7 monthly on Sears Special

Solid-top Cart fits set above, others up to 21 in. wide. Black steel tubing, 2-in. casters. W57 W 1302L-About 18x18x25 in. high. Brass-plated trim. Shipping weight 12 pounds............$5.95

Silvertone Suburbanite

Carry it like an overnighter .. it's lightweight and stylishly slim for easy toting to any room in the house

Enjoy brilliant reception . . a sharp, clear, steady picture . . even out infringe areas

Listen to rich-toned sound out front, where it belongs . . see natural contrasts on the aluminized screen
Page 17:

As slim and compact as most 17-in. sets . . but 12% more picture

• Carry it like a portable-buy it at a low portable price-and still get'the big screen, the fringe area performance, the decorator styling of a bigger set

• See all the picture on the movie-square screen-bright, crisp and steady-with no corners cut off. Hear rich sound out front, where it belongs.

Silvertone Suburbanite features: tinted safety shield cuts glare; removable for cleaning. 5-in. oval speaker. Smart ebony-color metal cabinet, about 23x11x15 in.

21-inch big-screen portable

(Over-all diagonal measure. 261 -sq. in. viewing area)

Enjoy 50% more picture area than set above! Gets our brightest, crispest, steadiest picture . . on its own antenna. Silvertone Medalist chassis locks it in against wobble and flutter .. even in far-fringe areas.

5-in. speaker. Removable tinted safety shield. Vinyl-covered metal about 22x16x19 in. high. Shpg. wt. 60 lbs.

• See all the action on the big new screen . . with no cut-off corners

• Get a crisp, bright steady picture . . even out in fringe areas

• Change channels with a feather-touch on the big Orbit tuner .. read the lighted channels from across the room

• Fine-tune just once.. memory tuner then does it for you automatically

• Listen to vibrant big-console tone . room-filling sound out front

You get more picture for your money than ever before on our latest Silvertone Suburbanite lowboy. There's less glare and light reflection with the shatterproof bonded safety shield . . and dirt can't settle behind it. Contrasts are natural . . have your sound from two 5-inch speakers . . with tone control and set-and-forget volume control. Slim styling in richly finished woodframed hardboard .. about 34x19x31 in. high. Wt. 97 lbs.

Good fringe area reception plus memory fine tuning gets you a bright, clear, steady picture on this Silvertone lowboy. Two front-mounted 4-in. speakers. Removable tinted safety shield. Wood-finished hardboard cabinet, about 30x19x30 in. high. Shpg. wt. 77 lbs.

No reason to miss the political campaigns and all the exciting new shows this fall when you can have big-screen TV at a price as low as this. Good local and near suburban reception. 3-in. speaker. Dark brown spatter-finish hardboard . . about 22x19x31 in. Wt. 86 lbs.

Never priced lower! 21-inch TV

(Over-all diagonal measure, 261-sq. in. viewing area)

Twin-speaker TV

(Over-all diagonal measure 261-sq. in. viewing area)

Page 18:

You Save $11.97 at this truly sensational low price for a fireplace ensemble of this fine quality. Check these outstanding features-solid brass-frame reinforced in back with steel for added strength. Brass-finished filigree, rosette design; brass-finished legs. Closely woven black mesh curtain with easy-to-operate pull chain.

Graceful 17-inch urn-topped solid brass andirons with cast feet, curved cast iron shanks, solid brass covers. 4-piece fireset with round base . . solid brass tools-shovel, poker, brush, stand. 26 in. high. 34 W 4086N2-7-piece Ensemble (screen, andirons and 4-piece fireset).

You save over separate prices! Shpg. wt. 30 lbs..........Only $27.88

Classic-design. Lovely antique white enameled wood writh simulated red brick face. Rich-looking black marbleized wood base (not for fire). 52x43%xll in. deep. Shpg. wt. 85 lbs. See Shipping Note below.

Sensationally low priced Wood Grate

Never before have we offered a sturdy Hearth Grate at a price so low. For use with wood only. Made of heavy black-enameled steel, reinforced for added strength. Curved cross bars hold logs in place.

Birch with charred mica ash decoration. Motor-driven firedrum with 2 colored bulbs. 6-ft. cord, plug and switch included. UL listed for 110-120 volt, AC-DC. 21x10x13H m. high over-all.

Log of this type! Motor-driven drum . . birch wood. Colored bulb, 6-ft. cord, plug and switch included. UL listed, 110-120 v., AC-DC. 20x7^x12 in. high. Light flickers like fire! 34 W 4394C-Wt. 16 lbs..$13.88

Easy-to-install Hanging Fireplace Screens

You can pay more, but you won't get better quality hanging screens than these! Top quality construction in your choice of solid brass or copper hoods. Both mount outside the fireplace, fit openings 40 to 43^ inches wide, 29 to 32 inches high. Attach to front of fireplace opening with mounting bar (included) . . easily installed-no holes to drill! Closely-woven, black mesh curtains with easy-to-operate pull chains. Buy now while this sale lasts!

Page 19:

Colorful, versatile Early American Rugs

Prices Cut on authentic Hand-hooked Rugs Thrifty Braid Rugs . . actually heavier than Our Best

Heavyweight, closely hooked rugs made of 50% reprocessed wool, 30% rayon and 20% miscellaneous odd lots of undetermined fiber content. Wool adds strength to the blend, rayon provides clear colors. Nubby loops resist crushing and matting. Edges reinforced. Made in Japan. Shown in color on page 1438 of Big Fall Catalog.

Sizes 8x10, 9x12 and 10x14 foot sent freight (rail, truck) or express.

Patterns: (A) brown border on beige ground; (B) medium rose border on beige ground; (C) black border on gray ground; (D) light green border on beige ground; (G) beige border on beige and ivory ground; (H) ivory ground.

Lower fiber costs make these outstanding low prices possible! Scatter,, area and room-size ovals in a blend of 35% rayon, 35% reprocessed wool, 30% miscellaneous odd lots of undetermined fiber content.

Tightly braided and firmly stitched over a sturdy core.

Radiantly colored . . . ideal with Early American, provincial or casual contemporary furnishings. Reversible . . . use both sides before cleaning. Made in Japan to Sears quality specifications; wear well.

Colors: (AA) green, (BB) red, (CC) multicolor and (DD) beige and brown.

State catalog number, size and color letter AA, BB, CC or DD.

Sizes about 8x10, 9x12 and 10x14 foot are shipped freight (rail, truck) or express.

Stair or Hall Carpet

Save on velvet carpet woven with a 50% wool, 25% rayon, 20% acetate and 5% nylon cut pile. 2-ply yarns; densely packed. Serviceable, long wearing. Ends finished.

Colors: (1) in (EE) gray multicolor; (2) in (AA) beige, (BB) red and black, (GC) gray, (DD) green.

All wool pile Rugs with 32-oz. jute and hair Cushion

An outstanding 2-in-l offer! The rugs are all virgin wool with a pebbly looped-pile surface. Closely tufted for resiliency and anchored into sturdy latex-coated backing. Smart striped design adds texture interest, helps conceal soiling. Seamless. The jute and hair rug cushion weighs about 32 ounces a square yard. Waffle design on cushion may vary.

Rug color: multicolor beige.

Page 20:


most reduced-and all low priced!

Save 6% to 14% on scatter and room-sized oval rugs. Made of 70% rayon and 30% cotton. All new, heavyweight yarns . . . firmly braided over a sturdy inner core, then securely stitched. Long wearing.

Reversible . . . use both sides. Multicolor design adds warmth to any room. 8x10 and 9x12-foot sizes shipped by freight (rail or truck) or express.

Colors: (AA) Spice brown and beige with white; (BB) Mint green with white; (CC) black with white and (DD) beige with white. Washable with care . . . colors stay bright and clear.

Colors: (A) black multicolor, (C) Smoke gray. (D) Spice brown, (E) aquamarine, (G) Cherry red and (H) Spice beige.

Guaranteed never to separate . . . your rug replaced FREE if braids pull apart in normal household use. Only rugs of their kind-made of best vinyl braided over a mildew-resistant core, firmly stitched and then electronically sealed!

Stain-resistant, s unfast, non-allergenic. Wipe clean. Lie flat; won't wrinkle. Reversible. 22x 68 and 42x72-in. rugs oblong, others oval. Colors match in all sizes.

See new Chenille Braided Rugs with homespun styling in our Big Fall Book

All viscose rayon pile Rugs with Built-in foam rubber Cushion

Now in five sizes . . . two popular room-sizes cut over $8. All viscose rayon yarns-densely tufted and anchored into sturdy woven backing, then bonded to buoyant foam rubber. Cushion is permanently sealed to back . . . won't separate! Loop pile is resilient, long wearing. Solution-dyed for rich colors, lasting color clarity. Seamless.

Colors: (AA) black and white tweed, (BB) brown and white tweed, (CC) beige and ivory tweed, (DD) green with black and white.

Double Drop Side Crib Personalize with baby's initials

Extra-strong construction . . massive solid hardwood frame and posts serve your growing family for years. Colorful hand-painted trim and alphabet blocks decal on foot panel . . you add your baby's initials to blocks. Easy-to-operate foot-trip releases on double drop sides. Plastic-capped teething rails on sides. Sturdy hardboard panels-full-length foot, spring-length head-protect against unwelcome drafts.

Adjustable 4-position steel tube and link spring. Easy rolling casters . . goes wherever you need it most! 54x30x46^ inches high. Please print your choice of 3 initials; also state crib finish natural waxed birch or white enamel.

Double Drop Side Crib

Convenient foot-kick releases on sides . . you have both hands free to hold baby. Teething rails on all 4 sides. Solid hardwood frame.

Draft-resistant full-length foot and spring-length head hardboard panels . . protects baby against chilling drafts. Adjustable 3-position steel link spring. Easy-rolling casters let you move crib wherever you want. 54x30x 42M in. high. State finish natural waxed birch or Salem (light) maple.

Single Drop Side Crib
Beautiful, sturdy crib for your nursery . just look at Sears low, low price!

A pull of the button releases drop side. Spring-length foot and head panels are constructed of sturdy hardboard. Solid oak frame, handsome natural oak finish.

Easy-rolling casters. Rugged stationary steel link spring. 54x30x41 K inches high.

Hygienically fresh.. Kenisan cover stays bacteria-free! Long-wearing quilted plastic top wipes clean with the swish of a damp cloth. Top and bottom reinforced for added strength, durability. Gay 4-color Carousel print on white top; solid white plastic bottom.

Solid white heavy plastic border; perforated to keep mattress ventilated, free from strain. Border wire on all 4 sides. Cotton linters padded, sisal insulated. Securely taped edges. Full size (for 54x30-inch wide crib).

Rugged 7-gauge plastic cover and border gives you years of solid wear .. and you simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth! Comfortably padded with 6 pounds of layer felted cotton linters.

Fully insulated with resilient sisal to prevent annoying "coil feel." Beautiful multicolor print on a light background. Lapped border construction provides cool ventilation on warm evenings. Full-size (for 54x30-inch wide crib).

Page 21:

Folds compactly . . features deep plastic tray

Safety lock prevents folding while in use. Seat and back comfortably padded. Durable plastic cover . . stains and smudges wipe clean with a damp cloth. Fully adjustable footrest gives proper leg support for your child. Self leveling feet. Safety strap. Converts easily to a sturdy youth chair by removing tray and hardware. Seat 13x12 in. deep. Chrome-plated tubular steel frame. 35 in. high. Partly assembled. State print cover color white, yellow or light blue.

So many uses . . it's a stroller, a sleeper a walker

Convert to sleeper by folding seat back down, raising adjustable footrest . . convert to walker by lowering telescoping handle, removing footrest and canopy. All chrome-plated tubular-steel frame. Seat and back thickly padded. Seat 13x9x14 in. high. Bed 33 in. long. Durable nylon reinforced plastic body . . attractive white, pink and blue pattern . . wipes clean. Sun shielding canopy with visor, valance and fringe. Adjustable plated footrest. Large shopping basket. 1-wheel brake. Rubber-tired wheels; front wheels swivel. Plastic play tray with play beads. Bumper guard.

Sturdy Guardrail for Youth Beds

Three-tier design assures your child of maximum safety. Sturdy tubular steel construction with baked-on gray enamel finish. Extensions slip easily under mattress . . 40 in. long, 13fฃ in. high.

1 W 86111C-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.

Storage Chest. Was $13.95 in Big Fall Catalog. Unassembled ponderosa pine. Ready-to-finish .. simply apply paint or lacquer.

Ideal for storing toys, bedding, etc. Braced corners for extra stability. Shaped base. 38x18x18 in.high. Wt. 37 lbs.

Sleep and Feed Seat

Raise for feeding, lower for napping. Quilted vinyl cover . . rosebud print on white background. Padded seat, back. Safety strap. Hardboard, steel frame. 11 inches wide. About 27 inches long as bed.

1 W 8605-Wt. 8 lbs.. $4.74

Extra-strong Walker

Nylon-reinforced double plastic body wipes clean . . red plaid pattern. Chrome-plated tubular steel frame. High front handle . . lets baby keep balance. Casters, rubber bumpers. Play beads. Folds compactly. Wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz. i w 8601................$3.88

2-use Nursery Chair. Was $4.89. Back folds down to form handy step stool. Hardwood seat and back; natural lacquer finish. Seat 10>ฃxl0 in. deep. Zinc-chromate finish legs. Safety strap. Vessel. 17J4 inches high.

• Translucent, lustrous, petal-thin loveliness

• Extremely resistant to chipping and cracking

• Created in Japan by masters of china artistry

China Prices Slashed!

Your choice of full service for 8 or 12

Golden Wheat. Simple elegance in swaying seed spikes of 22K gold on a LJ field of white. Enriched with 22K gold edging. Dazzling beauty to grace any table. Plate edges are gracefully sloped. State set size.

Platinum Garland. Gray and platinum color design border, edged with silvery palladium line. Traditional rim-shape plates. Gleaming white center. State set size.

Patricia. Graceful in delicate shades of pink and day beige on lustrous white background. 22K gold edge. Sloped edge plates. State set size.

HP Woodhue. Extra-wide rim has leaf design in Spice beige, brown; light yellow, gray. 22K gold edge, innerline. Stale set size. 21 W 3600L-53-pc. set. Shpg. wt. 42
Leaf design in Fall shades of green, brown and gold color against white. Sloped edge plates. State set size.

Antoinette. 18th cen-LJ tury baroque styling in soft shades of pink, gray on white background. Silvery palladium edge. State set size.

Rosebud. Dainty colors of rose, light Dawn gray. Gleaming white background offset by silvery palladium line.

Composition Table for all China Sets on this page

Page 22:

Cut 12% to 18%

210-count Percale Sheets

Summer Sale Prices continued until Oct. 10 on super-smooth Harmony House Percales

Wonderfully washable.. fast drying Estronฎ acetate Mattress Pads

Fabulous Estron filling .. resists mildew .. dries like nylon. Excellent resilience gives cushiony comfort. Sanforized cotton muslin cover. Fitted style with 12-in. skirt. Flat style with anchor bands.

Fitted Plastic Mattress Covers

Ever so easy to clean . . just whisk with a damp cloth. Sturdy 3%-gauge vinyl plastic with elastic at comers for smooth, snug fit. Fits mattress or springs up to 7 in. deep. Color: frosted clear.

Stock up now for the cold months ahead. Smoothly, softly napped sheets that give you snug-as-a-bug warmth. Sturdy overlock-stitched ends.

Unbleached. Color creamy white.

White Cotton Muslin. Bleached, popular for everyday use. 140 threads per sq. in.; 3-in. hems. 42x36 in. Wt. pr. 7 oz.

Fancy Cotton Percale. 24c savings on every pair. Actually 200 threads in every sq. in. with all yarns thoroughly combed for delightful smoothness. Elegantly enhanced with "Garland of Leaves" print on white. 4-in. hems are thread drawn for added mark of quality. Size 42x38^ inches. State color blue-green or orange-brown. 97 W 7945-WTt, pr. 9 oz. Pr. was $1.90. Pr. $1.66

Fancy Cotton Muslin. Save 13c on every pair.

Bleached to a beautiful whiteness with radiant "Windsor Rose" print. 140 threads per sq. in. 3-inch hems. 42x36 in. State beige or pink. 97 W 7925-Wrt. pr. 9 oz. Pr. was $1.12. .Pr. 99c

Lovely Plain 'n Fancy 'Cases marked for savings

Now's the time to splurge on luxurious, trousseau quality cotton percales. They're silky-soft, feather-light yet packed with durability . . actually 210 threads in every square inch. The sleeping's so comfortable, the laundering easy, the years of service so much longer. All yarns thoroughly combed and bleached white. Plastic wrapped for sparkling freshness.

Flat Sheets.. save $2.00 to $2.80 on 4. Top hem.. 4 in.; bottom hem.. 1 in.

Sanforized Fitted Bottom $2.00 to $2.40 on 4. Max. shrink 1%.

Page 23:

Harmony House Automatic Blankets • Luxury Quality • 5 Yr. Guarantee

No ordinary automatic but one with the finest "plus" features. Beautiful control is color-matched to blanket; lovely nightstand accessory and fingertip convenient when attached (with its exclusive hangers) to headboard or bedrail. Use blanket fiat or fitted . . corners have concealed snaps. Kenisan blanket. . forever germ-free. Soft, mothproof blend of 70% rayon, 30% DuPont Orion acrylic. Machine Vashable-dryable. 5 year guarantee . . immediate replacement of defective control for 5 years and blanket for 2 years. Blanket repaired at no extra charge for 3 additional years. Boxed.

State color medium Canyon orange, Frosty pink, Parchment beige, medium Ming blue, medium Sunshine yellow, medium Sage green.

Automatic Sheet Blankets Smooth Sanforized Cotton

Single control - Save $3 to $4 on this ideal back-to-school gift. . it's light enough to pack easily and makes a wonderful "companion" when traveling. Just dial yourself to "controlled" comfort at home or away .. 11 choices of warmth. Pretty orchid-gray plastic control case has pilot light and on-off switch. Washable . . maximum shrinkage 1%. One year guarantee . . immediate replacement of defective control or blanket.

WOOL. Save $1.20 . . have a wealth of sleeping comfort with nature's own soothingly warm fiber. This Sears exclusive Moth-Off blanket is guaranteed 5 years against moth damage; its soft, touch-tempting nap will not pill or shed. 5-in. nylon bindings guaranteed for blanket life. Washable with care. State Parchment beige, med. Sage green, med. Horizon blue; alpine rose.

ORLON. Buy wonderful allergy-free, easy care blankets now and save $1.70. Woven of the choicest 100% virgin Orion* acrylic fibers . . cozy warm, mildewproof, mothproof; machine washable-dryable with no more than 2% maximum shrinkage. Luxuriously bound with 7 inches of nylon that's guaranteed to wear the life of the blanket. State Frosty pink, Cherry red, Sunshine yellow, light Mint green, Shell beige; also light azure blue. 96 W 8144-Dual size 72x90 inches, weight 2% lbs. Shipping weight 3 pounds. Last Fall was $9.47...$7.77

ACRILAN. Save $1.00 on this astonishingly warm, non-allergenic blanket of 100% Acrilan** acrylic. Machine washable, dries fresh and fluffy . . shrinkage no more than 2%. Store without fear of moths or mildew. 7-in. nylon bindings guaranteed for life of blanket. State color Frosty pink, Sunshine yellow, light Mint green, Shell beige; light azure blue.
Page 24:

Large 19x25 in. Acrilan Pillow

Priced well below any Acrilan filled pillow that we have ever sold

Soft and plumply filled with non-allergenic Acrilan* acrylic . . nonflammable, odor-free, mothproof and mildewproof. Handsomely covered with multicolor striped cotton; attractively bound with white corded edges. Finished size 19x25 inches.

Excellent for home, school and camping. Woven of 40% wool, 30% reused wool, 20% nylon, 10% rayon .. wool scoured to remove oils and odors. Sturdy overlocked stitched ends resist fraying. Color gray.

Abundantly filled with soft and ever so resilient 50% crushed duck and 50% crushed turkey feathers. Covered in crisp cotton of assorted patterns and colors; neatly bound with smooth white corded edges. At this low price, no choice of pattern or color.

Acrilan Leisure Robe and Robe with Case

Perfect chill-chaser for den or dorm, car or camp, studio couch or stadium. Machine washable Acrilan acrylic . . maximum shrinkage 2%.

Pure luxury and at a big $1.57 saving. Millions of downy wisps to soothingly lull you to sleep. Cloud soft yet beautifully buoyant, lastingly resilient. Downproof, linen-like cotton ticking with smart blue and white stripes and neat white corded edges.

Not the small bargain size, but popu-- lar 19x25 in. and a full 5>ฃ inches deep. Blissfully comfortable . . no matter which way you turn there's a constant level of buoyancy . . no "low" spots ever! Always pleasingly cool for refreshing sleep .. tiny cells let air circulate. Completely odorless, mothproof and non-allergenic to even the most sensitive skins. Removable white cotton covering; rustproof zipper.

Just say "Charge ft" and pay later. . see page 49
Page 25:

Striking Danish Modern Print

This clean, crisp design reflects your good taste in home fashion. Fabric is a lovely blend of rayon and acetate . . lightly textured. Finely detailed with 4-inch pinch-pleated tops, buckram stiffened . . drapery hooks are included, ynlined. Dry clean. Colors white with black, white with Cherry red, white with blue or clay beige with orange. Please state color.

Always-popular solid color draw draperies so heavily textured they need no lining! Skillfully woven of cotton and acetate. Neatly finished with 4-inch pinch-pleated buckram tops, 3-inch bottom hems and l-inch side hems. Dry clean. Drapery hooks are included. Colors Aquamarine, Sage green, white, Spice beige, rose or gray. Please state color.
Page 26:

Muted Antique Satin Pastels

HR Reduced $1.00 to $3.21. Lovely sunfast solids of rayon and acetate, satin-backed in the same fine blend. Discreetly textured to provide fresh, inviting window treatment throughout your home. Firm 4-inch buckram-stiffened tops with drapery hooks . . blind-stitched hems. Unlined. Dry clean. Colors sandalwood (brown), gold, turquoise green, white or rose. Please state color.

For a complete assortment of Harmony House Draperies shown in color, see our big General Catalog

Free form shapes create a pattern of modern - simplicity that's at home in any setting. Textured fabric is a blend of viscose rayon and acetate . . drapes softly at your windows. Deep 4-inch pinch-pleated tops are stiffened with buckram . . drapery hooks are included. Unlined. Dry clean. Colors white with capri blue or Parchment beige. Please state color.

Page 27:

Decorative Cloth Shades

Room-darkening Scalloped Shades

Here's a completely shadow-proof shade with an extra "plus" of fashionable styling. Adds a decorative accent to any room and gives soothing darkness as well. Our best all cotton vinyl-coated cambric with 2-in. rayon fringe. Won't crack or pinhole. Washable. Widths over 73 M in. have metal roller. Colors: white, ivory, eggshell or sand. With ring pull and button. Sent from Chicago, 111. factory. Allow postage from mail order house on widths to 73*4 in. Widths over 73^ in. freight (rail or truck) or express. State color, width, length and type brackets {inside or outside casing) if wanted. See How to Measure below.

Cut 10% to 15%

Allow soft light to filter through. Distinctive scallops accented with a 2-in. fringe of rayon. Best quality all cotton vinyl-coated cambric. Sunfast. Completely washable. Won't crack or pinhole. Widths over 73 *4 in. have metal roller. With ring pull and button. Colors: white, buff, eggshell, dark green, ivory and sand. Sent from Chicago, 111. factory. Allow postage from mail order house on widths thru 73*4 in. Widths over 73)4 in. sent freight (rail or truck) or express. State color, width, length a?id type brackets (inside or outside casing) if wanted. See How to Measure information below at bottom of page.

Room-darkening Shades

Will darken a room even in the brightest sunlight.. completely shadow-proof. Tough, completely washable . . with special laminated interlayer. Slight embossing. Ring pull and button. Colors: white or ivory. State color, width, length and type brackets (inside or outside casing) if wanted. See How to Measure Instructions below.

Translucent Shades

Easy to dean. Long lasting. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms or children's rooms. Completely washable. Unaffected by steam. Flame and mildew resistent. Plain hemmed styles with heat-sealed seam. With ring pull and button. Colors: White, ivory, sand or dark green. State color, width, length and type brackets (inside or outside casing) if wanted. See How to Measure below.

6-gauge Vinyl Was $1.44

Shantung-textured Shade. Highlight your windows with rich eye-catching texture. Finely woven cotton impregnated vinyl-plastic finish. Wonderfully washable. Resists fading. WTon't crack or pinhole. With plastic slide-on pull.

Colors: pastel pink or yellow, olive green, dove gray, natural or white. State color, width, length and type brackets (iinside casing or outside casing installation) if wanted. Before ordering, see How to Measure instructions at bottom of page.

Leaf-print Shade. Gay, delicate pastel leafs floating on a field of pure white will brighten windows in any room. Duplex style with design on one side, white on street side. All cotton muslin with linseed oil finish. Washable. Resists pinholing and cracking. Clear plastic shade pull. Colors: blue on white or beige on white. State color, width, length and type brackets (inside or outside casing) if wanted. See How to Measure below.


For Inside Casings

-Measure Windows Separately with wood or metal ruler

For Outside Casings

measure at top of each window between the points where the brackets will be placed. From this measurement subtract *A in. for clearance, Length: measure length of opening. Add 8 in. Order next longer length.

Width: measure between points ^ where brackets will be placed. Order shade 4 in. wider than opening, fijl Length: measure from middle of top casing of window sill. Add 8 in. Order next longer length in table.

Fine quality Heirloom-style Bedspread

• Such an easy bedspread to wash. . no ironing ever!

• Enjoy extra beauty and wear of reversible pattern

• Luxurious supersizes, richly finished with fringe

Savannah . . a priceless antique design . . priced less than ever in our history. Heirloom styling makes an elegant impression in any bedroom decor .. early American, provincial, or modern. Flowers, leaves, and round scrolls surround huge floral basket in this charming pattern. Reproduced in heavy cotton. Lush non-tangle bullion fringe (included in size) generously trims edges. Wash with care.. maximum shrinkage 3%. Savannah sold for $12.70 in our spring general catalog of 1959. You now save 31%.

Page 28:

Typing Tables

Famous SMITH-CORONA Silent-Super Portable

One of the finest American-built Portables - famed for typing ease and dependability

Imagine! A portable that gives you every feature you'd want in an office typewriter.

Convenient full-length tabulator that sets and clears from keyboard. Page-Gage warning system signals the instant you are inches from page bottom and keeps informing to the very end. It saves time and paper. Whisper-quiet typing with built-in silencing system.

88-character keyboard has rimless, non-glare keys that comfortably cup your finger tips. Standard 9^-inch carriage.

Automatic line retainer. Floating segment shift. Quick-set margins. Individual touch selector. Vinyl covered aluminum case. Wt. in case 18 lbs.

Truly a typewriter the whole family will enjoy. Mom . . for correspondence, notes. Dad . . for business records, letters. Students . . for reports, daily assignments are helped to better grades. Choice of pearl gray or desert sand colors. Please state color. Shipping wt. 22 lbs.

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Thumbnail Image of Download 1978 GM-Frigidaire Microwave Oven Service Manual
Comprehensive service manual to all Frigidaire Microwave Ovens.

Models Included: RCM-5, RCM-7, RWM-7, RCM-9
Microwave Ovens
Published by:
0 86 110mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1975 Frigidaire Wall Ovens and 30 Inch Electric Ranges Service Manual
Complete service manual to all 1975 Frigidaire home 30" wide electric cooking ranges along with all 1975 Frigidaire Wall Ovens. Complete troubleshooting, service instructions and wiring diagrams included.

Models include:
Wall Ovens: RBG-94, RBG-97, RBE-94, RBE-97
30" Ranges: RB-530, RBG-533, RBE-533, RBEG-539C.
Published by:
1975 80 123mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1976 Frigidaire Touch-N-Cook Range Service Manual
Complete service manual to 1976 Frigidaire Touch-N-Cook Electric Range and Oven, model REG-39CD.

Published by:
1976 40 60mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1977 Frigidaire Built-In Touch-N-Cook Ranges Service Manual
Complete service manual to 1977 Frigidaire Touch-N-Cook Built in cooking appliances.

Models include: REG-539CD, RE-94D, RB139D.
Published by:
1977 68 106mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1973 Frigidaire Ceramic Ceramatop Range Service Manual
Complete service manual to Frigidaire ceramic top range model number RCDE3-37CU. Complete troubleshooting, service instructions and wiring diagrams included.

Published by:
1973 39 62mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1976 Frigidaire Built-In Electric Ranges Service Manual
Complete service manual to all 1976 Frigidaire built-in electric ranges and wall ovens. Complete troubleshooting, service instructions and wiring diagrams included.

Models include:
R-530, RG-533, RE-537, REG-539C, RB-131, RB-133, RB-137C, RG-94, RE-94, RG-97, RE-97
Published by:
1976 95 130mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1979 Frigidaire 30 Inch Electric Ranges Service Manual
Complete service manual to all 1979 Frigidaire home 30" wide electric cooking ranges. Complete troubleshooting, service instructions and wiring diagrams included.

Models include:
RE-636VG, REG-638VG, REG-639CVG, REM-638VG, REM639CVG
Published by:
1979 86 113mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1968 Frigidaire Free-Standing Electric Range Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual to all 1968 Frigidaire 30" and 40" free standing electric ranges.

Models include:
30" Ranges: RSA-30N, RS-30N, RS-35N, RD-35N, RDG-38N, RCDG-39N, RE-30N, RSAE-30N, RSE-36N, RDE-38N, RCDE-39N, RCIE-39N, RXE-39N

40" Ranges: RS-10N, RD-20N, RDDG-20N, RCDG-71N, RSE-15N, RDE-20N, RCIE-75N

24" Ranges: RAN-4, RAH-4
Published by:
1968 74 106mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1968 Frigidaire Refrigerator-Freezer N Line Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual for all 1968 Frigidaire home refrigerator-freezer models.

Models include:
D-100N, D-116N, FD123TN, FD-141TN, FCDM-148N, FPD-121TN, FPD-146TN, FPD-146TAN, FPD-166TN, FPD-166TAN, FPD-144BN
Published by:
1968 95 71mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Frigidaire Basic Refrigeration Home Study Course
Here is a great primer to learning how to service 20th century refrigerator-freezers. It is a home study course from Frigidaire although this is valid for most brands of refrigerators.

Topics include:
Basic Food Preservation,
Fundamentals of Refrigeration,
Systems and Components
Published by:
1978 64 71mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1953-1958 Frigidaire Refrigerator Parts Catalog
Here is a complete catalog with illustrations of parts, part names and part numbers for all Frigidaire Home Refrigerator-Freezers.

Models Include...
1953 Models:
AS-44, AS-44F, AS-61, AS-83, AS-76, SS-77, DS-90, OS-106, IS-106, IS-106P, IS-108, IS-108P, MS-86, MS-90, SS-72, SS-74, SS-86, SS-86P, SS-97, SS-114

1954 Models:
AT-44, AT-61, CT-70, CT-701, CT-702,CTD-84, CTD-84P, CTD-841, CTD-841P, CTD-842, CTD-842P, CTD-103, CTD-1031, CTD-1032, CTD-103S, CTI-103, CTI-103P, CTI-1031, CTI-1031P, CTI-1032, CTI-1032P, CTI-130, CTI-130P, CTI-1301, CTI-1301P, CTI-1302, CTI-1302P, CTI-150, CTI-150P, CTI-1501, CTI-1501P, CTI-1502, CTI-1502P, ST-76, ST-761, ST-762, STD-76, STD-761, STD-762, STD-91, STD-91P, STD-911, STD-911P, STD-912, STD-912P, STD-110, STD-1101, STD-1102

1955 Models:
AY-44, AY-61, CDV-84, CDV-103, CDV-103P, CDV-1031, CDV-1031P, CDV-1032, CDV-1032P, CDV-103S, CDV-112S, CIV-84, CIV-84P, CIV-841, CIV-842, CIV-841P, CIV-842P, CIV-1121P, CIY-1122P, CIV-112, CIV-112P, CIV-1121, CIV-1122, CIV-115, CIV-115P, CIV-1151, CIV-1152, CIV-1151P, CIV-1152P, CIV-1501P, CIV-1502P, CIV-143, CIV-143P, CIV-1431, CIV-1431P, CIV-1432, CIV-1432P, CIV-150, CIV-150P, CIV-1501, CIV-1502, SV-76, SDV-76, SV-76S, SDV-91, SDV-91P, SDV-911, SDV-912, SDV-110, SDV-91S, SDV-911P, SDV-912P, SDV-91PS

1956 Models:
A-44-56, A-61-56, CP-120-56, PCP-120-56, CP-143-56, PCP-143-56, FD-95-56, PFD-120-56, FD-120-56F0-95-56, FD-120-56, FDS-120-56, FDS-121-56, FI-121, PFI-121-56, FIW-150, S-80-56, S-80-56, SA-80-56, SS-80-56, SS-80-56, SAW-81, SSW-81, SA-80-56, SS-80-56, SAW-81, SSW-81, S-101-56, PS-101-56, S-121-56, SS-101-56

1957 & 1958 Models:
CP-123-57, CP-141-57, CP-125-58, CP-144-58, CP-123-57, CP-141-57, CP-125-58, CP-144-58, PGP-141-57, PCP-144-58, D-11S-58, FD-101-57, FD-102-57, FD-120-57, FD-120-57, PFD-120, FD-122-58, FD-122-58, FI-120-57, FI-123-58, FI-120-57, FI-123-58, PFI-120-57, PFI-123-58, FI-121-57, FI-122-58, FI-121-57, FI-122-58, PFI-122-58, FP-142-58, FP-142-58, FS-101-57, FD-104-58, FD-104-58, PFS-101-57, PFD-104-58, S-80-57, SA-81-57, S-8-58, SA-8-58, S-80-57, SA-81-57, SS-81-57, S-8-58, SA-8-58, SS-8-58, SS-81-57, SS-8-58, S-104-57, S-124-57, D-11-58, D-13-58, S-104-57, S-124-57, D-11-58, D-13-58, PD-11-58

Having the manufacturers part number for the part you need is essential for doing internet/eBay searches to locate these rare, no longer available parts. In many circumstances they can be found once you know the part number. This guide is essential for anyone who has any vintage Frigidaire appliance.
Published by:
1958 634 145mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1965 Frigidaire Refrigerator-Freezer J Line Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual for all 1965 Frigidaire home refrigerator-freezer models. Also included is the supplement for servicing their brand new automatic ice maker.

Models include:
S-10J, D-10J, D-12J, D-14J, FD-12TJ, FDA-13TJ, FD-13TJ, FD-14BJ, FCDM-14J, FPD-12TJ, FPDA-14TJ, FPD-14TJ, FPDA-14BJ, FPD-14BJ, FPD-16BJ, FPD-19BJ, FPI-12TJ, FPI-14TJ, FPI-14BJ, FPI-16BJ, FPI-19BJ, FPI-16BAJ.
Published by:
1965 120 103mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1966 Frigidaire Refrigerator-Freezer K Line Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual for all 1966 Frigidaire home refrigerator-freezer models.

Models include:
S-10K,D-10K, D-12K, D-14L, FDA-12TK, FDA-13TK, FD-13TK, FDA-14BK, FCDM-14K, FPDA-14-12TK, FPDA-14TK
Published by:
1965 96 72mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1955 ABC-O-Matic Automatic Washer Service Manual
Full and comprehensive service manual to the 1955 line of ABC-O-Matic automatic and semi-automatic washers. Service bulletins also included at the end of the document.

Models include: 61, 71, 81 and 91.
Automatic Washers
Published by:
1955 56 77mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1965-1966 Frigidaire Coin-Operated Washers Service Manual
Here are the service manuals to the first Super-Duty transmission commercial/coin-op automatic washers from Frigidaire. These are the 1010rpm spin/18 minute cycle washers.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1965 132 171mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1964 Montgomery Ward Portable Dishwasher Owners Manual
Here are the complete use/care and operating instructions to Montgomery Ward's Signature portable dishwasher model FFT-977 and FFT-937.

Published by:
Montgomery Ward
1964 12 22mb $11.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1953-1960 Westinghouse Service Beacons
Here is a random sampling of Westinghouse Service Beacons from '53-'60. These are service bulletins that were released every few months on Westinghouse appliances. They include tips on servicing, new procedures and product changes.

Automatic Washers & Dryers
Published by:
1960 230 222mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1961-1962 Westinghouse Service Beacons
Here is a random sampling of Westinghouse Service Beacons from '61 thru '62 These are service bulletins that were released every few months on Westinghouse appliances. They include tips on servicing, new procedures and product changes.

Automatic Washers & Dryers
Published by:
1962 268 176mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1963-1965 Westinghouse Service Beacons
Here is a random sampling of Westinghouse Service Beacons from '63 thru '65 These are service bulletins that were released every few months on Westinghouse appliances. They include tips on servicing, new procedures and product changes.

Automatic Washers & Dryers
Published by:
1965 274 218mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1972 Kenmore Washer Owners Manual
Here is the owners manual, wash guide, parts list and installation instructions packed with every 600 series Kenmore automatic washer from 1972. Models include: 110.7204610, 110.7204660, 110.7205610, 110.7205660.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1972 48 56mb $14.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1954 Kenmore Washer Owners Manual
Here is the complete use and care guide to the 1954 Kenmore Automatic Washer.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1954 20 26mb $11.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1959 Kenmore Automatic Washer Owners Manual
Here is the complete owners manual and operating instructions to the middle of the line Kenmore Alphabet Automatic Washer from 1959.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1959 20 28mb $11.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Electrolux XII Vacuum Cleaner Owners Manual
Here is the complete owners manual and use/care guide to Electrolux Vacuum model XII.

Vacuum Cleaners
Published by:
Electrolux Vacuum (now Aerus)
1933 36 43mb $11.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1967 Easy Automatic Washer Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual to Easy automatic washers from 1967. Models include: WA-355, WA-344, WA-323, WA-322, WA-3226, WA-321.

Sections include: Specifications, Features, Installation, Servicing and Troubleshooting.
Automatic Washers
Published by:
1967 60 72mb $12.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Construction and Operation of the Bendix Home Laundry
Here is an early service manual for Bendix bolt-down front-loading automatic washers. It covers the pre-war models. Parts catalog at the end also covers post war models up to the early 1950's.

Sections include:
Construction and Operation
The Business of Service
Washing Practice
Parts Catalog

Models: S-101, B-201, S-110, B-210, B-215, B-211, B-212
Automatic Washers
Published by:
1941 181 182mb $14.99

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