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Daytons Semi-Annual Home Sale

Published by Daytons in 1969-- Typical sales catalog of a classic major American regional department store in the 60s. Unlike today the department stores sold everything for the home. Among other things this catalog features furniture, major appliances, small appliances, vacuums and televisons.

Number of Pages: 32
File Size: 37mb
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Daytons Semi-Annual Home Sale
Published in 1969

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Page 1:


Page 2:

With our decorator-planned room group you save the time and worry of piece-meal shopping . . . save money too! Includes: sofa, lounge chair and ottoman in matching turquoise, red or gold; olive side chairs in crushed velvet treated with Scotchgard® brand stain repeller; cocktail table, two end tables. Ask about Dayton's new Furnish-A-Home Account. Furniture, all stores. SALE 8-pc. Spanish living room group with warm pecan finish Prices effective August 3 through August 17,1969.

SALE Stearns & Foster discontinued covers - direct factory purchase

Blue damask covers a firm, 298-coil mattress padded with 1/4" polyfoam. 2-A, state twin or full mattress or box spring, ea., 48.88. Gold damask covers extra-firm 312-coil mattress with 1/4" polyfoam. Order 2-B queen size set, 158.88; 2-C king size set, 228.88 or 2-D twin or full size mattress or box spring. State choice, ea., 58.88. Ask about Dayton's new Furnish-A-Home Account; Sleep Shop, all stores.

Choose the size that fits your space; both hide a comfortable Simmons mattress inside stylish sofas. In black or olive vinyl; gold, green or rust with Scotchgard® brand stain repeller.

Full size Hide-A-Bed is 67" long. Order 2-E, state color. Cuddler Size is 47 1/2" long, to fit into smaller rooms...or buy both and pair them as a sofa-loveseat combination. Order 2-F.

SPECIAL PURCHASE Simmons Hide-A-Bed sleeper twins
Page 3:

SALE All custom upholstery reduced!

Chairs $99-299 Sofas $199-799

Every piece of custom-upholstered furniture at Dayton's is reduced right now! This only happens twice a year.. don't miss the chance to choose the sofa, loveseat or chair you've been wanting. Traditional, modern and American Traditional styling... hundreds of frame designs, over 3000 upholstery fabrics and colors. Furniture from Henredon, Heritage, Sherrill, Founders, Selig and Gilliam. Delivery in 8 to 10 weeks, and you don't pay a penny until it's in your home. Furniture, all stores.

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.
Page 4:


Pecan room divider, 4-U, 239.00

Walnut wall desk unit, 4-E, 179.00

Walnut wall storage unit, 4-F, 179.00

Antique white door bookcase, 4-G, 159.00

SALE The useables: problem solvers for every room

Antique white vertical desk, 4-H, 179.00

Antique white bookcase, 4-J, 149.00

Furniture designed to make use of wasted space! Turn an empty room into a sewing room, family room, extra bedroom or study. Solves budget problems, too... these coordinates are priced low! Choose from desks, room dividers, study and storage units, bookcases... many more than we can show here. Ask about Dayton's new Furnish-A-Home Account. Contemporary Furniture, all stores.

Antique white students desk, 4-B, 99.95

Solid oak students desk, 4-A, 79.95

Pecan 27" bookcase, 4-D, 109.00
Page 5:

SALE Singer choices, $88

What's new tomorrow! Choose zig-zag sewing machine and case, 5-C, 88.00. Upright triple-action vacuum cleaner and all-purpose canister vacuum cleaner. Both, 5-D, 88.00. Singer Center, all stores.

SALE 4-piece modern bedroom set: satin pecan with mar-resistant tops

Exceptional savings! Sleek modern lines in glowing satin pecan veneers. Burnished brass hardware adds a subtle accent. Set includes: triple dresser, mirror, full or queen size headboard and chest. Order 5-A, 219.50. Night table, 5-B, 44.95. Order from Furniture, all stores.

Page 6:


SALE Stainless steel fondue set

Save now and start entertaining the modern way, start serving fondue. This sale priced set by Fraser includes 2-qt. stainless steel fondue pot and controlled flame alcohol burner, 6-A, 19.99. 6-B, set of 6 fondue forks, 9.99. Silverware, all stores.

SALE Floral design bath rug

Fantasy rugs by Eli Sawdler bring a burst of flowery color to the bath. Washable nylon-polyester blend is in verdian, federal gold, orange, pink, black, turquoise, eclair. 6-E, 24 x 36", 8.99; 6-F, 27 x 48", 12.99; 6-G, lid, 2.99. Rugs, all stores.

SALE Cut lead crystal bowls

Brilliantly cut in England for William Adams, these bowls add an elegant note to any table. 8" salad bowl rimmed with silver, with Sheffield servers, 6-C, 8.99; matching sauce dish with silver ladle. 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" high, 6-D, 4.49. Save in Silverware, all stores.

SALE Fringed oval scatter rugs

Priscilla is a beauty for the bedroom or bath. In washable Dupont nylon, with non-slip back. In gold, avocado, blue or pink. 6-H, 2 x 3', 5.99; 6-J, 27 x 48", 9.99; 6-K, 36 x 54", 14.99; 6-L, lid, 1.99.

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.
Page 7:

This is the modern way to add a bright decorator look to your home And these handsome accent rugs come in six color and style combinations to suit almost any room. Long wearing, too, in wool, nylon. 7-A, 4'6"x6', 39.99; 7-B, 6 x 9', 79.99; 7-C, 9 x 12', 139.99. Rugs, all stores.

SALE Velvet finish scatter rugs

So soft and velvety underfoot, you'll want one for every bedroom and the bathroom too. In old gold, ice pink, hemlock green, sky blue, geranium, lemon or spruce green. 7-D, 21 x 36", 4.99; 7-E, 27 x 48", 6.99; 7-F, 36 x 54" 10.99; 7-G, 4 x 6', 18.99. Rugs, all stores.

SALE Arlington accent ovals

A soft fluffy rug to add a note of colorful elegance in any room. In washable Zefran acrylic and nylon. Medium blue, sky blue, verdian green, mimosa, antique gold, white, pink, red. 7-H, 2 x 3', 5.99; 7-J, 27 x 48", 8.99; 7-K, 3 x 5', 13.49; 7-L, 4 x 6', 23.99; 7-M, lid, 1.49. Rugs.

SALE Add a bright color touch with a savings priced accent rug
Page 8:


SALE 2.29 yd. Stuart custom made draperies in big choice of fabrics

8-A . Now you can save on draperies just made to fit your windows, in the fabric just meant for your decor. Big selection includes prints, sheers, rayon antique satins, hand loom looks and casements. And the low price of 2.29 a yard includes expert labor. Many other fabrics reduced during this sale too. Save in Draperies, all stores.

SALE Snug fitting Surefit stretch slip covers in three styles

Harcourt floral print in cotton-nylon stretch; green, gold or multicolor. Chair, 8-B, 13.59; sofa, 8-C, 29.99; sectional, 8-D, 15.99. Wellesley acrylic-Lycra spandex stretch in olive, gold, melon or brown solid colors. Chair size, 8-E, 16.99; sofa, 8-F, 35.99.

Walden modern print in cotton-nylon stretch comes in handsome brown-gold or blue-green. Chair size, 8-G, 15.99; sofa, 8-H, 32.99.

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5. 8
Page 9:

SALE 9.99 for your choice of wall brighteners, hall brighteners by Syroco

So little money for so much style! Buy one piece or a set.

Barcelona. 17 x 25" mirror, 23 x 7" table, two 18 1/2" sconces. Authenticity in granada iron finish for a dramatic group.

Louis, gold finish. 19 x 29" mirror, 19x8" table, two 14 1/2" sconces. Order 9-A, choose mirror, table, or pair of sconces, 9.99.

Pictures and Mirrors, all stores.

SALE Kasuga stoneware reduced, to set a smart table for pennies

Distinctive styling in modern stoneware that's even dishwasher safe. 53-pc. service for 8 includes: dinner plates, salad plates, fruit bowls, soup bowls, cups, saucers. Plus platter, vegetable bowl, creamer, covered sugar. State color choice. 9-B. Apache gold, Navajo blue, or Cherokee orange, 49.88. 9-C. Sahara, Moss antiqua or Tahiti,

39.88. China, all stores.
Page 10:


SALE Rembrandt table lamps

10-A Urn style with master switch in base, 38"tall, shadow-free fabric shade, prismatic glass bowl. Flemish bronze or antique green, ea., 49.99. 10-B Oil-lamp style with dimmer switch in base, 38'/2" tall, shantung over vinyl shade, prismatic glass bowl. Flemish bronze, antiqued gold enamel or antique olive green, ea. 64.99. Lamps, all stores.

SALE chain lights in six styles

From Verplex:10-C Tiffany shape of walnut color mesh; 10-D Mediterranean with plastic shade, red or amber; 10-E Traditional style with white shantung shade. Ea. 29.99. From Philmar:10-FPecan with black leatherette or olive with olive; 10-G Mediterranean wrought-iron style with amber glass. Ea. 39.99. From Quartite:10-HW rought iron in black, yellow or avocado with white frosted globe, 22.99.
Page 11:

SALE 4-drawer file cabinet

Sturdily built , Designed to really hold a lot. Has four 18-inch deep easy-glide drawers, all-steel construction with tan baked enamel finish and lock. 11-A 29.83. Same cabinet with two 18-inch drawers, 11-B19.83. Stationery, all stores.

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.

There's a size on sale to fit any chair. State: gold, avocado, red or blue. Chair pads, 11-C 3.19; rocker pads, seat or back, 11-D 4.19; round seat pad, 11-E 3.19; 29-inch bench pad, 11-F6.19; 35-inch bench pad, 11-G, 7.19. Call 339-0112 to order from Notions, all stores.

SALE Typing stand by Tiffany

11-H All-steel table has full 18 x 15-inch top, plus two drop leaves. Stands 27" high, with swivel casters, locking wheels, 16.49.Tan

SALE Olympia portable typewriter

11-JModel #SM9 is an all-metal typewriter with carrying case, 114.50. Stationery, all stores except St. Paul and Rochester.

SALE Metal underbed chests

From Super Sturdy, and large enough to store lots of extra bedding and out-of-season clothing. 35"size, 11-K4.99; 42",11-L5.99.

SALE Enrich home storage chest

Four-drawer chest has quilted plastic cover in blue, pink or avocado. Measures 21" wide x 12" deep x 271/2" high, 11 -M 9.99. Notions.

SALE Velveteen chair pads
Page 12:


SALE Meakin white dinnerware from England to your table at savings

Dishwasher safe dinnerware in classic white . . . now reduced! Shown, 48-pc. service for 8 of dinner plates, salad plates, cereals, cups, saucers. Plus vegetable bowl, platter, cream and sugar, coffee pot. Order 12-A, set 34.88.12-B Service for 12 with four more place settings,

44.88. Order from China, all stores.

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.

SALE Johnson Bros, china

Dishwasher safe "Regency" and "Athena" patterns reduced! 42-pc. service for 8 includes 8 each: dinner plate, bread and butter, cereal bowl, cup and saucer; plus platter, vegetable bowl. Order 12-E, 21.88.

SALE Susquehana glassware

"Sparkling Star" is hand cut and polished ... its glistening design is even dishwasher proof! State goblets, wine, cocktail, parfait or cordial. 12-C set of 4, 3.99. State juice, tumbler, old-fashioned, roly-poly. 12-D set of 8, 3.29. Order from China, all stores.


Page 13:

SALE 29.99 Oneida 55-pc. set

Choose Arbor Rose by Oneida for attractive tableware that will give you years of use. 55-pc. set includes 16 teaspoons, 8 knives, 8 forks, 8 salad forks, 8 dessert spoons, 2 serving spoons, 5-pc. hostess set. Order 13-A. Housewares, all stores.

Save on Lenoxware dinnerware of unbreakable white melmac.

SALE 14.99 For group get-togethers or just two, make it fondue!

Make your next party a real success with fondue... the festive way to entertain family and friends! This set is of gleaming stainless steel and comes complete with matching tray, alcohol burner and 6 wood-handle color-coded meat forks. It's a great gift idea, too! Order 13-S from Gourmet Shop, all stores.

13-B cup, 59c 13-C saucer, 39« 13-D dinner, 79c 13-E bowl, 69c 13-F salad, 45c

13-G salt/pepper, 79c 13-H tumbler, 35c 13-J soup/cereal, 45c 13-K sugar/cream, 1.99 13-L fruit, 35c

13-M oval veg., 1.29 13-N div. veg., 1.49 13-P platter, 1.39 13-Q cov. butter, 99c 13-R gravy boat, 1.49

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.


SALE Lenoxware white open stock
Page 14:


SALE Semi-annual carload sale of Douglas decorator dinettes

Douglas 5-pc. dinette set with oiled walnut table top seats the family conveniently and beautifully. Bronze-finished frame with high-back chairs, toast color floral-pattern vinyl upholstery. Table opens to 36 x 36 x 48". Order 14-D, 79.88. Housewares, all stores.

Douglas 5-pc. dinette set with pecan table top will brighten up your dining areas! High-back chairs have attractive nutmeg floral vinyl upholstery. Frame finished in avocado; table opens to 36 x 48 x 60". 14-E, 99.88. Order yours from Housewares, all stores.

SALE 14.88 Wearever 9-pc. set

Gleaming aluminum uncoated extra heavy gauge set for you who prefer all-aluminum pans. Featuring even heating, tight-fitting covers, easy cleaning. Includes 11/2, 2, 3-qt. saucepans, 5-qt. covered Dutch oven, 10" open fry pan. Order 14-A.

SALE 11.99 Mirro pressure cooker

Cut your cooking time way down... start speed-cooking with a Mirro pressure cooker! It's a full 4-qt. size with domed cover for extra capacity. Order 14-B from Cookware, all stores.

SALE 2 for 5.44 Nordicware sizzlers

Attractively styled platters keep food sizzling hot, retaining natural juices and flavor. Heavy-gauge anodized aluminum with bakelite holder to protect hands and table. Order 14-C.

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.
Page 15:

SALE Unfinished pine furniture

Unfinished furniture you paint yourself...great in sturdy ponderosa pine! 15-A 4-drawer desk, chair, 23.88; 15-B bookcase, 10 x 30 x 48", 16.88; 15-C bookcase, 10 x 36 x 48", 19.88; 15-D 5-drawer chest (not shown), 19.88; 15-E 10-drawer chest, 29.88; 15-F deacon's chest,

23.88. Southdale Garden Center; Housewares, all stores.

SALE 2 for 23.88 folding chairs

From Stakmore, extra chairs when company comes. . . and for every day use, too. Durable hardwood maple in tawny finish with your choice of black or beige upholstery. And when not in use, they're foldable for easy storage. Order 15-G. Housewares, all stores.

SALE Semi-annual carload sale of Howell decorator dinettes

Howell 7-pc. dinette will enhance your home and please your budget, too! Table opens to 72" and has textured imperial walnut top with walnut-tone frame. Chairs upholstered in brown/rust/white floral vinyl with luxurious woodgrain backs. 15-G, 109.95.

Howell 5-pc. dinette gives you home fashion and value, too! Round table with textured imperial walnut top extends to 60" diameter. Vinyl upholstered chairs have beige/brown floral pattern. (Extra chairs, 13.95 ea.) 15-H, 89.95. 7-pc. dinette, 117.95. Housewares, all stores.
Page 16:


SALE Charles Bloom "Floretta"

Contemporary floral on acetate taffeta, quilted with Kodel® polyester fiberfill. State color: blue, bronze, rose, flame, sage.

16-A twin size, 26.97 16-B full size, 29.97

16-C queen size, 44.97 16-D dual size, 49.97

16-E Draperies, to match, 48 x 90", pair 12.97

SALE "June" by Nettlecreek-Sparkling daisy print on a cotton spread quilted with Fortrel® polyester fiberfill. State: blue, pink, or gold.

16-F twin size, 53.99 16-G full size, 62.99

16-H queen size, 71.99 16-J dual size, 71.99

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.


SALE Luxury Homestead draperies SALE Croscill pleated sheers

They look like custom tailored silk! Rayon acetate, fully lined. State color choice: fern, Spanish gold, ocean blue, oyster.

16-K pair 48 x 84", 14.90 16-L pair 72 x 84", 27.90

16-M pair 96 x 84", 37.80 16-N pair 120 x 84", 49.50

16-0 pair 144 x 84 ', 58.50 16-P valance, each 6.75


Dacron polyester batiste in white or eggshell. State color.

16-Q 54 x 63", 10.97 16-R 54 x 84", 11.97 16-S 81 x 63", 19.47

16-T 81 x 84", 22.96 16-U 108 x 63", 24.97 16-V 108 x 84", 29.97

16-W 135x63", 34.97 16-X 135 x 84", 39.97 16-Y valance, 4.97

16-Z 162 x 63", 44.97* 16-AA 162 x 84", 49.97*

'Special order allow 8 weeks for delivery
Page 17:

SALE Croscill houndstooth set

Vivid color combos brighten a cotton hopsacking set that needs no ironing. State red/blue, green/blue, or black/white.

17-A twin spread, 17.97 17-B full spread, 21.97

17-C 48 x 30" curtains, 5.97 17-D 48 x 36" curtains, 6.47

17-E 48 x 63" curtains, 8.97 17-F Valance, each 2.97

SALE Croscill floral ensemble

Bright flowers with an island air on washable bedspreads, curtains and draperies. State red or turquoise.

17-G twin spread, 14.45 17-H full spread, 18.70

17-J 48 x 30" curtains, 5.47 17-K 48 x 36" curtains, 5.87

17-L 48 x 63" curtains, 8.50 17-M 48 x 84" curtains, 9.50

17-N Valance, each 2.97


SALE Save on "Country French" ensemble by Croscill

The romantic look of a toile print, on a mohair ensemble for your bedroom. State black or gold, size when ordering.

17-0 Bedspread 17-P Draperies, pr. 17-Q Valance

Twin, 29.97 48 x 84", 13.97 48x 13", 5.40

Full, 34.97 72x84", 23.97 72x 13", 8.99

Queen, 39.97

Dual, 44.97 Order from Readymade Draperies, all stores.
Page 18:


SALE 19.88 Oster hair dryer

Your hair dries quickly, conveniently with a professional hard-hat hair dryer that gives you even heat distribution. And you can choose from 4 drying temperatures. Folds in carrying case. Order 18-A

SALE 12.88 Lighted mirror

Now Faces West helps you apply make-up correctly, evenly! Balanced-light make-up mirror lights up your face brightly with no glare or shadows. Handbag size case. Order 18-B Personal Care Center, all stores.

SALE 11.44 Presto toothbrush

Take professional care of your teeth with an automatic toothbrush... great for the family, too! With power handle, recharger base, 6 color-coded brushes. 18-C. Personal Care Center, all stores.

SALE 13.88 Dominion hair dryer

It's the mini-swinger... a hand-size dryer you can carry in your purse! It has instant heat, extra air-flow for fast drying, automatic safety control. Great for any quick-dry task! Order 18-D.

SALE 17.88 Dominion hairsetter

Set your hair and have a perfect set in minutes...or use it on wigs and hairpieces! Includes 20 rollers: 8 jumbo, 8 large, 4 small. Easy to use, too. 18-E Personal Care Center, all stores.

SALE 16.88 Portable hair dryer

The Lady Sunbeam "jet set" dryer gives you compact portability... plus, it dries your hair in just 22 minutes! With 4-position heat control, large beauty cap. Order 18-F. Personal Care Center, all stores.

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.
Page 19:

SALE 13.88 2-slice toaster

Toastmaster's toast-color dial and push-button release gives you golden brown toast every time. Chrome finish. Order 19-A.

SALE 19.99 AMC broiler-oven

Now you can broil both sides at once for more even cooking. It's thermostat-controlled with bake rack, 2-way oven door. Order 19-B.

SALE 21.88 Lady Sunbeam dryer

Dry your hair quickly with 4-way heat control, large air-volume, adjustable drying arm. With carry-storage case. 19-C.

SALE 12.88 G-E steam 'n spray iron

Spray, steam or dry iron makes caring for your clothes easier! With fabric guide and water window. It's lightweight, too. 19-D.

SALE 9.99 Mirro 35-cup party perk

Brews up great coffee and keeps it serving-hot... a must for any hostess! With signal light, no-drip spigot. Order 19-E.

SALE 8.99 AMC ice cream maker

Enjoy home-made ice cream! Made of natural wood with copper trim. 4-qt. capacity. 19-F manual, 8.99.19-G electric, 17.99.

SALE 4.88 Sunbeam alarm clock

Wake up on time every morning, electrically. Features wink-awake alarm and lighted dial for night-time viewing. In white.19-H .

SALE 16.44 Presto 11" fry pan

Enjoy non-stick, no-scour cooking! And with hard-coat Teflon, you don't need special utensils. 19-J . Electrics, all stores.
Page 20:


SALE 7.27 Hot Wheels racing set

Here's a game full of action and excitement! This complete racing set includes 2 Hot Wheels cars, 2 each; 180 and 90 curves. 32' Hot Strip track, starting gate, finish gate, 6 trestles, track joiners and fastening clamp. Order 20-A from Toys, all stores.

SALE 39.88 Gym Dandy swing set

Turn your backyard into a playground and provide hours of fun for the kids! This gym set with sturdy steel legs includes 8' steel slide, 4-passenger lawn swing, 2-seat sky scooter. 2 swings. All have yellow Dura-Kool seats. Overall length, J1'8". Order 20-B.


SALE 33.88 Hi-rise bikes for kids

Surprise your boy or girl with a hi-rise bike, now at money-saving prices! They come complete with Red Band knobby tires, coaster brakes, padded banana seat, chrome rims and fenders. Order 20-0 for boys, or 20-D for girls. Toys, all stores.

SALE 38.99 Light family bikes

Made with the features you look for... Shimano 3-speed with twist-grip control, front and rear caliper brakes, chrome rims and fenders in black. Order 20-E men's bike, or 20-F women's bike. Order yours today from Toys, all stores.
Page 21:

SALE 13.49 Stack tables, set of 3

These attractive stackable tables are great to have on hand when company comes... and they add a decorator touch to your home, too! With walnut legs and durable laminate plastic tops, your choice of marble or walnut finish. 15" diam., 15" high. Order 21-A.

SALE Brightline shelving by Hirsh

Make the most of your floor space with handsomely styled shelving by Hirsh. Choose the size to fit your particular needs...and save yourself some money, too! 21-B 5-shelf unit, 8.95; 21-C 6-shelf unit, 13.45; 21-D 10-shelf unit, 17.05. Housewares, all stores.

SALE Magicolor makes redecorating easy with one-coat paints

Want to make painting the house easier? Do it with Magicolor and save money, too! One coat does it... applies easily, covers beautifully and lasts longer. The satin gloss finish won't chalk or streak and an oil base makes it weather resistant. 21-E white, 5.S9 gal. Or choose from many custom mix colors at 6.99 gal., order 21-F Paints, all stores except Rochester.

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.



und trim

v'Ntr« ....,A

Page 22:


G-E work-savers wash your dishes and dry your clothes

G-E portable dishwasher does the dirty work for you ... and lets you spend less time in the kitchen! Features 3 cycles, soft-food disposer, automatic rinse agent dispenser. Power-shower arm washes dishes from the top. With maple cutting-board top. Copper or avocado, 5.00 extra. 22-A model SP392E.

G-E high-speed clothes dryer makes washday a breeze! This one has 3 drying temperatures with uniformly controlled heated air, large-capacity clothes drum that's easy to load, large lint trap. Model DE-514U. 22-B, from Major Appliances, all stores. Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.


Page 23:

SALE Put a G-E no-frost refrigerator in your kitchen

G-E 14.7 cu. ft. refrigerator features jet-freeze ice compartment, separate temperature controls, 4 cabinet shelves...and no defrosting! Giant freezer holds up to 147 lbs. Harvest, copper or avocado, 5.00 extra. 23-A model TBF15SE.

G-E 17.6 cu. ft. refrigerator makes sure you have plenty of ice... automatically! It has adjustable shelves and door shelves. Plus, it rolls out for easy cleaning. And you don't have to defrost it! Harvest, copper or avocado, 5.00 extra. 23-B model TBF18AE. Major Appliances, all stores.


Page 24:


SALE Great viewing from G-E...color or black and white

G-E 12-in. diagonal screen portable gives you a sharp, clear black and white picture every time...the ideal set for personal viewing pleasure! With built-in antenna and sleek, black cabinet. Model M151, order24-A.

G-E 23-in. diagonal screen color console in rich mediterranean cabinet fits into any decor. Enjoy full color viewing with color-minder controls, automatic fine tuning, built-in antennas. Model M924, order 24-B. Call 339-0112, Televisions, all stores.


Page 25:

SALE Whirlpool washer and dryer make washday a breeze

Whirlpool automatic washer lets you spend less time in the laundry! It gets your clothes really clean because it has 2 speeds, 4 wash cycles, 4 water temperatures, 3 water levels. With selfcleaning lint filter. 25-A Model LRA580-0.

Whirlpool matching gas dryer dries your clothes in a wink! It makes ironing easier, too, because it features moisture minder, 5 drying temperatures plus a special cool-down for permanent press. 25-B, Model LRI580. 25-C, electric dryer, LRE580, 139.00. Call 339-0112, Major Appliances, all stores.



Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.
Page 26:


SALE Admiral refrigerator-freezer never needs defrosting!


There's room enough for everything in this no-frost 18.4 cu. ft. refrigerator-freezer by Admiral! It features separate temperature controls, adjustable porcelain meat keeper, roll-out wheels for easy cleaning. Plus, it has cantilever shelves, adjustable door shelves and fruit basket. Harvest, avocado or copper, 5.00 extra.

26-A model KND1897. Major Appliances, all stores.

Page 27:

SALE $184 AMC for frozen foods

You'll get lots of storage space for your money with this AMC freezer! It has fast-freeze shelves, roll-out basket, safety lock and defrost drain. Adjustable temperature control has 0°-20° range. Order 27-A model VMC159. Major Appliances, all stores.

SALE $73 AMC for comfort .

When the air hangs heavy with humidity, let an AMC dehumidifier perk you up again! It removes up to 13 pints of water daily. Plus, it has automatic humidistat and automatic shut-off to prevent overflowing. Order 27-B model DH29. Appliances, all stores.

SALE AMC washer and dryer team up to do your laundry

AMC 2-speed automatic washer gives you real cleaning power! It's economical, too, with heavy-duty 18-lb. tub and infinite selection water saver. With lighted dial background. Copper, harvest or avocado, 5.00 extra. 27-C model AW59.

AMC matching gas dryer has big-capacity 8 cu. ft. drum. With 2 automatic cycles, 2 timed cycles, permanent press with adjustable warning buzzer. Avocado, harvest or copper, 5.00 extra.

27-D model DG59. 27-E electric dryer DE59,125.00.


Page 28:


SALE 53.88 Hoover 2-speed vac

It beats, as it sweeps, as it cleans! That's because it has exclusive triple-action cleaning power. And its 4-position rug adjustment lets you clean any type of carpet, from indoor-outdoor to shag. With fingertip switch, 3-position handle. Order 28-A.

SALE 31.77 G-E swivel-top canister

Canister stays put while the swivel-top lets you clean up, down and around the room! Powerful 750-watt motor gets carpets and upholstery really clean. With double-action rug and floor tool plus dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery nozzle. Order 28-B.

SALE 44.88 Eureka cordaway vac

Powerful fan-jet motor pulls even the most stubborn dirt and grime up and out, whisks it away in a disposable dust bag! Cordaway retracts and stores cord automatically while snap-on tool pack puts tools in easy reach. Order 28-C from Vacuums, all stores.

SALE 28.88 Regina Electrikbroom

It cleans rugs or bare floors, it cleans stairs, it cleans under low furniture...and when it's through, the dirt-cup empties like an ash tray! It makes light work of vacuuming with exclusive rug-pile dial and 2-speed motor. Order 28-D Vacuums, all stores.
Page 29:

SALE 27.95 RCA clock radio

Wake up to music, or to a buzzer... or catch a few extra winks and let the snooze-alarm wake you. That's the new RCA "cube'' clock radio with the speaker in the back, so compact it fits anywhere. With slide rule vernier tuning. Order 29-A from Radios, all stores.

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.

SALE 1.63 Popular monaural LPs

Here's your chance to bring your record collection up to date and save yourself some money, too! Choose LP albums by your favorite artists tunes, popular, classic. They're monaural with many major labels. Order 29-B from Records, all stores.

SALE Masterwork entertains you with solid state listening enjoyment

Masterwork 6-band transistor puts the world at your fingertips' Push-button operation gives you AM, FM aviation, Marine. South American and International reception. Solid state with 16 transistors, RF stage, slide rule tuning. 20-C model 2920. 74.88 Masterwork portable stereo with AM / FM radio is home entertainment in a compact package! Solid state with 2 detachable speakers, precision tone control, custom MasterworK-Garrard turntable. 29-D model 2214, 94.88. Radios and Phonographs, all stores.
Page 30:


SALE RCA brings you black and white portable viewing

RCA minikin with 12-in. diagonal screen for your personal viewing pleasure. This portable features solid state VHF and UHF, built-in antennas, snap-on daylight picture booster...all in a sleek woodgrain cabinet. 30-A model AM-129-WK.

RCA sportabout with 19-in. diagonal screen lets you watch TV while you soak up the sun ... that's because of snap-on daylight picture booster. Woodgrain cabinet houses built-in antennas, Pan-o-Ply picture tube, 20,000-volt chassis. 30-B model AM-239-WK. Televisions, all stores.

Call 339-0112 or use the order blank on page 5.


Page 31:

SALE Enjoy RCA color in the lightweight, take-along package

RCA 14-in. diagonal screen color sportabout gives you clear, sharp color indoors or out with snap-on daylight picture booster. With built-in antennas, solid state color stabilizer, Super Bright Hi-Lite picture tube 31-A model EM425WK.

RCA 18-in. diagonal screen color sportabout with Super Bright Hi-Lite picture tube brings you brilliant, high-contrast color. Woodgrain cabinet houses built-in antennas, stay-set volume control, snap-on daylight picture booster. 31-B model EM469WK. Televisions, all stores.
Page 32:


Prices effective August 3 through August 17, 1969.

SALE RCA 23" color viewing in elegant contemporary setting

RCA contemporary console offers you 23-in. diagonal screen color viewing in a sleek, space-saving cabinet. And the rich, clear color is locked in because of Advance Automatic fine tuning, an exclusive feature of RCA. With automatic color purifier and solid state components. Order 32-A model GL-619-W. Call 339-0112, Televisions, all stores.


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Thumbnail Image of Download 1951 Hotpoint Washer and Dryer Owners Manual
Here is the complete owners manual and operating instructions to the 1951 line of Hotpoint's washer and dryer.

Automatic Washers & Dryers
Published by:
1951 40 25mb $5.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1972 Waste King Dishwashers Owners Manual
Here is the complete owners manual and use and care guide to all 1972 Waste King Dishwashers.

Models include: SS/911 and SS/878.
Published by:
Waste King
1972 40 12mb $5.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Westinghouse 1965-1967 Continental Range and Oven Owners Manuals
Here is a set of six different owners manuals for several Westinghouse Continental Ranges from 1965 thru 1967.

Models include: KEE3H, KEE3J, OSE3E, KEE3B, KGC, KGC30, KHC30 and other models from the mid 1960's including the double oven models.
Published by:
1967 102 42mb $9.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1961 General Electric Mobile-Maid Dishwasher Brochures
Here are some wonderful brochures for GE's portable top-loading dishwashers from 1961.

Models include: SP-40V and SP-60V.
Published by:
General Electric
1961 12 9mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1955 Frigidaire Imperial Refrigerator Owners Manual
Here is the complete owners manual and use/care guide to all 1955 Frigidaire top-of-the-line Imperial refrigerators.

Models include: CIV-143 and CIV-115.
Published by:
1955 48 24mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1972 Beam Central Vacuum System Brochure
Here is a sales literature brochure for the Beam Central Vacuum cleaning system for homes in the early 1970's.

Vacuum Cleaners
Published by:
1972 6 4mb $5.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1986 AEG Washers and Vacuums
Here is a German language brochure highlighting the 1986 line of AEG front loading washers and vacuum cleaners.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1986 12 9mb $5.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1970 Speed Queen Washer Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual to the 10970 line of Speed Queen Automatic Washers. This was the first models that used a reversing motor to shift from wash to spin instead of large solenoids like in the previous models.

Sections include: Service Procedures, Adustments, Test Procedures, Service Helps, Service Procedures Unique to Each Model, Timer sequence charts for each model and Wiring diagrams.

Models Covered Include:
Automatic Washers
Published by:
Speed Queen
1970 82 34mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Corning Counter-Top Ranges Book and Brochure
Here is a look at Corning's glass top ranges, the first smooth-top electric ranges produced in the USA. Book shows features of ranges along with cookware that was included when you purchased a new corning range. Full color brochure at end of file as well.

Models include:
Gourmet series Cooktop K-32CR and K-19BR
Built-In Oven O-24AT
Family Series Cooktop K-35CR
Double Oven O-24BT
Full Size Ranges: R-30JB, R-30DB, R-30EB, S-30JB
Counter Saver: CS-16x20, csP-16X20
Published by:
1973 28 13mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1956 Bendix Tumble-Action Washer Owners Manual
Here is the complete owners manual and operating instructions for Bendix Front Loading Automatic Washer model WFG-D.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1956 36 15mb $5.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1966 Maytag Automatic Washer Timer Cycle Steps Education Bulletin
When Maytag redesigned their entire line of automatic washers in 1966 they created this document to educate the field about how each cycle works on each model washer. This bulletin describes each step in all cycles of the newly designed machines.

Models include: A106, A206, A406, A606, A806 and A906.
Automatic Washers
Published by:
1966 10 3mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1962 to 1974 General Electric Refrigerator-Freezer Service Manual
Here is the complete and comprehensive service manual to all model GE refrigerator/freezer combinations.

Model series include: TBF, TCF, TDF, TFF.

Major Sections include (with sub-sections):
General, Cabinet Service, Electrical Parts, Diagnosis, Ice Maker, Custom Dispenser, Safety Practices.
Published by:
General Electric
1974 278 103mb $9.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1967 Hamilton Automatic Washer Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual to all 1967 Hamilton automatic washers.

Models include: WA657W1, WS657W1, WA757W1, WA757C1, WS757W1, WA857W1 and WA857C1.

Sections include: Washer Facts, Washer Operations, Installation, Cabinet Service, Collector Tub, Suspension System, Transmission and Brake, Motor, Clutch, Pump, Water Carrying Parts, Controls, Electrical Parts, Circuits, Troubleshooting and Schematics/Wiring Diagrams.
Automatic Washers
Published by:
1967 58 33mb $5.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1967 Hamilton Holiday Electric Clothes Dryer Service Manual
Here is the comprehensive service manual to all 1967 Hamilton electric dryers.

Models include: HE627W1, HE827W1 and HE827C1.

Sections include: General Facts, Installation, Cabinet Service, Drum and Drive, Electrical Components, Troubleshooting and Schematics/Wiring Diagrams.
Clothes Dryers
Published by:
1967 38 22mb $5.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Maytag All-Pushbutton Dishwasher Owners Manual Model WU-600
Here is the complete owners manual and use/care guide to Maytag's top of the line dishwasher from the early 1970's.

Model: WU-600
Published by:
1972 12 7mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1956 Philco Starflight Electric Ranges Brochures
Here are beautiful brochures for the entire 1956 of Philco Electric ranges.

Models include: 4610, 869, 469, 865, 465, 464, 461, 367, 365, 363, 265.
Published by:
1956 26 20mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1955 General Electric Wall Mounted Refrigerator Service Manual
Here is complete service manual to the 1955 Line of General Electric wall mounted refrigerators.

Sections include:
Adjustments, Care, Cold Room Operation, Cycle of Operation, Description, Installation, machine Data, Machine Replacement, Nomenclature, Performance, Specifications and Features, Uncrating, Vacation Operation, Wiring Diagram.

Models include: LW11-M, LW10-M.
Published by:
General Electric
1955 41 21mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1983 KitchenAid Stand Mixer Brochures
Here are some wondering brochures from the early 1980's highlighting the KitchenAid line of home kitchen mixers.

Models include: K5-A, 4-C and K-45.

Complete list of accessories available at that time included.
Small Appliances
Published by:
1983 0 20mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1960 Kenmore 80-Series Push Button Washer Owners Manual
Here is the complete owners manual to the 1960 Kenmore 80-Series automatic washer with the all push-button control panel.

Automatic Washers
Published by:
1960 20 11mb $5.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1987 Whirlpool Washers and Dryers Brochure
Here is the complete 1987 laundry line of Whirlpool full size, stacked and portable washers and dryers. The brochure contains all direct-drive Whirlpool washers and matching dryers.

Models include:
Washers: LA3400XS, LA4400XS, LAS400XS, LA6300XS, LA5000XS, LA5300XS, LA5500XS, LA5700XS, LA6150XS, LA7700XS, LAJBOOXS, LA5380XS, LA5580XS, LA5800XS, LA7800XS, LABBOOXS, LA9800XS.

Dryers: LE/GZOOOXS, LE/G3000XS, LE/G5700XS, LE/G5800XS, LE/G6150XS, LE/G7800XS, LE/G9800XS.

Stacked Models: LT4900XS, LT5000XS.

Portable models: LC49000XS, LC4500XS, LT4900XS, LTSOOOXS.
Automatic Washers & Dryers
Published by:
1987 24 20mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1985 Gibson Washers and Dryers Brochures
Here are some sales literature brochures highlighting the 1985 line of Gibson Washers and Dryers. Images and full specifications included.

Models include:
Washers: WA28S2WS, WA2805WS, WA28D7WS, DE/DG28T2WS, DE/DG28A6WS, WA24P2WS, DE24P2WS, WA24S4WS, DE24A7WS, DE24A7WS.
Automatic Washers & Dryers
Published by:
1985 14 8mb $5.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1983 KitchenAid-Hobart 20-Series Dishwashers and Appliances Brochures
Here are some wonderful brochures highlighting the KD-20 series of KitchenAid home dishwashers, both undercounter and portable models.

Models include: KDS-20, KDP-20, KDI-20, KDC-20, KDS-60, KDI-60, KDC-60.

Also include brochures for KitchenAid food waste disposers, trash compactors and hot water dispenser.
Published by:
1983 22 17mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download KitchenAid 20 Series Dishwasher Training Booklet
Here is a fascinating 40 page book looking at how Hobart educated their sales reps to show off all the features and quality of the 20-Series KitchenAid Dishwashers.

Published by:
1983 40 28mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download 1983 KitchenAid Built-In Top-of-the-Line Dishwasher Comparison
Now this is super interesting, here is a comparison brochure of the KDS-20 Superba Dishwashers to all other major brands of dishwashers in the mid 1970's. Topics include:

Water Heating Systems, Motors, Wash Systems and Wash-Arms, Loading, Filtration and Waste Removal, Drying systems, Frames, Tanks, Inner Doors, Fill and Drain Systems, Weights.
Published by:
1983 20 13mb $7.99
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Thumbnail Image of Download Eureka 2300 Series Upright Vacuum Cleaner Owners Guide
Here is the complete owners manual to Eureka upright vacuum cleaner model series/2300.

Vacuum Cleaners
Published by:
1977 8 4mb $5.99

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